Thanks to divine intervention, two games coming to Xbox Live next week

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We’ve already mentioned that our friends at IronSun Studios (that’s SUN, not SON) will be releasing Battlewagon on Xbox Live next week. But that is only half of next week’s story. WPCentral is proud to announce that there will be two Xbox Live releases on December 14!  Joining Battlewagon will be Doodle God, from the fine folks at JoyBits.

Doodle God surprisingly doesn’t have much to do with doodles, but it’s got the god part pretty well covered. Players take on the role of a creator by combining numerous elements to create even more elements. Discovering every element will take lots of time and creativity. It’s like chemistry, but fun!

Interestingly, Doodle God was previously available as an indie title but has now been removed from the Marketplace - just like IonBall disappearing when IonBallEX came out. Doodle God is also the second Xbox Live title from a Russian developer, following last month’s strange and addictive Farm Frenzy 2.

Doodle God and Battlewagon will both be available on Wednesday, December 14. Each game will cost $2.99. You can try the free Flash version of Doodle God right now.



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NebsiNsaNe says:

DARN IT.. Doodle God was one of the FIRST apps I bought when I got my phone last December. I don't suppose the app will just... upgrade itself, instead of having me re-purchase it? No... no, I suppose not..
What happened with those IonBall purchasers? Did they get upgraded to IonBall EX?

Paul Acevedo says:

No, your game won't switch to the Xbox Live version. One of our readers did get the developer of IonBall to refund his money, though.

evilrobot says:

Wow, that sucks.  Microsoft really doesn't want people buying Indie games I guess.

Paul Acevedo says:

In their defense, I don't think games switching from indie to Xbox Live status will be a very common occurence. It's only happened twice so far.

This sounds like Alchemic Phone 7, only as an XBox Live Title. Guess I'll have to try it out.

corinthos says:

Doodle God should be some easy achievements with a guide. I hate that game though.

zeke1676 says:

more glitched achievements??? we seem to be on a roll with buggy/glitchy Xbox Live games lately. Hopefully these two will start a new trend of games that can be fully completed...

Paul Acevedo says:

Yes, let's hope their Achievements work right. Crazy how we've had like 3 or 4 games with broken ones come out in the last few weeks.