Titanfall beta becoming available for everyone on Xbox One

Didn't make the cut? Fear not, the Titanfall beta is opening up to everyone!

If there is one game that just about everyone seems to be champing at the bit to play on Xbox One, it’s Titanfall. So when the signups for the public beta went live a few days ago, people were clamoring to get in. But if you didn’t happen to be one of the lucky ones to get a beta code, don’t fret. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb,  has just announced that Microsoft will be making the Titanfall beta available to all Xbox One owners.

You heard that right. Starting today, you can head to the “New Game Demos” section of the Game Store, or simply say, “Xbox Bing,” then “Show me new game demos.”

Major Nelson was sure to set expectations by letting users know it may take some time before the beta shows up for some users. If you don’t see it yet, just sit tight. It will be there soon.

If you’re like us and just cannot contain yourself while you wait, check out these Titanfall videos.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Kyle M. and Yodani Q., for the tips!



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Yup. Downloading now. Though I'd rather play my Lego game...

Jas00555 says:

Daniel, you are playing in a party with us!

Lol, tomorrow. Gf will be pissed if i do that on a Saturday night :P

crooza says:

LoL then you need a new one

Wael Hasno says:

No, he doesn't.

Talbot690 says:

I want an invite to this game tomorrow... If not you may end up playing against me... You don't want that lol! GT Talbot690

Z10YkakPES says:

Is it me or this Lego game (I mean Lego movie videogame) much more glitchy than usual

Bob101910 says:

Played a little Titanfall the was trying to beat the Lego Move game tonight because I have to return it tomorrow, but couldn't. Titanfall is too addicting.

MediaCastleX says:

How about a spin-off/sequel next...Lego Titanfall?! @_@

Mildly off topic:  But is there a rule against giving beta codes out?  I received a PC code with my X1 code, but wont use the PC one.  Thanks!



GT: InfiniteRefrain

Are you a Lego fan? Or just of the Lego video games?

kokola95 says:

Still waiting for pc..

WNxAshik says:

Just got my invite yesterday and is downloading right now. I really cant w8 for this to get done with downloading.

Chesmez says:

The Verge has confirmed that the beta will be available on pc as well for everybody.

William5849 says:

If you don't get invited. You can send them an email and say you didn't get a code or that your code didn't work. They will flag your account and will allow you to play without a code.

krox1105 says:

Saw some Titanfall videos yesterday. The game looks very promising.

I have the demo and its an amazing game. I was skeptical of it but now a believer.

hd7b4radar says:

Daniel what's ur gamertag?

I think its just daniel_rubino, it was changed recently

robbz94 says:

How I tried using underscores in my gamer tag and it won't me :(

Yours is just "Daniel Rubino".

Lol, there you go. Tells how much I "game".

Dk92 says:

I was waiting on a key for PC, got an Xbox one key instead. I don't have an Xbox one yet :-\

eXus#WP says:

They should have been sending you another mail with the PC code a few hours after, happened to many people. Check your spam folder...

William5849 says:

If you don't get a code, just send them an email saying that you didn't get a code. They will allow you to play no questions asked.

ncxcstud says:

Respawn mentioned that they could do a full open beta on the PC too

lokito15 says:

I've downloaded and played the beta and I am not usually a fan of FPS games but this game blew my mind. I will be buying it on launch day.

eepyaich says:

Likewise - I am pretty awful at FPS's so while I've enjoyed games like the Halo series for the single player, I've never really got into the multi-player.  After my first couple of hours with Titanfall, my thoughts were "great game, but I suck, so won't be buying this".  However, I played again last night and started getting to grips with things a little better (- I still suck, but actually finished a game with a positive K/D which, believe me, was an achievement!

I'm going to keep on playing until the Beta runs out, but I suspect I will actually end up getting this as it feels pretty accessible even for the novice FPS gamer. I think this article from Polygon sums it up well: http://www.polygon.com/2014/2/14/5411402/titanfall-is-the-perfect-game-for-people-who-are-terrible-at-first.

FearL0rd says:

Gamer tag: FearL0rd

Arsee17 says:

This game reminds me of halo. Halo was an amazing game but eventually it started to feel outdated with reach. I think Titianfall is going to be the next big fps game with the new school halo feel

swizzlerz says:

Reminds me of mec warrior

specialkevo says:


DaytonaGTS says:

If you didn't get an invite to play the beta there is a way to load it to you Xbox one. Just play it with your profile on your friends Xbox and when you log back in to your Xbox it will ask if you want to down load it.

Not into these kind of games but I like it so far.

darais99 says:

I am playing it now

TheIsaacG says:

Love the demo, pre ordered!!

