Torrex Pro

Torrent like a boss on Windows Phone 8.1 with Torrex Pro, free for a limited time

Looking for a killer BitTorrent app on Windows Phone 8.1? Then you're going to want to check out Torrex Pro. It's a new app that came out recently that puts a modern BitTorrent client in your pocket. The app allows you download any torrents and magnets links like a boss. Details after the break.

Torrex Pro is a Windows 8.1 app that has been made a Universal Windows app and now available for those on Windows Phone 8.1. With Torrex Pro you get the following:

  • Background downloading
  • Download any torrent files
  • Download magnet links

Torrex Pro

We've been playing around with it for a few days and like it a lot. It works well on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. It's really cool to download (legal) torrent files on our Lumia 1520. The UI is fairly spartan and plain, but it gets the job done. It's just incredible to download torrent files like this on our smartphones. We're really liking Torrex Pro on Windows Phone. Though we'll probably avoid using it on our cellular connection, no need for going over our data plans.

Torrex Pro

Torrex Pro normally will cost you, but both the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 versions have been made free temporarily. These price drop to nothing will last about a week. So get them while the getting is good.

Sound off in the comments with your impressions of Torrex Pro! Have any other favorite apps like these on Windows Phone or Windows? Let us know.

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enzom09 says:

What legal things to torrent are there??

asylumxl says:

Linux distros, opensource software, various game companies use Bit Torrent also.

But in reality, I'm pretty sure Sam has just been downloading copious amounts of porn.

asylumxl says:

You're not denying it ;)

In all seriousness, got this app and it's pretty good. Can change to theme style and has transparent tiles too.

I know... Sam is a good boy!!

Mohit Jain4 says:

Downloads to phone memory or to sd card?
M aware it might b a stupid question

wpgeek820 says:

You can select your destination folder by using the file picker. Pretty neat.

Hey Sam, why isn't it available for my phone ? Lumia 520. In India, but region set to usa. It gives the "not available for your phone" error.

ahmedjan87 says:

Windows phone 8.1 only

pallentx says:

None of which makes any sense on a phone.

iyae says:

Trying to legitimize torrents is pointless. You know, I know, everyone knows that people only really use it for copyright infringement. Its ok to admit that. Downloading now :)

Sam Sabri says:

Tons. How you use BitTorrent is up to you and I'm not judging, but you can check out Librivox for free, public domain audiobooks.

NIST says:

Ya books. Dirty audio books.

I think you forgot letter in judging.

Sam Sabri says:

What lette did I miss?

Did you eit that? I swear the it only had the D but no G.

Black Lumia says:

You're missing a leter yourself.

iyae says:

You and the 5 other people that use torrents for audio books must be so happy :) heh.

MrWhiteman says:

MS Office 2013

wait...oh dear...

dwarfsize says:

Sooo I may be a noob at this....but what do you torrent? Like ... What content is there?

Cubeddd says:

Possibly every thing that can be in digital form.

jsnod25 says:

The whole internetz!!!

Anything you can't buy but want to get it, like movies, songs, videos, games, software, etc...

blackhawk556 says:

Will I get sued for downloading?

jfmanzo says:

No you won't be "sued" because piracy is a criminal matter (depending on your jurisdiction) and not a civil one. So you might be imprisoned but not sued.

shuklashwin says:

;P that was.... Hilarious

MrWhiteman says:

Actually, if found guilty, the software / music / movie company can then claim damages. Something like $30,000 a song.

ryraansh says:

Dat color scheme though
PS: You should review their other app, 8 Zip

Turanga06 says:

Color scheme can be changed :D

deadwrong03 says:

8 zip is the best I truly don't need a tablet or PC thanks to that app

Agree, 8 Zip works like charm. No hiccups, no lags in operations.

ashram says:

i rather like using my synology and it's torrent app. i can control it from my lumia and have it use my home's bandwidth! granted, this could be usefull in a pinch

GP07 says:

Does this also download in the background on the phone as well?

asylumxl says:

Seems to for me.

Not really. I tried downloading it under lock screen but it was paused then i switched my display time out to 5 minutes and had to tap the screen once in every 5 minutes to make it work :/
Other than that, great app.

asylumxl says:

I have Battery Saver off currently and it certainly worked for me. 

theres a setting there, turn on prevent sleep when downloading

wpgeek820 says:

That setting didn't work. I kept the app running in the multi tasking window before I locked the phone. After a few minutes, the app had closed itself and the downloading had stopped. I had to reopen the app and start downloading again. Also, the app is very buggy in terms of information it delivers and also the downloading of data. I downloaded a 100MB file and it actually downloaded 180MB. Looks like the app loses/wastes a lot of downloaded data. It also shows incorrect progress bar.

