Though entry-level, the ZTE Tania leaves us impressed at CES 2012

The ZTE Tania is an interesting Windows Phone. It only features 4GB of storage (the lowest of any with only 2.9GB available), a 5MP camera and yet has a really decent 4.3" screen. To top it off, we really like the design of it, especially with the chrome accent. Of all the entry-level Windows Phones we played with today, the ZTE Tania kind of surprised us.

ZTE Tania

Even the back had a nice, designer look to it, which makes us wish ZTE would just step up the specs here for the States and Europe. Throw in 16GB storage, an 8MP camera with a front-facing counterpart and ZTE could be making some waves here. Make it 32GB, AMOLED and 4G and we're talking head turner. Let us just say, we're interested in this phone and company.

ZTE Tania

ZTE Tania



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machina says:

nice looking device!
but 4GB?? really? really?
MS should make 16GB minimum, because manufacturers don't seem to have a lot of common sense. Memory costs nothing nowadays..

futurix says:

This is a budget device for China - it is as cheap as WP7 will ever go. And flash memory is still rather costly because of shortages.

machina says:

lol, but most (if not all) memory cards are manufactured in China! it's the source! :)
..and I don't see why it can't be available to other countries!

From the first leaked images, I liked the direction that the hardware design was going with the Tania. It really is rediculous that it has only 4 (including OS!!) GeeBees of memory. I know that there are plenty of untapped markets out there, but, SERIOUSLY?!?!

Doffen says:

This phone is already in stores in Norway. It's been advertised on the biggest Norwegian phone website.

Residing says:

It is a good looking device, especially the back cover.  I have both a white and black 'mesh' cases that I swap out for my N8 and it adds more style! 
If the ZTE device was available in the U.S., with more storage, I really think this device would sell a lot of units.  Perhaps they can bring this to Virgin Mobile, Boost, Cricket - it would do wonders for WP to get devices on these carriers.

jfa1 says:

This would indeed bean impressive device with 16 or 32 GB of memory  and yes this device with 8gb could be a great device on prepaid carriers  and networks in the US

NokiaNow says:

I find the storage limiting and lack of front facing camera disappointing.  Won't the chrome tarnish?

Odog4ever says:

This is great. A good looking low-end WP device to compete with Android in a segement where they literally have no competition.

machina says:

There should be a Windows Phone online store for Unlocked devices!
Anyone from MS reading this?! :)