Transfer contacts from Symbian to Nokia Windows Phone via Bluetooth

Something that we seemed to have missed at Nokia World (even our one-to-one walkthrough of the extra software never covered this) is the Contacts Transfer app, available to Nokia Lumia owners. The app will allow users to pair their existing Symbian handset to the Windows Phone and transfer contacts across via Bluetooth. These contacts will then be synchronised with the Live ID associated with the phone.

The functionality appears to be limited to contact data and will only work one-way. Once the app has been launched, it will search for local Bluetooth devices, and once the correct device is selected a pairing request will be sent to the Symbian handset. Couldn't be simpler to upgrade to Windows Phone.

Source: AllAboutsymbian



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theawddone says:

Glad to see my suggestion made it into an article! :)On a real comment note: are you sure this only works on Symbian? There's no mention of requiring a companion app on the Symbian side of things. It'd be nice if this worked on other platforms, as well. Although it's likely they (being Android/iOS) are more likely to have cloud-synced contacts.

Seasword says:

Hmm a usseful use of Bluetooth !Is there other apps currently on the market that uses bluetooth ?As far as I know, it is only for headset for non Nokia phones.

chall3bg3r says:

@theawddone, all Nokia Symbian devices have this app built-in. Now many S40 devices have it as well. The app on Symbian is called Phone Switch. The Symbian version of the app allows to transfer contacts, messages, calendar entries, even files as well.I was expecting this app from Nokia, it's kind of Nokia tradition :P// chall3ng3r //