Today only: AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 for $99 at Microsoft Store (US/Canada)

Lumia 1020

Microsoft is firing up deal number 3 in the 12 Days of Deals promotion. Today we'll see the Nokia Lumia 1020 on AT&T have its price tag slashed. If you're not familiar with the deals, the company is offering numerous products at discounted prices over the course of the next 12 days. 

Update: Lumia 1020 is out of stock online. They went super quick.

So what's the offer today? As noted above, we're looking at the Lumia 1020, the premium Windows Phone with 41MP rear shooter. You'll be able to pick up one on AT&T for just $99 (when accompanied by a contract). Simply head to your local store or pop online to take advantage of the offer. The product is available in black, yellow and white.

MS 12 Days of Deals Lumia 1020

If you're among the first 20 customers at each participating Microsoft Store, you'll have the option to walk away with the smartphone for free (accompanied by the AT&T plan). As well as that, Microsoft are also giving away the Lumia 1020 for free to the first 100 online customers.

We recommend haste as we don't believe these deals will be available for long each day - check out our own experience and tips for some hints. ​Stay tuned for future deals!

Source: Microsoft



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n7slc says:

Must be overloaded because they're having trouble contacting the carrier....

aitt says:

Anyone get the free door buster deal?

walter1832 says:

Yes, but then I had to replace the door.

lucktr says:

LMAO! I could totally picture it! Good one, sir :D

Well played, Walt. Lol

jlynnm350z says:

This phone does not interest me in the slightest.

Yup. Not much change from usual sales averages. I wish they would have sold w/o contracts for 199.00 for the first 100 buyers, and $299.00 while supplies last per store. That I would have liked.

mjfadaway says:

This one went over my head

Micah Dawson says:

Lol and yet you commented on its article

Micah Dawson says:

If I was near a Microsoft store I would be almost tempted to trade my 1520 in. I miss the camera and I miss my yellow 1020 haha.

That said I love this big screen so I can't go back to 4.5 inches

absolutshame says:

Luckily I still have my 1020 as a backup device. I prefer the 1520 in almost every dept but the camera is a huge disappointment.

Jf.Vigor says:

Strange. To me, any phone that has a camera at least on par with the 920 is just fine by me

Talbot690 says:

Once you go 1020 no other camera is good enough.

That's what she said.

Tempest790 says:

Offer the 64gb version and I would be interested. Otherwise, no sale.

schlubadub says:

+1020 microSD with 32 or 64 onboard and I'd instabuy

crg28 says:

Are they still available on MS stores for $99?

Reflexx says:

Doesn't Amazon have it for $99 all the time?

Canada?  Are you sure?  Looks like Bluetooth speakers for us.  Maybe in store only?  At that price must be with a contract with Bell or Telus.

gfunk84 says:

Bell doesn't carry the phone, only Rogers and Telus, both of which have had it for $99 for a couple weeks now.

omegadony says:

its a speaker in canada not a lumia?

crg28 says:

$149 at Amazon

omegadony says:

actually its the same price at telus and rogers, 99$ w/ 2 year contract

Alienhead95 says:

Its back in stock.

Reflexx says:

How long did the "free" promotion last online? Was it as crazy as the Dell where nobody could log in and then it was gone instantly?

UWbadgers16 says:

I was actually on before 7, and still have a free one sitting in my browser. But the phone I'm upgrading is grandfathered in on the unlimited data, and Microsoft doesn't have that plan. So nothing could go through.

theefman says:

On contract, thanks but no thanks.

qwe123878 says:

The two days that have phones in US as deals is different in Canada. Today is a Bluetooth speaker, and the Lumia 1520 deal in Canada is replaced with Lumia 625 deal.

Everyone is constantly masturbating over this phone (Nokia included - everything on twitter from them is 1020) when it's just a 925 with a super-ace camera. It surely only interests photography buffs.

Jf.Vigor says:

More like a 920 with a super-ace camera. The 925 is the prom queen version of the scholastic 920

theefman says:

Actually when you think about it this phone and the 920 are the real standout WP devices. The 920 is the ultimate allrounder while the 1020 excels in the camera department. Every other WP device is a compromise either missing features (520, 925) or too big for the average person (1520). The 1020 is basically the perfect WP at the moment.

It also has twice the RAM of the 925, which helps future-proof the 1020 re: software compatibility.

Techh3ad says:

My friend called me from san Francisco Ms store and there's only one person in line. Him!. Hurry! He's getting it free for sure.

rcballa12 says:

The MS store will amost certainly give you the camera grip as well, included in the price.

coolnesh says:

No they dont. I was at the store and asked if the camera grip was included - store rep said no. Eitherways was one of the first 20 so got the phone for free, cant complain.


Switched to TMo three months ago and coverage bytes the big one. Got three of these at the Tampa International Plaza Mall kiosk and moving my family back to ATT...hate the prices/rates but at least we can use the phones...

thehidedout says:

Just in case people missed out on the first 20, At&t is having a deal for $19.99 w/ contract over the phone.

safzal1212 says:

Got mine for free at indy's fashion mall store and so far loving it.

mjrtoo says:

My girl got one in store for free, and it also came with a 25 buck card. She was up for an upgraded, happened at a perfect time.

TPKang says:

I was able to choose the old AT&T 450 minutes plan which doesn't exist anymore when I was trying to buy the 1020. I just realized that a second ago... Was that a system problem or it was legit? The microsoft store was the only place I could find this plan, and I hope it's true. The new shared plan just doesn't make any sense...