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Trouble sending or recieving MMS on your Venue Pro?

A fix has surfaced for those having trouble sending or receiving MMS messages on the Dell Venue Pro using the AT&T Network. As one would suspect, it's a settings issue but you first have to pull up the diagnostic screen.

While we've haven't heard of any horror stories in tweaking these settings, please keep in mind that you proceed at your own risk. Here are the steps.

  • From your Dell Venue Pro, bring up the dial pad and enter ##634# to bring up the diagnostic screen.
  • Tap on MMS Settings.
  • Scroll to the MMS Settings section.
  • The settings should be Name: ATT MMS (all caps), APN: wap.cingular, MMSC:, MMS Proxy:, MMS Port: 80, Username: (leave blank), Password: (leave blank).
  • Scroll up to the Auth Type, tap CHAP, and then Apply.

You should then get a "Success, Setting is Done!" message. Tap OK, then tap HOME and you should now be able to send and receive MMS messages from your Dell Venue Pro. There have been some reports that you need to restart the phone to get the settings changes to take hold.

source: 1800pocketpc



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jiffffy pop says:

hmmm have not had a problem yet but hey if i have a problem with it later i know what to do now! thanks!

HeyCori says:

Stop having so many hardware problems, Dell!!!

eric12341 says:

it's not a hardware issue

Spacegho5t says:

My AT&T venue pro works fine. I had replaced the microSD card to fix the freezing issue when I got it. Maybe its a related problem?

Do you guys get paid to write these articles..?Remember: it's "I" before "E" except after "C" as in "RECEIVING".I'm on T-Mobile. Haven't had a problem with MMS.

giacgrl says:

Hello, i just recently purchased the DVP from It's an unlocked t-mobile phone. I absolutely adore it but i can't receive picture mail so i tried this method with ##64# and when my diagnostics screen appears it does not display MMS And Internet. I am lost what else can i try??? Please anyone help me??

I have this phone with solavei and my picture  MMS is not working.. I got the correct APN settings and nothing happens.. could somebody help me up with this? thanks!