Titanfall beta starts soon, get ready with these videos


Confession. I’m so pumped for Titanfall. There’s some decent games on the Xbox One, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to it being a Netflix machine the past few months. That’s all changing March 11 once Titanfall launches for Xbox One and PC. Yesterday we told you guys to sign up for the beta that starts in a few days. In the meantime, check out the video below from Microsoft and Respawn Entertainment to pump you up.

The developers behind Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, hope to accomplish two things with the beta. Of course it’s going to tease the game to a ton of players, but its main purpose is going to be testing Microsoft’s Xbox Live Cloud infrastructure and to give players a taste for Titanfall sandbox.

The beta will feature three game modes: Attrition, Hard Point Domination and Last Titan Standing. Attrition is basically team death match. You know how that works. Hard Point Domination is an objective based game where you and your team try and control various points on a map. Last Titan Standing has everyone spawning by default in a Titan and duking it out. Once your Titan is destroyed you won’t get another until that round is over. Be the last Titan standing to win.

Hit up Xbox Wire below to get an in-depth look at the Titanfall beta. Hopefully we’ll all be testing it out in a few days.

Source: Xbox Wire



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If it was a Netflix machine you're doing it wrong. Forza alone is plenty to take over the console.

Sam Sabri says:

Ha that was just to make a point. I do enjoy Forza and Max. 

But once you beat every race and buy enough cars, it gets old.

Jay Bennett says:

You're not wrong, Sam needs to play more Forza or Ghosts with his friends *hint hint*

Forza feels incomplete...because it is. It's fun but gets old because of the features that we all are waiting for them to add.

Rug says:

I hope this game is great. There's a lot of pent up demand for a really good game for this console. It almost can't live up to my expectations. The anticipation is fun.

DennisvdG says:

Can't wait to play the beta on my beast pc :)
I'm kinda worried about EA though, you know because they are screwing everything up lately...

kevin2577 says:

For better or for worse EA servers aren't running the game. Microsoft's cloud will be running the show on all platforms.

DennisvdG says:

I'm taking that as good news :)

Rug says:

Exactly, I'm guessing MS can run servers better than EA.

Jay Bennett says:

Keep seeing really positive previews for this game, trying not to buy too much in to the hype machine but it's looking pretty good!

Rug says:

I am really hoping this game doesn't suck. I wonder how it is in PS4 land. The game selection is about the same or worse, so I have to think its the same. I only have 2 games, Forza and Ghosts, but that combo has left my Xbox One off for > 6 weeks. I also found the Netflix app to be buggy and choppy. So I've gone back to the TV for Netflix and the 360 for gaming. Hmmmf.

FearL0rd says:

No news I already played on Alpha

ncxcstud says:

Playing the alpha I can attest how fun this game is... Its great!

I better get the beta!

peachy001 says:

At the risk of upsetting people, it has not fired me up yet. My jury is still out. Open to being convinced though. But yes, Forza is great.... Developed a painting habit that I just can't quit. Anyway, signed up for the beta.

Lanceloni says:

The Alpha was fun, looking forward to the beta.

firehouse31 says:

I was amazed on how little lag was in the alpha even when things got intense on the screen.. Cloud servers were working well

lancguy says:

Just got my code for the beta! WooHoo

jleebiker says:

Just got my code for the beta! Thanks for the heads-up!