TVShow and PrimeTV temporarily down but should return soon

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We received a few reports from users that the excellent reminder + scheduling apps TVShow and PrimeTV are both "broken" right now. Specifically, when users try to update the app to pull down their customized TV schedules, they are met with an error message that they cannot connect to the servers.

We reached to TVShow's developer Rudy Huyn about the matter and we were given a simple explanation. In short, both apps use the site TVRage for their information and that API is currently undergoing maintenance

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There's no word on when it will be back but rest assured it should return. Until then, there's not much it seems either developer can do until TVRage flips the switch again.



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The memory phones! Lol.

jsayz says:

Add real live tv guide as an option. Other that love the apps

thaman04 says:

I haven't tried the TVShows app yet, but the PrimeTV app is amazing... BUT I'm pretty disappointed that the developer has not updated the app in quite a while and hasn't responded to any emails when he used to all the time.  It makes me think he abbandoned the app? Which sucks since I'm a paying customer... :(

Wheezle says:

I used to use PrimeTV, but suddenly some shows simply wouldn't add to my list. I emailed the developer about it, but he never responded. Pretty sure the app has been abandoned, sadly.
However, I've switched to TVShow and it's just as good (and works properly too).

goldenpipes says:

TvShow>PrimeTv imho

NH3MAN says:

Totally agree. Tried both, kept TvShow and love it... and Rudy has responded every time I emailed him. He also developed the excellent "Bible Journal" which I use to show people what "Metro" is supposed to look like.

Sathanous says:

Agreed... Definitely better but could use an update and a central time option...

Snow says:

Nope, tv show is too laggy for me. Even swiping lags. Prime tv is not perfect but its alot smoother. Subjective.

jimmy1one says:

Rudy has a great reputation afaik he's still developing the app

snailium says:

According to a mod of TVRage, Mystical, the outage is due to a database problem. And the service will be back on the coming Tuesday or Wednesday.
Source: http://www.tvrage.com/forums_viewtopic.php?mid=2&fid=10164

poxme says:

oops, i though its titan...sorry, is that hd7?

Cartman says:

I own both but only use PrimeTV since TVShow can only handle a certain number of shows.

JHinOC says:

Do you know what's the limit on TVShow?  It is so slow now when booting up and scrolling.

TV Show seems to be working again.