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E-Trade for Windows Phone

Trade on the go. E*TRADE Mobile brings Windows Phone 8 support

Quiz time. What makes me and the rest of the crew at Windows Phone Central happy? Hint. It probably makes you ecstatic too. The answer? Any single time we get a new app on the platform or an app gets an update. It’s a situation that you can’t help but channel your inner Sheen and shout ‘winning’. Today we win by getting E*TRADE to update and support a few features of Windows Phone 8.

Time to update the app if you’re a customer of financial service company E-Trade. When you do so, you now get a few features that you’ve been patiently waiting to get the past few months. We couldn’t find an official change log, but here are some things you’ll notice at first blush after updating:

  • Native support for higher resolution displays – like on the HTC 8X or Lumia 920.
  • Double wide tile
  • Better performance
  • Lock screen support

E-Trade for Windows Phone screenshots

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you have fast resume or voice controls. But if you look past those two omissions you’ll find a fairly nice update if you like to keep track and manage your finances while on the road. The lock screen support is nice. It provides you with stock updates from places like the DOW, NASDAQ, etc.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Anything missing in the app for you E-Traders out there?

You can download E*TRADE Mobile for free to your Windows Phone right here, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo E-Trade for Windows Phone

Thanks for the tip Armand B!



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djctz says:

Etrade is catching on to the Windows Phone Bandwagon Thank God

Miquel Ramos says:

Well this is a huge name that gets in to the platform, it's great news, hopefully is a good app. The gap is finally closing, nex instagam hahaha, well one can have allways hope. Epocrates,Snapchat, Southwest Airlines, Citibank, Booking, Fitbi (there is rumors that they are finally developing for the WP platform even after having said that they weren't, but they complain that WP( has no support for Bluetooth 4.0). I know there is other apps on the gap but those are tho only ones I  miss. And to be sincere now the only ones I really wish I had are Epocrates, they swear that they don't have any plan to be on WP and they told me to go and buy myself an Iphone, very nice of them, but they are still the main medical app, Fitbit and Citibank properly working on the phone

R42 says:

ugggh cant believe my bank - Citibank would say they would not develop an app for wp.

Acbuono5 says:

Same with fifth third bank. But that wad awhile ago when I emailed asking if they had any plans developing a WP app so maybe I'll ask again...

AngeloUCF says:

This is an update to the app, etrade has had a wp app for a while now...

L0gic Bom8 says:

Since I do own stock and am on E*Trade, THIS IS FREAKING ECSTATIC NEWS! Now just waiting on a United Airlines app, and an app from my Navy Federal Credit Union.

inteller says:

still no check scanning.  fu etrade.

TechnoTim says:

Scottrade needs to get with the program... Literally

markk132 says:

+1 on Scottrade, i would love that

markk132 says:

+1 on the Scottrade app, i would love that

Raesu says:

Still need fidelity and WSJ...

AngeloUCF says:

THere's a change log under Help > What's new
They added NFC support but no check deposit :(

rubenbest says:

Wells fargo needs an apl

mattybsrs says:

I've been using an ETrade app on my 920 since November, when I switched over from a Galaxy Nexus. The only change I've noticed is being forced to log in each and every time I try to launch from my pinned QUOTE live tile. Prior to the update I could get an update on a specific stock without having to log into my actual ETrade account. Not a fan of this update as of yet.

Murani Lewis says:

This is great news for me as I tend to check stock prices and movement several times a day. It is also good to see a major brand continue to support their support for the platform.
The major things the platform needs now are major airline and bank apps. Get those and a ton of users will be happy.