TechAbstract says:

Doesn't work under lockscreen yet. wpTorrent app does though.

deadwrong03 says:

Wptorrent doesn't download in the background if u leave the app tho does it? I have the pro version and it always stops when i leave the app

TechAbstract says:

nope, only when it's running in foreground and screen can be turned off

Jack Janik says:

Yes! FREE! That was my main gripe with WPtorrent :D

apocacrux says:

They removed pretty much all limitations of the free version of wptorrent. So I don't really see the issue. Also technically this is only a sale, normally it would cost money.

salmanahmad says:

WPtorrent doesn't save to SD card and doesn't work in background.

Nakazul says:

How does this app stack up to WPTorrent app?

TechAbstract says:

Why not try them both? wptorrent has more features and easier to use for me. Custom search engine is really great in wptorrent. wpTorrent allows to run under lockscreen. This app does not.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Long live the torrent, the savior of the poor!!

AriesDog says:

Most people I know who pirate are pretty well off. They just like stealing. Would probably do it IRL if they could get away with it.

I use torrent to get content that is not available in my country even if I want to buy it, since I like anime and japanese music, that's verry important. I buy manga that are published here and have a paid subscription to crunchyroll, but that's usualy not enough.

manwe says: wouldn't steal a car

EssThree says:

I would if I could download it.

Zuka_WPC says:

You just won the internet.

Donel_282 says:

Does it support downloading under lockscreen??


apocacrux says:

It says background downloading so I would assume so.

wpgeek820 says:

It does but only for a few minutes.

Mister Gore says:

Hmm, looks like it is universal. Has anyone tried it on a Surface RT?

iamakii says:

Yes works great.

Yes. I have it paired with the Movie Mansion app on my Surface 2 and they both work great.

My question is how do I convert the trial version to the paid version being offered free? Can't find anything in the app, do I need to uninstall then purchase?

lyubomeer says:

It is the only version, it is just free for now. In a week or so it will cost money for those who haven't downloaded it before.

andrei_1998 says:

Wptorrent is also a great app.

Jack Janik says:

This is very true

deadwrong03 says:

This always been free I had it before. And it didn't do any background downloading u had to be in the app in order for the downloads to progress

There's two versions, free and pro

deadwrong03 says:

There is only one version in the windows phone for I just did a search and only pro shows up

herbertsnow says:

The paid pro version allowed for background downloading.

ahmu86 says:

How do I add torrent files... I get junk characters in IE when I click on the download link... Tried downloading on surfy... It downloaded but torrex gave error when adding a torrent

xtrimist8709 says:

Click on magnet instead of "download torrent"

Works with both magnet links and .torrent files for me.

deadwrong03 says:

Can u link to the free one? It's only showing the pro version in the store and I already downloaded that version for free a while ago and it does NOT download in the background even the reviews for the app says it. I downloaded the pro version for free at least 2 weeks ago

JoRdaNeK says:

You're dead wrong!!!

deadwrong03 says:

There's only one version of the app and it's always been free I downloaded it 2 weeks ago

Jack Janik says:

I don't torrent on my phone, but since universal app, now I own this for my Surface RT! :D

You can't lock your phone to download torrents. Doesn't support background download.

knuckles245 says:

Are you able to download a single track from a album and edit the info if needed?

Psyk00 says:

Would be great... if I could use WP app as a remote access to Win 8 app. Get a torrent on my phone which would automatically start download on my PC.

lrn2board says:

There are a ton of these in the store, just search torrent

Psyk00 says:

I know, but uTorrent Remote for example wasn't updated in ages. And with other apps - I avoid installing low quality stuff, which I assume many of them is.

paras chugh says:

You can actually do that with bittorrent remote app

lrn2board says:

Damnit! Just paid for the wptorrent pro app this morning to get rid of the 300kb cap, wish I knew about this app first!

Yousef Kawmi says:

I read a few days ago, the 300kb cap was removed.

anyway i didn't even install it, i'm using Torrex pro since 2 weeks it was free all the time...

Total newb to this so could somebody walk me through how to torrent something with this app? Tried to find a FAQ but maybe I'm the only loser who doesn't know how this works...

apocacrux says:

Go to pirate bay. Search for what you want, tap on Get This Torrent. App opens, hit download.

kc77 says:

What do you do after the download? It doesn't transfer to my phone. Just says complete with the thing that says where it's going.

It's already in your phone. It's wherever you set the download location to be. If I remember correctly it puts everything in the "Downloads" folder by default.

xankazo says:

Thank you. I didn't know of any good torrent client for Windows Phone. This one seems to have nailed it.

No wonder people are talking about poor battery life! 

salmanahmad says:

Can this app save torrents to SD Card?

link1873 says:

emailed the wptorret guys, theyre adding sd card support in the next update

wpgeek820 says:

What are you talking about? The app opens the file picker so that you can choose where to save the downloads; be it phone or SD card.

SIDD_DEY says:

Deal breaker.... No background download

fotis poggas says:

Tap on the file you are downloading, information and files tab open. Lock your phone there and it works in backround!!!!

davesannie says:

Can someone please explain how it works, when I copy paste a URL I only see some weird things on the internet page .......