I'm getting it digitally!

jimmy1one says:

There gonna be a lot of late night dl's tonight

simphf says:

I was chosen twice. Gamertag: simphf

Anyone with xone key should be able to exchange it for a PC on at respawn just add then on twitter

Hesti85 says:

Awesome! Downloading right now, without your Tip I definitely would have missed it. Thanks!

jmor88 says:

They sent me an Xbox code even though I requested a PC code.

sumothong01 says:

I'm really bad at these online fps games but I'm really enjoying Titanfall. If anyone wants to add me my GT is sumothong01

x7sage7x says:

Got the beta code, than turned around and downloaded the beta. That was kind of pointless.

TechAbstract says:

Was playing it earlier on Xbox One. It looks awesome and playing with controller was very accurate.

Xaphoon148 says:

Seems like there's no Xbone here before June or July.
Seriously MS, do you think people will wait forever?????¿¿¿¿
There's a world outside the US also you know, actually the majority of people in this world live there. And the sooner you realize that, the better!!!!!
It's like that with ALL the services from MS. Outside US? doesn't exist...

schlubadub says:

Where is "here"? It's been released in a lot of major countries already

Tafsern says:

Norway for instance.

Xaphoon148 says:

Yes, Norway it is. Another 5-6 months before it arrives...

kingkoopa09 says:

Well u might get lucky and actually have games and a lot of little issues worked out when it does arrive for u

Steephill says:

Just build a PC and be more satisfied overall

Xaphoon148 says:

Think I'll have to build a new PC anyway. My desktop have been smooth and reliable running XP, Vista (about one month before back to XP and buuuuurrrrned the DVD) and now Windows 8.
But now, editing HD video from my beautiful yellow Lumia 1020, it's laggy like a Android...
Was never any problem editing video from my video camera, but both picture and sound are waaaay better on my 1020 so...
Getting parts and start building it is :)

Xpider_MX says:

Why to buy a console and not the one with the games you like? You can import a Xbox One.

swizzlerz says:

Got it played it. Its fun.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Downloaded the game. It is pretty awesome. I thought with the Titans the game would feel overmatched in favor of the Titans but it feels really balanced. You can do a lot of damage with or without a Titan.

Sam Sabri says:

You ladies come battle GeneralSham! Bring it!

Raylz says:

Challenge accepted

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Zzz more Xbox news on an alleged phone site...

invertme says:

I like the news stories here. Even the ones about Apple, Android, other MS products or whatever. It's far easier to ignore the story than it is bitch about it.

It used to be. Now you can't move for them. The point is it is WPCentral. Not everyone gets off on games or wants news about them. Further down this thread is a similar "this is now an MS site" comment. Valid comments, not bitches. If this is the way the site is going then divide it up or allow us to filter on tags.

What about all the WP 8.1 leaks? With the convergence of all Windows together they are all related. Hopefully the team is aware and looking to add filtering.

WP8.1 leaks = Windows Phone ergo an article primarily about phones.

DaytonaGTS says:

If your not interested, keep scrolling, I don't understand comments like this, no one forced you to read it.

If you don't comment how do the team get feedback? Believe me I read nothing. And *you're for future reference.

Chris, sorry man, I feel for ya, much of the community has multiple Microsoft products, I would ask Daniel for a filter on the website and app.

I run Windows 8.1 at home and naturally have a WP8 phone. I fully understand about convergance. If that's the way the site is going then that's fine but as it stands it's like owning a Volkswagen Golf, subscribing to a Golf user's forum and then reading articles about Beetles, Passats and Rabbits. :¬)

Adretheon says:

I was presently suprised by this game. I played about all day Saturday, and most of Friday night. Its a lot of fun.

maghedo says:

This site really should change www.mscentral.com. Not kidding

XCLANKING - Add me, die a good death. Lol! You all can get it. Long live the XCLANKING!

kingkoopa09 says:

Why because it tells us of the top news in Microsoft the company that owns the phones that we use.... Ummm if u haven't forgot it gives a lot of Microsoft news because ur phone can be used with things like windows 8 and Xbox one

dby2011 says:

So far textures are much better and game is even smoother than the alpha. I got it on the PC too and game runs better on Xbox one- and that is on a PC with a GTX 660 Ti and Intel 2500k CPU and 16gb memory.

marcodci says:

Donwloading now from portugal.

welsbloke says:

Got the beta key but didn't need it as the beta had already been released to all. I normally favour PC over the Xbox for these types of games but having a blast and loving it on the One. They snuck the system update on it as well didn't even notice it install.

