India's online marketplace, Tradus launches official Windows Phone app


While the leading shopping portals in India like Flipkart and Amazon still don’t have a localised Windows Phone app, another popular online marketplace – Tradus – has arrived on the Windows Phone Store.

Tradus (www.tradus.com) brings local markets online for shopping. You can choose from over 10 million products from thousands of sellers. You can buy from sellers nearest to your location, while also checking out daily deals and discounts.


The Tradus app has a clean and fresh user experience. You can tap to zoom into product images while intuitively browsing the product catalog. The app allows you to save your card information for future purchases. You can track your order status from within the app and also contact customer support in case of a query or grievance.

You can also use the following exclusive gift vouchers in the app to avail discounts. Use APT100 to get INR 100 off on a purchase of INR 199 or APT200 to get INR 200 off on a purchase of INR 399.

You can download the Tradus app for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. I wasn’t a Tradus customer prior to this, but placed my first order while trying out the app. The longer other online stores take to release localised Windows Phone apps, the more they’ll lose business from users like me. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

QR: Tradus



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Shekhar77 says:

Thanks wpdevs. And abhishek for info

dhruv07 says:

Flipkart app,cmin up in April

Confirmed on twitter..!!!

Desperately waiting...

never heard about this before

rockstarzzz says:

What is going with India and WP? Its so hard to understand how a market classified as emerging market is so supportive to WP?! Where do they get so much money and so many developers from?

ahem soon i will develop soon nice apps for windows phone ;)

Best of luck fellow developer! I'm going for the same too... ;) Not sure how nice my apps will be... :p

nikhilmistri says:

Hi friend.... Can please let me know how to devlop app for windows 8 phone ....i am also interested in it..... U can please tell me any guide book or something like that which can help me..

You will love learning and developing. First of all you will start with old basic c then c plus and then C sharp , later you can try net beans , Visual Basic .netframework

Agreed, so many India specific applications in such a short time. Looks like WP is gaining good momentum in India.

vkelkar says:

So windows should show some more love for wp consumers here.... And anyways... People believe in nokia in India.... India just need mouth publicity instead of advertisements

visnit14 says:

There are also some exclusive windows phone apps which havent made their way on other platforms yet like irctc or spicejet.Many of these companies get tech support from MSFT or nokia and releases their apps on WP first.Flipkart app is also coming within a month along with eBay.

vkelkar says:

Waiting for axis bank app... They haven't released the app yet... What are they waiting for

Partha S Das says:

Me waiting for CITI bank app

Aashish13 says:

India is worlds biggest IT industry

vkelkar says:

I didn't knew India is largest it industry wow

I don't see India as the largest IT industry in the world yet... Top ten software and hardware companies belong to U.S. including 2 among them from Germany and 3 from Japan. Yes, I agree those companies indeed has a great contribution (specially U.S. ones) from Indians only.

achal shetty says:

Actually, the litmus test starts from tomorrow when nokia x is gonna get released over here. If that starts eating up the shares of lumia 520/525, then it pretty much proves that we are suckers for anything that's nokia. Infact we really do have a soft corner for nokia.

OMG55 says:

Have you ever used Dell, Symatec, Microsoft, or any other technical support portal? Most of the techs helping your are Indian; not as disrespect, but as a compliment to them being tech savvy. I'm American and can attest that many here aren't so much.

nuclax says:

ICICI app is missing

And what has it to do with his comment?

Shekhar77 says:

Only bcoz of nokia

Been waiting the entire day for new posts, and they're both about Indian communication. :(

LOL. Satya nandella should be happy about this. :P

satya aren't you from India ? :D

Sarang68 says:

Welcome to the Sunday sad boat!:)

xankazo says:

Yeah, Sundays are sloooooow...

Tell me who are you? Your name mismatches your comment...

hipporama says:

Great news! Btw, Flipkart already has a "coming soon" label on their website for windows phone and Amazon has already stated that they're working on a windows phone app for India.

Flipkart wp app is coming in mid april.

Aashish13 says:

Ebay and quickr?

