Traffic data comes to UK and Italy in continued Bing Maps update

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It was a few weeks ago when Nokia and Microsoft announced that Bing Maps would be getting a bit of a backend overhaul. Specifically in two areas: new color codes for traffic and more detail on back roads.

Perhaps even more importantly, some countries which previously didn't have access to mapping data would be getting the feature in a timed rollout. All in all, 24 countries were being added to the list including Italy and the UK.

We can at least verify that those latter two now have traffic as an option on their devices. Users can simply launch Maps and tap the three-dots on the lower menu. There, the "enable traffic" option should now be available.

It's great to see such a feature comes to other regions as it's something many of us have taken for granted since Windows Phone 7 came out in 2010. If you've noticed traffic added to any of these other countries, sound off in comments: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or UAE.

via: Plaffo; Thanks Andrew, James, for UK info



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EDDS says:

Not showing on my debranded Omnia 7

ludwigh says:

I have it in Germany too! :)

DaSchnee says:

really? It  does not work for me

ludwigh says:

Yeah it does, in Munich anyways. I can enable it in the menu in maps and it works nicely!

DaSchnee says:

Still not available in Germany :(

Tahiti Bob says:

It's up on my UK Lumia 900. Very odd to see Microsoft putting so much effort in Bing Maps only for them to be ditched in favour or Nokia Maps.

WinFan1 says:

I thought Bing maps and Nokia maps were merging??

Tahiti Bob says:

What I understood from the summit is that Bing Maps are out and replaced by Nokia Maps and Drive. Can someone else confirm this?

GP07 says:

They're not out, they're just bringing in all the Nokia local data that Bing doesn't have, like this traffic stuff for the UK and mainland Europe etc.     All the imaging and data Bing maps already had in the US and so on is still being used, just think of it as a Bing Maps update using Nokia data instead of their own.

nishant_nms says:

Verified... Its available in India too

mcmaui says:

Im happy to be able to use Nokia Maps on my Lumia800 instead of Bing Maps here in Austria. Not only that there is no traffic data, but the search is horribly disfunctional. I can enter a street name which is not to be found in search, while i can find it on the map just perfectly. Nokia Maps finds every street at least.

kaushik1986 says:

I have in India in my lumia800

razzelbazzel says:

Not showing on omnia 7. In the UK?? =/

Master JoJo says:

I have it in France on my Lumia 710.

upgrade for Latin America!!

pantiko says:

Not on my Lumia800 in Spain

greg2k says:

"Show Traffic" has been available in Spain for some months now, but traffic data is still limited to major roads.

pantiko says:

Yes, I see it's there, but I don't see any traffic info... I will check again tomorrow though

dlusted says:

Nothing on my debranded HD7 here in UK....

mottyboy says:

Check maps on app list, not bing

mottyboy says:

Or type in address on Bing then click on top map result then choose traffic

VikArmo says:

I got my Lumia 900 in May and could've sworn I received traffic data for London!! Definitely receive them now.

Appmek says:

I have it in Finland.

binlid1 says:

Working in Ireland now! :D

Bruno H says:

Traffic data showed up on bing Bing maps in Sweden some weeks ago, both on the phone and on the web site.

It's on my omnia7 with three uk

hbjoroy says:

Traffic data showing in Norway, no idea how it looked yesterday... Had given up Bing maps.

WinFan1 says:

honestly that sounds good to me.

ruddevil says:

Seen it for Indonesia a couple of days ago.

What the hell am I supposed to do with traffic data when I can't even get directions from point A to point B!

mottyboy says:

Yes you can, just click on Bing, bottom right of your phone, type In address and choose get directions, it will list route and count em down as you approach them.

md_minhaj says:

No.. We can't. I think Microsoft has not provided Bing navigation support to India.

schlubadub says:

Traffic has been enabled in Australia, but it doesn't show any traffic :/

mottyboy says:

Works and is accurate, my drive to work is often congested and it shows yellow the orange in the usual places. Super feature.
Thanks microsoft

toby@wp says:

Works fine in Germany, at least with a debranded omnia w around Stuttgart

felipe.bueno says:

São Paulo, Brazil! ;)

md_minhaj says:

Working in India.

Thamuz says:

I noticed it a couple of weeks ago here in Belgium. Still waiting on voice navigation though, even with all my regional settings set to US English. And some POI's for local scout wouldn't go amiss either.