Time Warner Cable potentially looking at Microsoft for video streaming deal

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According to CEO Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable could well be in talks with Apple, Microsoft and Samsung regarding potential streaming video partnerships, similar to the pact it has with Roku. The broadcaster released a TWC TV app on Roku devices that enables subscribers to stream numerous cable channels. It would make sense for the company to be in talks with Microsoft, especially with the Xbox One announced and on the way.

The Time Warner Cable CEO was in talks with investors at the Bank of America Merill Lynch Global Telecom and Media Conference today. A potential deal with Microsoft would ensure that subscribers using the new Xbox One (as well as other hardware running Microsoft operating systems) would have access to a wide selection of content.

Microsoft made a point about live TV and the new Xbox One in its presentation and we're sure it's in the company's best interests to sign as many deals as possible and get as much content streamed to the new console. Don't worry if you're not a fan of TV, though - we're sure Microsoft will have some games available at console launch.

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druger81 says:

Would be nice to have their apps on my 8X, but don't care much for that stuff on my Xbox.

jsnod25 says:

You want TV on your phone but not on your TV?

Capsloc says:

Maybe because he has a cable box already?

jsnod25 says:

Yes, possibly, but the X1's goal is to replace the cable box...

druger81 says:

Ya, my cable box works just fine. I just want my Xbox for games. But that's just me.

Aaron M says:

Except it doesn't replace the cable box.  You still need to keep your cable box (and its rental fee) to feed into the xbox.  I would love to see MS provide an Xbox One SKU that included a slot for a cable card.

ralexand56 says:

Isn't that what this deal is for. Why would you still need a cable box if you can get the content through a time warner app?

tbonenga says:

Having it on your Xbox can save you $$$. I've eliminated 3 HD boxes at $8 each by replacing HD boxes with Xbox's. If I had live streaming TV like this thru Comcast I'd ditch my other 4.

eortizr says:

yea right, like TWC will not charge u for having the service on the XBOX right?

tbonenga says:

You're absolutely right. You get a GOLD STAR. You already buy service. If you have a compatible streaming device they don't charge.

4Tiles says:

I don't pay anything extra to watch Verizon FiOS TV on my Xbox. And all of these apps on iPad (Optimum, TWC) are free.

MediaCastleX says:

Like i know its been referred to as an idiot box before but has everyone been missing the quality programs that have surged lately?? People talk about these shows all the time, and no reality tv doesn't apply...that's not television, its gimmicks =/

Zeroplanetz says:

I agree with all the reality tv shows. There's two many. Its half the reason why I don't have cable anymore. There just cheap hideous shows. In my opinion.

TonyDedrick says:

I will never go back to cable again. The rise in quality shows still doesn't justify the ridiculous monthly cost, with 90% of that stuff people don't even watch.

R0bR says:

It is ridiculous, cable is expensive here in Canada and was running me $270 a month to get all HD programming, sports and movies. I cancelled my cable and bought a new car with my monthly savings, now I stream everything over internet.

ladydias says:

Agrees. Reality TV stinks. The sheer amount of manufactured drama on each and every one is nauseating. :(

Drewidian says:

I'd love it if Comcast, Verizon, AT&T Uverse, Dishnetwork, DirectV, and Cablevision all jumped in and offered an XBox One subsidized for $199 on a 2 year contract, and at the end of the contract you get to keep the XBox One.  It would move alot of units and grow the interest in the developer market.

inteller says:

at first I thought your idea was stupid, but if this was in lieu of a stupid cable box, and their Xbox app allowed for DVR, I might go for this!

Drewidian says:

I thought about the lack of DVR capabilities in the XBox and then thought... I don't need it. If the cable/satellite companies increase their ON-Demand capabilities where they could keep say, the last 6 months of programming, and can access the live content via a cable adapter/converter like I have now, I could do without that capabilities. On Demand is basically a DVR in the cloud as it is. If everything was recorded (as it practically is with Comcast which I have. I can't speak for the others) and streamable over I.P. like with the Comcast App, what would be missing?.

penetronn says:

Had this with AT&T Uverse. Worked great but they abandoned it last year.

sskysshark82 says:

Wow,that would be something, agree DVR a must!

inteller says:

the cable co would still need to sell some sort of cableCard dongle deal to decrypt the signal cause the X1 only has HDMI in.

expectafight says:

Or just stream it, Roku style...

the92playboy says:

No they wouldn't. It has CAT 5/6 in (your high speed internet, just like the 360).

