Turkish bank Akbank releases official Windows Phone app with augmented reality

Akbank Direkt

Turkish regional bank, Akbank has released an official app for Windows Phone. The app, Akbank Direkt was published last month, but has already accumulated numerous positive reviews from consumers. Should you have an account with the establishment and are looking for a mobile banking experience on Windows Phone, this is the app for you.

Much like other banking solutions already available on the Windows Phone Store, consumers are able to take full advantage of a variety of features included to help make managing accounts while on the move that much more convenient. The first thing you'll notice about Akbank Direkt is just how great it looks. The development team has done a superb job with the UI.

Not only that, but we're also looking at an augmented reality experience for location nearby ATMs (see below screenshots). This interface uses impressive functionality we've seen in other apps on the platform to show you exactly where said ATMs are in relation to you.

Akbank Direkt App

A fully featured currency converter is bundled with the app, alongside secure registration and login, Turkish and English language support and general functionality one requires to manage their accounts effectively. To unlock the app and get cracking, the bank utilises a single password for convenience, opening up an entire world of options to carry out tasks.

From transferring funds to reviewing transactions made on a specific day, customers with Akbank can also take out personal loans, pay bills and more. Fear not if you're not currently a Akbank customer as the app is still handy as a currency converter or locating a nearest branch (for withdrawals and more) – perfect if you're visiting the country and require some automated assistance.

You can download Akbank Direkt from the Windows Phone Store for free. Be sure to reach out to Akbank (or give them a shout on Twitter) should you have any issues with the app itself.

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montel22 says:

Nice app, keep them coming, quality not quantity.

kka says:

Thanks for the review as a wpcentral user from Turkey. Very useful app by the way.

kubimonsta says:

finansbank da yapsa artik bi uygulama amminaasokeym. nice app btw.

EngineerTuna says:

Wish to have more bank like Ziraat, and an updated Version of Is Bank,

woodsielord says:

İşBank just updated in the past weeks.

emirilgun says:

I love WPCENTRAL because you are publishing everything about Windows Phone news. As a user from Turkey, I will always support you guys :)

Very nice article about a masterpiece app.

Akbank is an important player in mobile banking.

Come on BBVA, do something nice, as this.

GirayYildiz says:

 Akbank loves technology , Akbank loves to catch innovations.. Thank u Akbank !