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Triple Flip smartphone design running WP7

It's not everyday that we witness an incredible smartphone conceptional design, but the above video shows what SchultzeWORKS have come up with - the Triple Flip smartphone. One could wrap this entire post covering the video in one word - stunning. Both the 3D modelling and the functionality of the device is inspiring, and it doesn't seem too farfetched at all. Best part? It's running Windows Phone 7.

The research for the “Triple Flip” was driven by the notion that the static smart-phone-with-touch-screen may be reaching the limit of their usefulness. Lead designer Dave Schultze explains, “We looked at the areas where smart phones were falling short and then delivered seven innovations to make them truly better. We had a few more, but seven was a good place to stop.”

Will we see this sort of advancement in future smartphones? Probably not for some time. Only one thing's for sure though (from this video anyway), Windows Phone 7 is a true contender for the smartphone market and I wouldn't be surprised if ideas begin to be drawn around WP7 with how new smartphone devices could function and look like.

Via: @aadjemonkeyrock



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bc3tech says:

holy crazy batman. whoa.

Met#WP says:

Quite the contrary. I think this is too farfetched.As a WP7 and Android owner, I think this is A LOT more likely with Android.First, Microsoft only allow 1 specific resolution that all WP7 phones need to follow, this phone requests a different resolution. Thus, fragmentation begins (not a problem for Android, but HUGE issue with WP7).Next, these physical keys add A LOT more fragmentation. If a game is designed for these keys, it won't work so smoothly or feel as comfortable as other WP7 phones. Microsoft surely will have an issue with that.The slide-out keyboard is fine. A numpad would also be fine. But having keys beyond that (and obviously the 3 WP7 classic buttons) will cause major fragmentation in a OS that aims to be an in-betweener of iOS's closed all phones are the same with the same standards and Android's "EVERYONE MAKE A PHONE AS DIFFERENT AS YOU'D LIKE IT TO BE!" attitude.This phone would have to modify the OS for notifications such as phone calls. The caller isn't displayed that small, nor is it displayed in that location. It would cause more fragmentation to move the caller info over there. And I don't think Microsoft will shift the caller info just for this phone. On the other hand, Nokia could make a minor change like this and get away with it (though they still shouldn't make changes like my second point).Last point, I don't think Microsoft have the time to waste on working on features like 3D displays and 3D cameras just yet. They've got too many other core features they need to work on to get WP7 up to where it should be and where it can climb up the ranks in the competitive world.I'm not knocking the phone. I like the concept and it shows some interesting ideas. I'm just saying that one should not get their hopes up and expect almost any of that to happen on WP7 any time soon.. Great video and great concept nonetheless. :D

ducttape36 says:

im not a big fan of this, really. its just too much for a phone. but i do admire the creativity and the guts it takes to design something so out there. so kudos.

Guakala says:

Yeah, this is a bit too crazy, they seem to be overriding some of Microsoft's hardware specifications and the design just doesn't look ergonomic at all. Reminds me of the Kyocera Echo...

nrfitchett4 says:

Phone looks way too thin to have the flip out sides and a alide out keyboard. Interesting idea, that will never make it to production.