TouchStudio Updated to 1.1

We recently covered Microsoft's incredibly entertaining Touch Studio for Windows Phone 7, which allows one to create scripts that take advantage of the API's and access available on the OS and hardware. The app has now been updated to 1.1 (beta). The changes are listed below:

  • Many bug fixes
  • Better auto-completion in expression editor
  • Access to accelerometer, location, maps, translation services, web search, tile customization, charting, and more.
  • Take screenshots of your actions (if you want to show other people your code), and the execution wall; look for the "send screenshot to library" button under the “…” in the application bar.
  • API changes (see below). If you update an existing installation, all your existing scripts get renamed to "v1.0 ...". Since we changed APIs, your old scripts might have errors which you have to edit and fix yourself.

New APIs:

  • senses->acceleration quick/smooth/stable: Access to accelerometer
  • locations->*: Access to GPS/geo-coordinates
  • maps->*: Access to Bing maps
  • languages->*: Access to Bing- and Hawaii-based translation services
  • web->search *: Searching the web with Bing
  • tile->*: Configuration of script tile properties
  • math->create number map: charting functionality

old API

new API 

engine->assert time->fail if not
engine->stop time->stop 
phone->sleep time->sleep 
phone->now time->now 
json->get fieldjson->field 
json->get boolean json->boolean 
json->get number json->number 
json->get string json->string 
senses->snap camera picture senses->take camera picture
senses->has camerea picturesenses->has taken camera picture 
senses->camera picture senses->taken camera picture 
web->deep zoom link web->link deep zoom 
web->hyperlink web->link url 
web->image link web->link image 

Source: Microsoft Research, via: WPSauce


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