Trophy and HD7 NoDo factory ROMS find their way to XDA

Not long after the HTC Mozart NoDo factory ROM was leaked on XDA, ROMs for its sister devices, Trophy and HD7, have arrived as well.  They sport the same version number as the Mozart, 7355-89, and are unbranded with no carrier customizations.  The European ROMs support English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.  In case you have been living in a cave up until recently, the NoDo update most notably includes copy/paste functionality and improved performance.

One quick note on installation: If you are a T-Mobile or o2 HD7 user, you must flash it using the "Gold Card" method in order to bypass the device ID check.

Click the links to download the ROMs for Trophy and HD7.

Source: XDA (1, 2); Via: PocketNow Original Image: TechieLobang



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GP07 says:

It shouldn't be long now till the official release from MS, if the ROMs for HTC phones are done the other OEMS should be ready to go as well.

HeyCori says:

I really wish the NoDo update included some sort of ROM/Firmware update to fix the microSD card problems with Samsung phones. That would make me happy.

Prince#WP says:

Ahhh a post about flashing; makes me miss the good 'ol wmexperts days :)

mikmik111 says:

why no Surround love?

Luisraul924 says:

I wouldn't doubt that it'll probably be ready by later tonight, or tomorrow sometime

eth3l#WP says:

gold Card mething - what a PITA.

DavidinCT says:

Where is the CDMA verizon wireless Version ?