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Tuenti Head

Telefonica introducing a cross-platform mobile messaging service

Tuenti (official website) has announced an upcoming Windows Phone app, as well as a solution for iOS. Currently the service is available for both Android and BlackBerry (as beta - launched today), with the remaining two apps coming in the next few weeks. So what's the deal with Tuenti and should you be interested?

Tuenti, a "next-generation social communications platform", is owned by Telefonica and originates from Spain. It was founded in 2006 by a group of friends prior to the acquisition, and has grown to be a fairly popular social network. The backing of a large brand alone could mean some solid advertising for Windows Phone with Telefonica promoting the cross-platform service through its brands, which will provide Windows Phone some much needed exposure.

The messaging service is also a social network (and is often referred to as the "Spanish Facebook"), but before you think privacy concerns - Tuenti has a strong emphasis on user security and privacy. The development team has been working closely with both Nokia and Microsoft on their Windows Phone app and - as one can see in the photos above and below (note: in Spanish) - it looks like something special.

WP Central

With a number of IM and messenger apps already available for Windows Phone, what sets Tuenti apart from the competition? The app enables users to keep up-to-date with friends through feeds, as well as engaging in conversation with anyone who uses the service. As well as logging in on the PC, the soon-to-be-released mobile apps will enable users to communicate cross-platform.

Check out the following chart, which shows a feature comparison between a number of services (courtesy of Tuenti).

Tuenti Feature Comparison

If that wasn't enough, how about a short video introduction as to what's on the horizon? While it's also in Spanish, we like this video as they feature the Lumia Windows Phone before other supported smartphones.

We'll update you all when the app is available for download from the Marketplace. Watch this space, but for now be sure to head on over to the official website to create an account and populate your contacts.



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falconx#WP says:

Actually, Tuenti here in Spain is only used by teenagers, so is not really that useful

greg2k says:

This. I was going to shut down my account because of this tween-focused network, but going international may improve it.

tristan.rice says:

Please remember that this is an entirely new internationally available service, designed for use by everyone. Both the site and mobile applications are brand new and in beta. This is not a Spanish only product like our previous site and applications. :)

Mmmm Spanish girls

Nataku4ca says:

that cross-platform field, i take it that it actually means can work on PC and phones? cause when i first read it, it sounded like it work on all mobile OSes but then Whatsapp should be included and instagram shouldn't be... wonder if there is a better name for that field

tristan.rice says:

Yes, the service will work across PC and all the major mobile OS's. You are right about the diagram though .. I'll see if I can find who created it and tell them it needs updating.

elea9 says:

Wait.... Is only for lumia phones cuz i go to the Mobile website and there is an option that say "download our new wp7 app" I click on it and doesn't work (in a Samsung focus 1)

tristan.rice says:

The application is available in beta on Android and Blackberry right now. The Windows Phone version will be available in the next few weeks. It will be available for all Windows Phones.

leo.sfsm says:

Security!!! Who said Security?!?!?? It's buggy and with a lot of security issues!!

thinkdan says:

Will it have Delivery and Read confirmation? Also, it's nice to see someone from Tuenti here actually responding to user's comments.

tristan.rice says:

Yes it will have Delivery and Read confirmations. I'm a huge Windows Phone fan, and I know how we all like to hear how companies are making an effort to develop WP simultaneously for launch with iOS and Android. ;)

drg says:

i'm going to get this app just because you said your a huge WP fan and you're responding to these comments :)