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Time of My Life will help you see where you spend your day

Time of My Life

Microsoft has just released a life logger app titled Time of My Life into the Windows Phone Store. The app basically tracks where you spend your time most, and based on your GPS coordinates and known locations it will tell you how much time you're spending at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, lounging at home, or hard at work.

Time of My Life

After about a week of learning your behavior, the app will begin generating graphs about where you spend most of your time. Ultimately, the goal is to help you manage and budget your time better and be more productive.

The app is available right now as a free download and you can grab it here in the Windows Phone Store

Thanks, ven07, for the tip!

QR: time of my life



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Is it gonna be a battery drainer app??
Concept is good though!

Oooo, NSA love this app! Fo sho!

CJ Thunder says:

Lol, they know without you having the nice metrics presented in this app.

S Vaibhav says:

I would ❤ to see a sound recorder app like in Windows 8 first :P

ebin5 says:

Try mini recorder, it's good.

ven07 says:

You would have to install it to know lol.. Doesn't seem to drain my though

Guytronic says:

I will use it because I don't know where I am most of the day.

ven07 says:

Hahaha really? Don't answer :P

Guytronic says:

Wrote a thread about it

Wanna see it

Goes like this:

Where are you?

ven07 says:

Lol it's a good thing we have so many apps available otherwise we'd never find ya

ven07 says:

Map apps to be exact

Guytronic says:


Find me and my phone apps...

slipslip says:

You can ask Cortana where you are. :)

(Seriously! Ask "Where am I"? and she'll give your approximate address.)

Nik Rolls says:

This sounds pretty cool!

Chesmez says:

Sounds cool, sure. Looks cool, nah. The app is so badly designed.

Nik Rolls says:

Totally. What's up with that? You actually have to try pretty hard to break the Visual Studio templates that much. Hopefully it's improved soon.

dalydose says:

It will be sad to see "Home" take up so much time on the graph. :/

Hmmm...Microsoft built this as a separate app? Two thoughts:
1.  Didn't Elop gush about a similar app?
2.  Couldn't they have built this into a Cortana feature? I mean, the GPS is already used there, so the data collection could be shared.

Jay Bennett says:

As sad as seeing "work" take up most of it?

RJPeters says:

That's what it will tell me....too much work and not enough play. :'(

dalydose says:

I work from home a lot.  This wouldn't be a pretty graph. :)

I haven't gone out of home for 1.5 months except on sundays, that's sadder..

Jazmac says:

Yes he did. One called Track My Life. He never left home without it according to him. I was more successful at it though.

Yeah, it was the Track My Life app. Which apparently hasnt been updated in quite a while. And so goes the endless search for a decent journal/life logging app on WP.

JennaMadison says:

Both are equally sad. An even balance is needed to be happy

PipoDj says:

I have this syndrome called The WPCentral Syndrome. I call it such because I immediately install any app featured by WPC

This guy is infected! Take him to the lab!

Fogo says:

Awesome - I was actually thinking about looking for an app that does exactly this thing just this morning. Maybe I should start thinking about someone handing me a pile of cash now…

SA3DX says:

Congrats you won the lottery :P

JoRdaNeK says:

Hello, I'm a Nigerian banker with surplus and slightly dirty cash piles, I can give them to you as I have no need for them, If you could just pay the postage which is €120x4 blah blah

SFakir says:

Check Track my life :)

Jazmac says:

Don't need an app for that. I work like a Hebrew slave. That sums up 90 percent of where I am.

Tafsern says:

Wrong job then..

Tha Analyzer says:

Might be a good app but in the wrong hands it might do some harm for a coffee shop has a different meaning here on Holland.

CJ Thunder says:

I want one that revels the map like an RTS. There is an app like that for ios I think. That would be more interesting. See how much I'm actually missing.

ecr80 says:

Lets see if this app can replace track my life.

bologni says:

OMG thanx microsoft! this was a request i did yesterday here! on the comments of the cortana's post. User happiness with windows phone 8.1 : 10 stars!

Wow....Remember Xbox and rate it dude

I already know where I spend 90% of my!

clee2007 says:

Me 2...crying

1st thing that came to mind was lyrics to a greenday song

jfreiman says:

Hmmm... Do I really want to turn my Windows Phone into a geotracking Google type phone?
Odd app, but its nothing that I'm sure the FREE apps don't already do.

wiederman says:

This seems like a really cool idea

Starbane says:

This will be great for those users with bouts of insanity followed by amnesia.

cruelvaldez says:

It reminds me of the song story of my life oh wow

abond32 says:

I'm a traveling service tech so ill give it a try. Sounds ok

hitchhiker90 says:

The app is nice but its not for me.  It would basically tell me 2 places, work and home :-/

azcruz says:

I'm still in Redmond since installing this app 3 hours ago. What the...

jaywp8 says:

Exactly waiting for this kind of app..

Can my wife find out where I spend most of the life by checking this app...then I wont install it.....omg

Segmentality says:

Is this seriously meant to help people budget their time and be more productive? What a useless app! Coming from Microsoft Research, this is a surprisingly boring, uninventive product.

nez99 says:

Is this better than track my life?

SFakir says:

Track my Life is much better :) Tried both.

Microsoft Research should better ask Track My Life for help!