TuneIn Radio hits v2.0 for Mango

Few apps are as good as TuneIn Radio, which features 50,000 free internet stations all from your Windows Phone. And while the app has an impressive 4 1/2 star rating (from over 800 reviews), it still could be better. How so? How about getting Mangoized in v2.0, allowing it to stream and play in the background. And while that is awesome, it's even cooler to be able to pin each station to your Start screen for quick 1-touch play. Awww yeah.

Take our money, TuneIn Radio! Oh what's that? You're free?  Well then, even better... Get the app here in the Marketplace. And if you're logged in to the Web Marketplace, try this link and see if that sends it to your phone. (Thanks, NickP for the tip!)



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madmilkman86 says:

I love wpcentral, but why do i have to pay for an app that should be free? Wpcentral, I'm on this site everyday,and have been disappointed that you have a paid app? I can use "I'm a wp7" and get all your news without the ads... :(

Dagolara says:

You realize you can still get the news portion from the app without paying for it right? Furthermore paying the $0.99 is worth it for all the time put in to making the app not to mention supporting the site. Just my two cents.

@madmilkman86What's this have to do with TuneIn Radio?

benjitek says:

$.99 for what you get is quite a deal. It makes your already-toy and even better toy ;)TuneIn is a great product with a slick interface and is well supported on other platforms with regular updates. My only problem with it is that internet stations can restrict whether they'll play with the TuneIn app.An example would be the streams at Groovera.com -- they flipped a switch and you can now only listen to them via a web browser. I believe it has something to do with the app having a record function. Also, if you're listening to an internet stream within TuneIn and you click thru to purchase, TuneIn gets the 'finders-fee' and not the content-provider.With luck, Normsoft will again support the MS mobile users with PocketTunes -- it plays all internet stations -- somehow those that won't play with TuneIn work fine in PocketTunes.They dropped the Windows Mobile platform years ago and switched over to iOS-only -- wouldn't be surprised to find they're moving forward with a version for Mango :)

"With luck, Normsoft will again support the MS mobile users with PocketTunes"What a great app that was! Lets hope to see that someday here...

thucbiz2 says:

Lol at people expecting everything for free, get a job.Love the new mango support such as background music and fast resume. But is it me or the app is kinda choppy now compare to before? I'm not digging that static search box.

Relief says:

Well it seems like they removed some animations. I hope they make it more polished.

madmilkman86 says:

See, I have a job, and I don't expect everything for free, but I can't even have a live tile without paying...? When i use the app i already have to stare at an ad, I thought there was money made from displaying ads? So my point is why are big feature left out even though the app is generating money? Pretty lame. . .

dwbmb says:

Why the **** isnt TuneIn for WP7 available worldwide? Im already using it on iOS and Android with ease, but for WP7 its block for my country. Why? Why? Why? Windows Phone will never spread to the masses when things are working this way (for example: official Twitter client is also blocked for our Marketplace).

erazor84 says:

where are you from!?

dwbmb says:

Czech republic.

Zetor says:

Not available in Finnish marketplace either. TuneIn, why, oh why???

theman60099 says:

excellent now lets get that updated slacker, can't stand lazy devs.

gtbuzz says:

How do I get this to show up in my list of apps needing update through the Marketplace? For some reason nothing is showing up there. I checked and I can see a v2 in the marketplace, but no love on my device. Just installed Mango via the 'trick' yesterday.

jevrock says:

Same for me on my HD7 :(

gtbuzz says:

-deleted repeat comment-

aerosmillie says:

Should see Last.Fm soon then???