Toshiba is breaking up with Fujitsu

While not earth shattering news, it's worth mentioning that the honeymoon between Toshiba and Fujitsu appears to be over, with Toshiba packing up and going home. This as both companies are on the cusp of launching the imaginative and unique IS12T running Windows Phone "Mango". While that launch will of course go forward, what this means is that for 2012, Fujitsu is preparing to buy out Toshiba's nearly 20% stake in the joint venture, going solo afterwards.

Here in the West, this won't really mean too much as Fujitsu will still carry on and they are even reportedly doing pretty well. At least for bloggers and tech journalists, we can save a few keystrokes in the future instead of having to write Toshiba-Fujitsu every time. Yay.

Source: 47News; via Engadget



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kim thran says:

Toshiba used to be a very good brand, a brand I adored in the 90s'. It seems they are slowly falling down now...Same phenomenon with Sony. Very good brand in the past. Terrible now and very low quality. Does the future belong to Korean brands?

redtalon says:

I remember carting round a Toshiba 286 laptop around the world, green screen, weighed a ton and could fit the old full length cards in.I am sure my boss only brought me along to carry the damn thing.Still an amazing bit of kit in its time, these days they rarely do anything to impress me.I use to do work for Fujitsu, recently they have been getting there act together. Fingers crossed they do well with the new phone.

Winterfang says:

It's your fault Microsoft!! *cries*