Quicker and olx are already there

Aashish13 says:

Quickr isn't the official one. Olx is there

Sagar Limaye says:

They came quickr than I thought :P

Partha S Das says:

Ebay is already there in wp

Talk4Lig says:

Looks like India is the best Windows phone supporter right now

Aashish13 says:

But still Microsoft haven't targeted at a good pace which they should. As such bing services we have only vision nothing else. And great offers which ppl get in US. We need few Microsoft stores. Here

Madhu T C says:

Microsoft will miss many users if they don't give same preference which Nokia gave to India.

Exactly! WP just surpassed BBM a little before, while WP surpassed BBM and Symbian ages ago here in India, not to mention bbm users were really less here but Symbian. Indians are no doubt accepting WPs more easily when talking about apps releases but MS is still sleeping about their services... US only thing f*ucks up everything....

SwimSwim says:

I keep reading it as "Tardis." Any other Whovians with me on that one?

I have previously used their service. Except for their packaging, the service was good. Surprised to see them release a wp app ahead of flipkart and amazon

Never used their services but if u talk about packaging, flipkart makes tri-layer packs or tetra packs. I love their packaging and quick delivery... Yeah flipkart being more popular, is really late

I love how Indian is rocking with WP apps!!! Congrats devs!!

PS.: I am jealous guys. Brazilian devs are so lazy to build well designed apps. We are missing so many key apps in here... :(

Aashish13 says:

I feel bad about u guys. Maybe of Microsoft can make your wp market connected to us market every time. So one can easily get acess to apps as changing regions again and again is horrible for u guys.

ian_pam says:

I think he meant local apps.

Aashish13 says:

Ohkk but still Brazil is also struggling with other apps too.

Yes, this time I am talking about local apps. :)

Aashish13 says:

Microsoft please make Microsoft stores in India with windows pcs,surfaces,windows phone and Xbox kept for sale

Sarang68 says:

You wish! Its not so easy as you make out.

rianext says:

Maybe Nokia stores will eventually all turn into Microsoft stores...thats one of the major upsides I forsee after the acquisition... Though one of the very few...i wish the Nokia brand still lived in smartphones...i would have been very comfortable buying a phone like that...it jst feels right...

Aashish13 says:

U may be right. But nokia has segmented stores very well and u hope Microsoft can handle that. If they can segment windows very well they can for wp too.

ian_pam says:

I have never used tradus, even though i have visited their website,never found the things that I was searching. I think their products are quite less.

Agree! Their stock is too small yet this app is awesome.. I hope flipkart comes out with something like this...

Sarang68 says:

It seems that Microsoft /Nokia have the right marketing /advertising team on board here.

Sagar Limaye says:

We don't care! We want 8.1! :D

Abhi, are u the only person working for mobile nation on sundat...nice to get u back

josonjoy1986 says:

Forgot Mark ??? :-o

I am absolutely with you on this Abhishek. Flipkart needs a kick on their rear side to get them going...

hiren-india says:

Tradus was not properly working from internet explorer in wp ... But application working good ...

Naren Parker says:

Glad to see many India specific apps in the store. But MS and Nokia have to get their act together. If there is anything Indians are suckers for, its brand loyalty. Once you get an Indian onboard your platform and offer him consistent support, the chances are rare that he would hop ship whether he's a fanboy or not. I hope that Nokia can engage with users and devs here more vigorously once the acquistion is done and dusted. It will go a long way in reposing faith in the platform. Let there be more MS specific stores atleast in the major cities and more high profile product launches without a huge delay from the US launch dates. 

Never used tradus.

Many apps for India. But, Nokia refocus is no more available, Find my phone service (Locating device on map) is not available. Why?

Worst one(not the app). Poor service.

CraUmm says:

Eagerly waiting for a flipkart app. Tradus not so popular, but coming early wp8 they gain a slight advantage over other e retailers

Heard for the first time but impressive UI and fluidity, their stock is not comparable with flipkart but has enough to fetch small items though.. Waiting for flipkart now. They should learn something from this app...

has anybdy tried the gift vouchers which are gven in the article 

i tried but got this message "The Voucher is Valid only on mobile and tablet".

Jinu Mathers says:

Tradus sells mostly fake items.

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