El Bori says:

got it and started downloading already, clocks very well (430Kb/s) and more...

if it doesnt support backgroundn downloads, what is the matter ?

wpgeek820 says:

Exactly. Cannot keep the phone on all the time especially when downloading huge files.

davesannie says:

It does work with pirate bay but not with kickass torrent thanks for explanation :)

xtrimist8709 says:

It does work with anything, in fact I just tried it with Kickass. Click on the magnet thingy, and it opened WPTorrent and TorrexPro to choose which one to open the magnet with. Proper app I must say. Puts WPT to shame.

Thanks for the heads up Sam, you delivered that article LIKE A BOSS!!!

VSparxx says:

There is also wptorrent, a very good torrent client, actually it was the first and now torrex is the second, at least on wp :D

Gremsems says:

although I'm using wifi it eats your provider data..
I was downloading something via wifi to suddenly get a textmessage from my provider that my datalimit was reached.. So I went to data usage and indeed, it was eating my data and for whatever reason not wifi! I mean... WTF!!! Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!

maxgerman says:

So, no background downloads, I assume... (can't check myself now). So, can stay with WPtorrent.
BTW, is it even possible now that we have WP 8.1 to download in the background (API)?

deadwrong03 says:

I think it is possible both wptorrent and torrex need to simply add background downloading in a update

frostphase says:

If we already had the free edition how do we upgrade to pro? Is it automatically done?

Sam Sabri says:

Download the pro version.

xtrimist8709 says:

There's a porn version?

deadwrong03 says:

There's only one version and it doesn't have background downloading

Schikitar says:

Pffffft, torrents... usenet is so much better! Although I can't use that on my phone, I'll give you that.

thisispants says:

Is this an ad? It's be good to have an ad symbol or something just so we know what's an ad and what isn't.

xtrimist8709 says:

Seems faster even...

WPhoner says:

Why would they make this free for a week when WP8.1 hasnt even been released to the masses yet! That sucks

nenabunena says:

Thanks I can't figure out how to use wptorrent

deadwrong03 says:

There's nothing to it find the torrent you want and click the magnet link choose where the file goes and that's it. when you click the magnet link it takes you to the wptorrent app or torrex whichever one you have installed

LZSchneider says:

I like you guys make posts about limited time free apps. Thanks WPC!

shamrulx says:

how to torrent like a boss,exactly?

sinisfree says:

Awesome app, works with my favorites tpb, extra, but seems not workin with asiatorrent

kc77 says:

How so I transfer the file o to my phone after downloading it?

If you're using Torrex Pro (and not WPTorrent or whatever) then it is already on your phone wherever you decided to download it. I think the default destination is the "Downloads" folder. If you want to move it somewhere else just use any File Explorer. And if you don't have one installed then why do you even try downloading torrents? Need to learn to walk before you can run.

kkjmit says:

I like wptorrent...

Power Surge says:

I was cranking 6mb/s download on my 1520. Best my computer gets is about 2mb/s, I have seen it as high as 4mb/s. I think it is the 1520's channel bonding. Major difference providing the rest of your system (isp, router, modem) can offer channel bonding. Noticed I get 80mb/s download on phone with Wi-Fi when I use a speed checker appbut computer gets the 40mb/s I pay for. Interesting stuff. Since you can chuck movies to SD card, and with this app download right to video file on SD, makes waiting rooms and other places nicer, especially if you don't have cellular data, as I don't.

sheldork says:

Like a Boss? Wait... Can't download if not an active app, cant download on the lock scree, Tht ain't no boss like powers last time I checkd

Less features than WPtorrent.
The ability of WPtorrent to decide Not to download if on data plan is really important for me :P

WPTorrent all the waaaay :3

(BTW: TPB is down :( )

wps81 says:

Now with torrent downloading I see another reason to dump desktop PC.

MrWhiteman says:

You can't play Battlefield 4 or Wolfenstein New Order or Watchdogs on a tablet or phone.

iyae says:

But you can play all of them on an xbox one

wpgeek820 says:

It should have a "Download on Wi-Fi only" option. Very important if you don't want to end up losing money.

mayblast says:

These price drop to nothing will last about a week. So get them while the getting is good.

Sam, I take it proof-reading is not your forte? Also, no word can the app download to SD-card (quite important point, don't you think?)

MrWhiteman says:

Well well well VPN and torrents on Windows Phone 8.1 haha the perfect combo to downloading free stuff.

mikosoft says:

I have downloaded torrents on a Nokia E51 6 years ago. While surfing the web and being connected to an ssh server all at the same time. On a 7 years old device.

Think about that.

P.S.: Oh yes. I could play simple DOS games on it as well. Not that I complain but it seems to me the OSes are getting dumber and dumber.

iyae says:

Is it just me or is the app pointless if I cant paste the URL to a torrent in? I say thus because with IE on WP, clicking a torrent doesn't download it. It opens it as mangled data in the web browser so all I can do is copy the URL

Power Surge says:

Will the real Torrent Boss please stand up, please stand up...

Power Surge says:

Torrent Boss would be a good name for a torrent app.....I publicly claim royalties.