Waiting for some new apps now hopefully the iPlayer.

ray sital says:

Imagine the people that bought a beta from someone

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The game is flat out amazing, but has some equality issues with weapons and you can manipulate respawn locations. But this is what beta is for. They iron this out, and Xbox One has its must have game. In the first two minutes of playing it, my son looked at me and said, "this is the coolest game ever".

Sonicbeef says:

10 sign-ups and a thousand tweets 6 hrs of twitch watching and get beta key finally. Now its open to everyone, dang it!

Been playing the beta since yesterday. Awesome!

KrightonX says:

Hawken and Call of Duty had sex.... Behold. TitanFall.

laynardi says:

Really want to see a windows phone version.
i guess i just dreaming lol

Jeff Woods says:

I played the beta most of last night. Very good game. I have been waiting for a game like this for a very long time. Fast paced in your face action. Last time I had this much fun was unreal tournament on the Xbox original, that's why I put 40 bucks down on titan fall. This game is just simply amazing.

venetasoft says:

This game is awesome, cannot stop to play :P

ymcpa says:

i got the invite and the game look good. i saw several people selling their codes on ebay for about $50. i bet the fools who bought a beta code for $50 feel stupid now.

Robborboy says:

A shame about the 792p resolution and the 38fps average. The future for the Xbone seems less and less bright with every bit of news.

dby2011 says:

Doesn't surprise me as I have a decent powered PC and can't get a high frame rate, its not the Xbox One. The biggest gripe about the source engine is how inefficiently it is coded, seems to suffer the same for Titanfall. I wouldn't totally blame the Xbones hardware.

Robborboy says:

Odd. My 4gb RAM PC with a 5670 and 3.0ghz dual core can run it at 720p at medium settings with an average of 30 fps. This makes Titanfall the first source game my PC can't run natively at 900p@60fps. The Xbone is alot more powerful than my PC so there is no excuse for frame dips at 792p. I will admit, it is likely the stupid overhead the Xbone has that makes it such a terrible gaming machine. Between the three OSes, always on DVR, always on Kinect processing, and resources required to allow it to rub apps in the background, it is a wonder any game runs on it.

dby2011 says:

From what I read the settings on high on the PC is equivalent to the settings used on the Xbox One. 38fps at all high settings at slightly above 720 seems about right. However I have not noticed severe frame rate drops on the Xbox one, it is actually smoother than the alpha was. I don't think if this game was on the PS4 it would be dramatically better based on what I have seen on the PC. It is still fun on the One. A lot of the negativity is coming from pissed off PC gamers who don't like the idea of "consolized" games and of course the Sony fans who are looking for issues just because. Its a good game and should help propel the Xbox One.

I've got it running maxed out without much issue.  Occassional lag, but nothing beyond that.  Seems pretty damn awesome to me, and I'm expecting even more smoothness once the game and better drivers are released. 

fredie12 says:

my sons glued to titanfall on xbox one can't get him off it! i can see tears on the horizon when the beta ends on tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

felickz says:

No option to download, wtf.. Pin and rate only

swizzlerz says:

Games work great love the "Xbox record that!" feature. I use it all the time look me up on YouTube to see some of my xbox one game videos.... Always said if you don't like it dont buy it. As for me I love my 1020, surface, xboxone and dell xps8500.

Neo Nuke says:

I'm having so much fun playing. Still Suck though

penetronn says:

Not impressed. Looks like I'll pass on this one.

Ushae says:

This game is amazing

Been playing for a couple of days now for PC.  This game is overly addictive.  Now to finish that paper I was supposed to do last night. 

swizzlerz says:

Check out my latest video of my personal Titanfall Moments!  I love this game! 


lancguy says:

I've been playing this off an on since Sunday. Got the Beta for on the Xbox One Friday, and then for my PC on Monday. I am not great at playing these kind of games, and was always hesitant at doing an online multi-player type game. I wouldn't want to kill someone with friendly fire. But I got to say, this game has me sold! I just pre-ordered it. It is so much fun. And it's not like your are playing against a predictable AI. You never know if you are in a really hidden area. Another player can always pop up behind you, or have a vantage point you never considered. It is so much fun, there is really a lot of ways you can play and it will work. I don't even mind when my team looses, because for each time I get killed, I get to see the kill shot from the person who killed me. It's a great learning experience.

For those complaining about news regarding an Xbox game being posted on WPCentral, well TitanFall is a huge game for Microsoft. You can't separate Microsoft from WP. And the once hard lines that use to exist between Desktops, Laptops, Phones, Tablets, and Consoles no longer exist. For me, WP Central is a one stop shop for all things related to Microsoft. Actually, I use two sources, WPCentral and Weave newsreader. I appreciate the information available through WP Central. Thanks guys and keep up all the great work!