Time Warner Cable app on Xbox 360 adds Video on Demand

Time Warner Cable on Demand

Are you a Time Warner Cable customer? Starting today, Xbox Live Gold members in the U.S. who are also TWC subscribers can now get On-Demand content on their Xbox 360. The app already offers 300 channels of live TV, but more than 5,000 On-Demand choices are now available, too.

The update also includes a “share” feature that allows you to send messages to other Xbox Live members that are TWC TV customers while channel surfing.

Time Warner Cable has over 11.4 million TV subscribers in 29 states. Do you use their app on your Xbox? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Xbox Wire



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Another reason not to get an Xbox one. How come they cant port it over to the One?

fpostrow says:

Another reason to GET the xBox 1, as this will be coming. The question is when....?

WP support would be nice

di_genius_7 says:

Need WP8 app too.

eortizr says:

Still no WP8 app, iOS and Android had it for years.... MS is dead

Wow, nothing like showing up Verizon FIOS

WilsonBlaze says:

Sweet, Finally Time Warner FTW

eortizr says:

its for Xbox only, it has been there for quite some time, this is only an update, WP8 still missing the app

vanpride64 says:

meanwhile there will never be a att app on any device.

kcman2013 says:

It is nice.  My kids don't need a cable box any more saving about $10 per month per cable box, but with the removal of Family Gold, it's almost a wash as far as costs go.   A couple of drawbacks..it doesn't stream live CBS network channel and you cannot access recorded shows from the Time Warner DVRs in the house.  Thete is good functionality with on demand primetime outside of CBS but they need to get CBS to completely remove the cable boxes.  Samsung smart TVs after 2011 also have the app.  Pretty cool if you have a WiFi smart tv and you wanted to mount your tv somewhere.  All you need is power...TW has has fix the CBS issue, though. I have hated TW for a long time with no other options.  A feature like this could keep me if they get competition in my area.

MadSci2 says:

Where is the XFinity App for WPhone?

Joe Rodak says:

A Windows 8.1 app would be nice seeing as I can't use the TWC TV website on my Surface because it doesn't have Silverlight... (which is a Microsoft product)