For those who enjoy the finer things, we have Whiskey Bar for Windows Phone

Whisky Bar

“Alcohol makes other people less tedious, and food less bland, and can help provide what the Greeks called entheos, or the slight buzz of inspiration when reading or writing." -Hitchens

Being a full-time writer and frequent traveler often means one enjoys spirits—it helps free the mind for writing or eases a hard day from running around airports.  And in this case, yours truly is a fan of Whiskey—scotch, bourbon, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re not putting Coke in it.  Pansies.

Last night I purchased a nice bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask. For those connoisseurs in audience, air high-five. I tossed a lovely pic on Twitter and thus started an awesome stream of recommendations from the Twittosphere.  Only one problem: true Scotch often has the original distillers name, which to my eyes (and ears) look like “Hey, you should really try Ddfjpshee Allt-Aphaig” or something.

Foreign tongues can be tough, so when someone really says that I should try anConc or Adelphi Fascadale (real names),  I need a way to remember and categorize that. Enter in the app Whisky Bar.

Whisky Bar is free (ad supported) or $0.99 and is a fairly solid app. Not perfect but it could be.

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The app has a very nice Metro layout and an elegant Whisky glass for the main image. The app has two main section: 'Whiskys' and 'My Whiskys'.

Whiskys is where you search for that rare brand. Unfortunately, there is no actual search, just a long list. It does use the alphabet-jump list, but you do have to swipe to find your brand instead of just typing it. The app gets taken down a peg for this. Having said that, the selection is well populated and what’s more, it has a database that can be updated over-the-air. That’s awesome.

Once you find your whiskey, the app brings up quite a nice selection of info and options:

  • Info – Type, Vol%, Region, Producer and Country
  • Notes – Type in your review, thoughts of it
  • My Rating – based off of 5 stars
  • Review – thumbs up (adds to Favorites)
  • Picture – add your own photo
  • In possession – adds it to another section
  • Shopping list – tags it for your shopping cart
  • More from… - gives more from that distiller
  • Reviews – reviews from other users of the app

As you can see, that’s quite a solid list of options and it made me smile.  You can also browse whiskys by Type, Country or add a new one if it’s not on the list.


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Me at work, pondering which Windows Phone is better


My Whiskys

This of course is your section where you can keep track of things. This areas is divided into four parts:

  • My submissions – Whiskys you added to the database
  • Favorites – Things you gave a ‘thumbs up’ to
  • In possession – bottles you currently have
  • Shopping list – items you marked as wanting to buy

As you can see, that’s a great system for when someone gives you a recommendation—you can look it up, save to your list, read about it, etc. Later, you can review it, write in notes, add a photo and even share your favorites via email.

Finally, there is an area under Settings called Updates. Here is where you can check the server for a database refresh to keep your Whisky list up to date. Nice feature and I approve.

Whisky Bar Layout

Nice design


What’s missing

While the app is very useful for my needs and I recommend the $0.99 purchase, I would like to see some additions:

  • Search – Really need this to make it easier to find what I’m looking for
  • Share – Let me Tweet or share to Facebook my favorite Scotch, please!
  • Pinnable items – It’d be cool to pin my Shopping list to my start screen for quick access when I’m at the liquor store or in a bar. Likewise for my favorite bottle
  • Cloud backup – Don’t make me do all of this work and not have a way to export it, let me save to the Cloud with SkyDrive support
  • Work under lockscreen - Currently the app stops working if the power screen goes off. Tsk tsk...

To wrap it up, if you like Whisky then this app is for you. I haven’t tried many other apps but this one stuck out and I’m glad I tried it.

Pick up Whisky Bar FREE here in the Windows Phone Store or grab the full version (with trial) here.

Related: Try the super excellent Cocktail Flow too if you're more into mix drinks or Rate Your Beer for lager fans.. Have an alcohol related app that I should check out? Tell me in comments!

Whisky Bar FREE      Whisky Bar FULL



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ThePKReddy says:

On second thought, maybe you shouldn't be drinking and writing :P

Fellow whisky connoisseur

Eh, that's my normal par for the day :-P

ThePKReddy says:

Convert this app for beers ASAP

woodbane says:

I think Jay Bennett already has a beer version out in the marketplace doesn't he?

ThePKReddy says:

:D thanks!! I'll search for it. Im starting to dislike the marketplace app. It needs a major overhaul to make discovering apps easier. Android is better at this, IMHO, including pushing out update notifications. A Zara app was released a couple of months ago. Just found out about it a couple of days ago by chance. Beautiful app! Fashion review at WPC? Anyway, would not discover apps without this site. Thanks and keep up the great work.

DavidinCT says:

Nice, an app that promotes drinking ! Sweet ! :)
I'll admit, I like a glass of a nice wiskey every once and a while, I'll check out the free version, maybe it will open a door to a new drink !

pavvento says:

I'll have to dload this when I get home.  Wish it had a scan barcode feature in addition to search!

jdep1 says:

Could you please do a review on the best application for BEER like beer me, my beers?

We can do that. For now, give Rate Your Beer a go. Made by Jay Bennet, same guy who makes the WPCentral app ;-)

Jay Bennett says:

Ah that's why RateYouBeer picked up a few more submissions last night :) hope you enjoy the app guys

jdep1 says:

Thanks! I have used rate my beer and it is good but looking for something else pay/free as long as it's good!

GhostITMG says:

Thanks Daniel! I've drunk Scotch proudly for years, but have recently started to explore American Whiskies. This is going to be very helpful! I can recommend, if you ever want a road trip, take a visit to Tuthill Town Distillery. They make Hudson Whiskey and Bourbon. They have a very educational tour!

GhostITMG says:

I should mention they're in Gardiner, NY.

Interesting, will look into it!

NIST says:

Are you drunk now, Danny?

No, but I did thoroughly enjoy that glass ;-)

ZX9 says:

Daniel, did you lose weight? You look younger...different somehow... ;)

Did you just call me fat? lmao

veii says:

Whisky, and a Hitchens quote. My day is complete.

sanshiro says:

Downloading this app. 
My favorites:
Lumia 900
Glenlivet 12
Glenlivet French Oak

funkyGeneral says:

Anything Balvanie... I have a 17 year old peat cask special... Delightful...

Rate my beer is not showing in the marketplace

ThePKReddy says:

That's because it's called Rate YOUR Beer.

R0bR says:

Hmm, Laphroaig 25 or new Surface tablet. Decisions, decisions.

mlfj4901 says:

You quoted The Hitch, always a classy move :)

ETjon says:

You could check out the app Mixology!

Sathanous says:

Have to check that out... And I agree 95% of the time my whiskey is neat... And Irish

rightisray says:

To echo a sentiment already expressed:
+1000 internetz to you for quoting the Hitch and for enjoying a fine single malt!

+100 for calling people who mix scotch pansies. I LOL'd!

Just started a new hobby, Wine tasting, although I do red wines, good job on the article an example that tech is supposed to serve us not the other way.

geeRazz says:

Why did this app need access to owner identity and the music/video library??

Murgatroyd7 says:

I'm trying my hand at making a similar app for wines. There are plenty of wine apps out there, but none of them really get the job done.

nonlisted says:

Might I suggest buying a Glencairn Glass, instead of using a tumbler?
I got one for myself, and I love it. It's such a nice piece: http://www.whiskyglass.com/