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Threema Lede

Just in case you felt as though Windows Phone didn't already have enough mobile messenger apps available on the store, Threema is looking to release an official client. According to the website's frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, a Windows Phone app is actively in development, but with no release date published. If you're not familiar with the service, it's a popular end-to-end encrypted messenger available cross-platform.

All that's required to use the app after downloading it (once it's available for Windows Phone) is to link your e-mail address and/or mobile phone number so other people can find you. You can synchronize contacts from that point and begin exchanging secure messages. What's cool about Threema is there are verification levels for contacts, to ensure you're actually communicating with who you believe you are communicating with.

When you synchronize your contacts, the public keys will be retrieved from the server, which has verified that they belong to the respective person via SMS or e-mail validation. This is the "orange" verification level. However, they recommend you don't trust them and verify the keys by yourself the next time you meet your contacts in person. Threema lets you easily do that by scanning a QR code (which contains the ID and public key) directly from the mobile phone of another user. Once scanned, the verification level will change to "green".

We're not sure how recent (or old) this FAW entry is, but it's good to know they're at least looking at Windows Phone. Head to the Threema website to see for yourself. Scroll down to the "General" section of answers and see the other platform support enquiry.

Source: Threema; thanks, Mark, for the tip!



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Nope no need cause its isn't famous so much.....

caliborn says:

Disagree. The more apps the better.

QilleRz says:

Disagree too. The more apps the merrier. Just let support them for coming to Windows Phone

gautam26 says:

Well, you can't expect the Windows Phone Store to grow and reach levels of the Play/App Store with this kind of a mentality.

reda igbaria says:

So i think that you should download the app and support them ( give them a shot ) to keep the new apps coming

saidas says:

And just how "famous" are the 800 billion apps on Andriod & iPhone?

sueha says:

Use your brain. Messengers need many users. Games and specific apps may not need too many users to work as intended...

EssThree says:

Get your friends on board? My group of friends weren't on Snapchat until very recently, but I bullied them into it haha

use google, maybe you'll find out that threema is both on iOS and on Android and already has lots of users... 

ahmedjan87 says:

Now that's what I call secure

Luminatic says:

I'll give it a go once it's out. Hey, gotta support my countrymen and -women :-)

From when this app gonna release?

Cool still expecting bbm though

Although a new app is always welcome but it will be difficult to make users switch to it when they are already using the most popular app(s).

I must protect my naughty messages between my gf an i, I don't want nsa to know what I want to do to her tonight.

Aashish13 says:

Sorry to disturb but is anyone having problem with their Bing news live tile it doesn't show live tile notifications while the tiles flip

Security system just like "Blackberry" have..... Isn't it?????

dhruvmhjn says:

Yes! Finally.
Steve Gibson (from TWIT) recommends this app. So, I am definetly going to use this once it comes to WP. 

Agree. When security experts recommend an app like this is hard not to listen. I'll definitely try it and force everyone around me to do it too.

This will seriously be a good addition. I'm still waiting for BBM to be available


kirklyt says:

How about schmoose? Isn't that also good?

sourcrowd says:

Its good and it was available long before. (And first on wp)

mcheiron says:

Yes. I am using schmoose as well. Just waiting for a 8.1 update and the desktop version to be even more useful.

SpastiKoch says:

Very nice. It's a Swiss app. So your data is protected by Swiss law which is very strict. No NSA shit going on! I waited so long for this app.

jmshub says:

Threema is a good, secure messaging app. This will be a good addition to the WP store.

Can someone tell me when bbm I coming to windows phone?

Gilfi says:

It seems to be a new entry to the FAQs. I contacted the developer a while ago and he replied that there was no WP app planned. Good to see that he's changed his mind and is starting to develop one.