In Canada, Telus TV already has it that the 360 can be used as your cable box; go to your dashboard, and select the Telus TV and watch all your shows just as you would on the other boxes. And it has had this for over 2 years. And they gave a free Xbox 360 with a 2 year contract.

Chris_Kez says:

If you're suggesting this would replace the cable box, I wouldn't hold my breath. Cable companies make a lot of money off those boxes, $5-$10 per box per consumer. And that is all profit. They might be able to charge a service fee in lieu of paying for the box but then that would upset customers even more.

expectafight says:

And Rich:

Don't worry if you're not a fan of TV, though - we're sure Microsoft will have some games available at console launch.

That's just plain funny.

Rich Edmonds says:


I'm not really into TV on the Xbox, but then I have Virgin cable and use that for all my needs when it comes to new shows and whatnot.

penetronn says:

Nice. Would welcome news about Comcast and Fios plans to support the One platform. Hey "The One Platform" sure has a nice ring to it.

rpm5101 says:

Considering this was started by Xfinity, I would say Comcast is on board.

This is what I wanted! :D

NH3MAN says:

True Multi-Media from one box... Thats what I want... And it sounds like Xbox One is the ticket... Cable, DVR, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, BlueRay, Internet, Media Centre, and of course, gaming, all without changing inputs... Plus Voice and gesture controlled, and multiple screen interaction with Glass from a phone or tablet... Now that's what I'm talking about... Or am I believing too much?

nasellok says:

sounds like MS has got a real game changer on it's hands...........only request I have........will there be a way to bridge the X1 to other TV's in the house without purchasing another box?????????  If they come out with say a 50$ network extension, im all in....I dont even need to be able to play games on all TV's, just to use the other features would be amazing.

spaulagain says:

^Ya, I would love that. The X1 be the central hub. This has to be what they are looking towards in the future.

ralexand56 says:

Sounds like the job of a $100 xbox 360.

This would be huge. I could see Microsoft turning to Apple and Google and saying, "Now what?"

ralexand56 says:

Now what, Bitch?!

It should be able to integrate with our cable provider from the start. There should be no need to subscribe to another company with a different company in order to take advantage of the One's features. By all the rumors and articles it sounds like the One will cost a lot of money just to take advantage of the features: cable, Xbox live, plus the games.

topleya says:

I don't care for this new Xbox TV stuff as I live in the UK and use Virgin Media.

Microsoft. Rarely make these cool functions work outside the US borders and only seem to recognise Sky as a TV provider.

glow84 says:

Are you guys missing the whole point of the Xbox and its TV capabilities? Its not only to stream tv but also be a layer on top of the tv signal. It has HDMI in and out. Works like Google TV. You can be watching your normal tv and instantly jump to a game,or web surf or video chat on Skype. All without switching inputs and with picture in picture or snap capabilities, to me is a very exciting and welcomed feature.

Five years ago I would have no interest, but today, I'm watching more TV (AmazonPrime, Hulu+ & Xfinity) than I play games. Can't wait for Xfinity to start broadcasting live via the Xbox One.

MrThone79 says:

I prefer the less remotes the better! #XboxOne

R0bR says:

If it's less remotes you want get a Logitech Harmony Remote, its cheaper. Mine replaced 5 I had.

nasellok says:

Just give me a damn TWC app for windows 8, thats all I want, then i can finally donate my iPad and use my Surface RT for everything.

expectafight says:

I hear you.  Right now I use video.timewarnercable.com in desktop IE (because it plays nice with my fingers and you know, silverlight) when I want to watch anything other than ESPN, HBO Go or Max Go with my time warner account. 

nasellok says:

RT doesnt have silverlight support, which drives me crazy cause its MS tech - some how, you can use the browser for HBO GO, ABC, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS streaming content.....but Time Warner's streaming relys on Silver$hite.

onysi says:

Hate twc. They have exclusive rights to all Lakers game in LA.

EbolaXB says:

If they are going for the all in one system then they need to add speaker outputs (wired or wireless) then I wouldn't need my home theater.

fpostrow says:

As always the devil is in the details but, if it integrates with my current Ceton Rig then fantastic. I will not bring in a POS TWC dvr just to get TV. If the One doesn't integrate with my current setup and a TWC POS dvr is required then we have a problem. If it's an app solution, then it will be somewhere inbetween which will depend on the details such as those listed above like how do you extend to other TV's? I am looking forward to learning more in the coming months as I do not think we will learn much next week that isn't game oriented. And I am looking forward to that as well.

Jazmac says:

I would welcome this on the new Xbox.