Tumblr for Windows Phone updated with more language support


The official Tumblr app has been available on the Windows Phone platform for some time now and the team has now updated the app with 11 more languages. For those not familiar with Tumblr, it's a microblogging service that powers over 100 million blogs. The latest release for Windows Phone is already live on the store.

Tumblr Language Update

While a fairly small update to many consumers, it's good to see the app being made more accessible for Windows Phone owners in multiple markets. You can download Tumblr from the Windows Phone Store (available for Windows Phone 8 only).

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DJCBS says:

Ah, Tumblr...the biggest non-pornographic pornographic site...lol

But good to see they are adding new features. I'm still hoping they address the cache issue with an option to clear the Apps cache without having to unistall it and install it again.

Wael Hasno says:

Well said.. And I wish we were able to save images..

pressstart says:

What, no mention of Yahoo in the article? ;)

Wael Hasno says:

I sense you are trying to create something here.. o.o

raul_junior says:

It fixed the super fast gif playing for me too!

Josh Harman says:

Noticed that as well, nice.

gaita14 says:

Si,anda mejor!

WPenvy says:

Lets hope these updates continue with Yahoo owning them now...

Also, did it slow down the superspeed GIFs?....

Cormannn says:

Loved the live tile of this app, but it simply eats your data. Be careful if you're not on wifi, it used up 350MB in 7 days.

odoggyfresh says:

I noticed this app drains a lot of data for me. Anyone else have that happen?

Yes it does drains a lot of data....another bug in wp8..microsoft should really work on this bug and also rest of the apps like facebook beta etc. Also drains storage...its a os bug...plz microsoft fix this

WPenvy says:

There's also some ads now.... -_-

Mine always had ads, since the day it arrived.

Jaco Ra says:

Sucks to be 7.x lol

undercharged says:

And not available in China! It's more like a different world here

Josh Harman says:

It took a tumblr app for you to recognize that?

Jaco Ra says:

Nope. Almost every app that's WP8 exclusive gets to me. But I don't want to leave Zune for garbage Xbox Music

willied says:

Would be nice if we could search for Tumblr pages...unless I'm just blind.

I have removed this app as it drains lot of storage....i guess it saves the images in th storage

gcdc_lumia says:

ugh. will they please make it availbl for 7.8? :(