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Tunein Radio

The popular Tunein Radio app for Windows Phone 8 has been updated (or so it seems) with some minor alterations. It's a strange release, as the version number reported on the store listing is 2.2, but the app is reporting 2.3. If you're up on your Tunein Radio knowledge, you'll know that we covered the version 2.3 update back in December. So what's new in this "latest" build? Well it's not good news if you're a Windows Phone 8 owner.

The development team has increased the RAM requirement for Windows Phone 8 hardware. Those who own smartphones such as the Lumia 620 cannot download, install and enjoy the experience as consumers require 1GB to gain access (unless you download from Nokia Collection). Now this is rather odd as the edition listed in the Nokia Collection for Lumia hardware is still the older version (going by "last updated" date) and can be installed on Lumia smartphones with just 512MB of RAM. Weird, right?

What's more is you can still enjoy Tunein Radio on Windows Phone 7.x, which supports anything up to 512MB of RAM. We're not entirely sure what's happening here, but should you notice anything new in the latest update, aside from the memory requirement alteration, then be sure to let us know in the comments.

You can download Tunein Radio from the Windows Phone Store (sporting the 1GB requirement for Windows Phone 8 hardware), as well as the version that supports Lumia hardware with 512MB RAM from the Nokia Collection (right-hand QR code).

QR: Tunein Radio



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RawrrSavior says:

After I updated I can listen to my stations that had become "Restricted"

Jamdot says:

Why the hell would something meant to run in the background need 1GB?

Any updates on when iHeartRadio is going to be back in the store for WP8 owners?

They have not replied to any of my emails.

I used to use Tunein but I can only hear 1310 The Ticket (Clear Channel Station) with iHeartRadio since an agreement was made between iHeart and Clear Channel. Well... works but not as clean as iHeart.

aaa6112 says:

This 1GB requirement by the apps is just getting out of control. Hope they work on optimizing their code and release updates that are compatible with devices having lesser RAM. Lots of such devices out there!

mr toes says:

+1 the bulk growth of windows phone will probably be from devices like the lumia 620

frugo says:

Yeah right, should we start calling it 1GIGA-Hiccup, cuz it really pisses me off, just as companies started to push these great low end Windows Phones that may have been this OS saviour, developers seems to try and get opposite effect!

paras chugh says:

my wish of owning a lumia 720 is getting ruined...

Still has TuneIn in the Nokia Collection. Don't sweat it.

Shambels says:

I knew right when they released the 720 and 520 that they were not going to last since both don't have a GB of ram.

exactly what I was thinking

Chef316 says:

No issues on the 7.x TuneIn Radio update on my HTC HD7 running the 8862 build. As someone else stated...I can now play stations that had once become"restricted"

frostieDE says:

What about the ""-App? Though it says ".de" it's also available in other languages than German.

DaSchnee says:

I switched from tunein to that app. They have a more reliable service, in my opinion.

That is what I am using now until iHeart returns.

DaSchnee says:

It often took minutes to open a stream on my 920. This update seems to have fixed that issue

This is worse than Android fragmentation. 

mr toes says:

Does not compute . . worse than android fragmentation not possible

mrnavkhan says:

What going wrong with Window phone 8 every apps and games required 1 gb ram

frostieDE says:

I don't think Microsoft is to be blamed - it's the developers which seem to be unable to write good code. BTW: is there any part of the Phone SDK that needs 1 GB of RAM?

No update showing in the store under Nokia Collection for me. Probably just as well.

andrewkeith5 says:

The Nokia Collection version hasn't been updated as is mentioned in the article...

KasakDesign says:

Always had issues with this app. Dont wanna go back to it considering it took them this long to supposedly fix some of the major issues. Dont care what excuses they have either.

Jammo says:

I always listen to the Roswell radio station as it has great 50's sci-fi radio stories.

cedarlog says:

1g ram requirement for a radio app :/

Wyspr says:

I found this app very unreliable on WP8 so I tried and it leaves TuneIn for dead, both in terms of performance and audio quality. I recommended it to a few friends who have switched also.

Quin 2013 says:

I'm confused, I have the original which is at v2.3 and I just downloaded the Nokia v2.2. They are exactly the same.

Besides the 1G and that one works for 720 and the other doesn't, what's the difference? I don't get it.

Fndlumia says:

Glad I got the 920 although I believe that this os is going the way of Symbian

jsantana0793 says:

I would like to know, what ever happend to iheart radio for Windows Phone 8... its been months since we seen it back.. It was working at first with I upgaded, then they took it away.. Whats up with that???

well I think I upgraded to this new version using the link mentioned here, but still have the same problem when I try to catch FunxReggae hear the radio. I installed the app WP8 RADIO and works perfect.

Rogi_tcz says:

This app really sucks on WP. Android version is muuuuuch better.

atkulp says:

Maybe it was a mistake when they submitted the update... Wrong version number and wrong memory requirement.