There's a Pizza Hut App on the loose

Ordering pizza online has been around for a while but now you can order your favorite Pizza Hut pizza from your Windows Phone. The official (not sure if there was an unofficial) Pizza Hut app has been unleashed on to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The Pizza Hut app features includes:

  • Access to Pizza Hut's full menu including specialty pizzas, Tuscani pasta, and WingStreet Wings (hungry now?)
  • Guest Checkout to allow you to order without creating an account
  • Credit Card options for check out

The app is laid out really nice. The Main Pages includes your menu options (signing in, starting an order, create account, etc.), a map page showing the Pizza Hut locations close to your current location, and Pizza Hut tweets. Ordering is simple as well. Find your location and you'll be sent to a Menu Hub that covers regular items as well as specials. From there, you build your order, pay and either wait for the delivery dude or go pick up your order.

Orders can only be placed during the operating hours of your local store and unfortunately, the ordering function is U.S. only (don't blame the messenger). Hopefully it will expand because this looks like a great, convenient way to order on the go.

The Pizza Hut app is free and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to 5tephen for the tip!



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5tephen says:

woot! Finally got in on one lol.

Jf.Vigor says:

good job!Feels good don't it?

5tephen says:

that it does! lol

Jf.Vigor says:

Sick!I rarely (read: never) order from Pizza Hut but heck it's another nice app to show off to android-zealots & iphone-sheep ^__^

Honkie McGee says:

Now we just need apps for Papa John's, Chipotle, and Pei Wei.

Judge_Daniel says:

I actually really like the Pei Wei mobile site, but you're definitely right about the other two.

Word! Chipotle and Pei Wei would be great, although I like going into Chipotle to 'orchestrate' the deliciousness of my burrito :)

Coolaaron88 says:

Can we get a live tile,you know, for the lulz :p

jake69 says:

It would be cool for a live tile when your pizza is ready.I wish they make one for Domino's.

alexblfc says:

+1. Unfortunately for me i live in England, so no PizzaHut app for me :( But i agree with jake69. A dominos app would be awesome, icrap and fandroid users have dominos apps, why not WP7?!

theman60099 says:

But Domino's is sooo nasty compared to pizza hut

Dominos online ordering has that status information for your order. The lame firing it up/baking/QAing/Delivering. But it would sure make a nice deep linked live tile. As soon as you place an order, a live tile gets created with the regular updates and a final toast notification to when it's out for delivery.

starblade876 says:

Just in time for Wing Wednesday? F-ck yeah!

lippidp says:

It doesn't support landscape and there's no store to deliver to my house. Ah well, it's probably for the better.

Tjarren says:

Nice Metro layout that's easy to use and navigate (better than the website). It's always refreshing when they 'get' Metro. Good job, developer.

Mr.Moonlight says:

Man, this illustrates exactly how we've come full circle. Technology for technology's sake.You're holding a *phone*, for cryin' out loud! Just call the d*** store and order the flippin' pizza. It's invariably faster than swiping and tapping your way thru the various menus (no pun intended) on your WP device to get it done (especially if you've got the local Pizza Hut's number already saved in your contacts).And although the live tile update idea is admittedly kinda cool, I'm not the kind of person that needs to be checking on his pizza's status every 5 minutes...I've got better things to do with my time while I'm waiting on that pie than watch a spinning live tile update itself. I have a life. When the doorbell rings, it's time to eat. Checking a live tile every couple of minutes ain't gonna make it get to your door any quicker.But hey, maybe I'm just old fashioned :)

aubreyq says:

I see your point that ordering from a phone app might be an exaggeration, but some pizza places like Papa John's and Domino's give you better deals when ordering online. Ordering online also lets you see the whole menu and maybe remember to add something to your order which on the phone you could have forgotten. You also avoid being put on hold like it happens sometimes when you call on the phone.Granted, I'd rather order from a PC than from my phone ;-)

lippidp says:

Well, in the SF Bay Area with all the various cultures, I can rarely understand the person at the place, so ordering online has been a much better experience for me.

aubreyq says:

Having lived in the Bay Area for 8 years, I know where you're coming from ;-)