TVShow updated for Windows Phone 8 and looks even better

One of our favorite and must-have apps around here is TVShow by Rudy Huyn—developer of such great apps as Wikipedia, Fuse and 9Gag.

TVShow is meant for those who want to keep abreast of all the latest episodes of their favorite programs. You enter in your shows and then TV schedules, info, photos and more are pulled down for the 'nets. You can then have reminders set, pin Tiles to your Start screen, share your thoughts via social networks and it’s all wrapped up in what is one of the prettiest apps we’ve come across.

TVShow and its free version, TVShow Lite, joins the cadre of updated WIndows Phone 8 Apps. Specifically it gets doublewide Tile support, which we have to say looks great with the high-resolution graphics. Unfortunately there are no lock screen notifications or wallpapers just yet, something we hope Rudy brings in a future update.

But with dual-core 1.5GHz CPU and HD graphics, this app really shines on Windows Phone so we figured we’d remind you about it. Plus with the built in back up to Skydrive, transferring to a new device is a cinch. Make sure you watch our video run through to see the app in action!

You can pick up TVShow ($0.99) here in the Windows Phone Store or opt for the free version here instead.

QR: TVShow         QR: TVShow Lite



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theefman says:

Hope this comes to Windows 8, could use the same SkyDrive backup.

Aleem Aslam says:

i agree with u.. I use this app on my WP7.5.. Its awesome.. very much updated & great one..

OMG55 says:

I just purchased the app after seeing the review today, but I like Sci-fi shows like Fringe, Haven, and torchwood. I think the app is great, but there is one thinkg missing for WP7.5 & WP8 devices.....using images as wallpapers (7.5/8 devices), and possibly using images to update the lockscreen on WP8 devices. It would be really great if they could do this without violating copywrite laws. It would be great is you could select the shows from which wallpaper could be pulled for use on dynamically updating lock screen. Everyone who enjoys this app and migh agree with me, please send inquiry emails to the developer.

Exactly what I have been hoping for!

Tjalsma says:

This guy makes great apps.  This sounds similar to Zeebox on the iOS that I was a fan of.  I'll definitely get this now.

arrow22 says:

Can anyone comment on how the app runs on new hardware? I love the app, but it is terribly slow and unresponsive on my HD7. Just curious to hear what the impact of the new CPU will be.

theefman says:

Works much better on the 920 compared to my 900. Greatly improved experience.

arrow22 says:

Great! Thank you. Now to just get my hands on a 920...

fwaits says:

Worked pretty good on my Trophy, but flys on the 920.  Great app.

arrow22 says:

Yeah, I know the first gens have all the same hardware, but the HD7 seems particularly slow. There's at least a 5 second lag between pressing the "search" button and it actually opening the Bing app, for example.

OMG55 says:

It isn't slow on my Lumia 900, I don't know why it would be slow on your HD7

willied says:

I decided to use Prime TV on my Trophy, but since that developer has never updated it since I bought it (and it needs it badly), I'm going to give TV Show a spin on my 822 once I get enough Microsoft points from Bing Rewards to buy it. The trial limits functionality too much to get a really good feel for the app.

TonyDedrick says:

Use to use Prime TV as well. Sad it seems to be all but abandoned. Was a great app. TV Show more than suffices

willied says:

Oh, well. TVShow seems to be a much better app now anyway. And I'm much happier giving my money to a developer that actually cares about their apps.

stressds says:

Great app! 

mamilo1 says:

This is one of the best apps I have. Bought it since the beginning and the developer responds promptly to feedback. Highly recommended.

AhmedWP7 says:

Please update the wpcentral app logo with one in the video... Its much better

willied says:

I believe Jay said it's going to be updated some time in the future.

Cartman says:

This app suffered from crashes and slow performance once you had over a certain number of shows. Has this been fixed? Willing to give it anohter go if so....until then Prime TV works.

My guess is that's a memory issue caused by earlier hardware limitations. With 1GB RAM devices, it should not be a problem any more.

I'm not sure what constitutes a "certain number of shows"  as that is quite vague. FWIW, I have 18 shows and it's working just fine.

Cartman says:

Thanks for the reply Daniel. I think if you had over 40 shows it used to slow down. Will give another go. Heard that WP8 provided a new DB architecture but I'm sure the developers would have to rewrite their apps to utilize it.

snailium says:

It is running smooth on my Lumia 920 with 60+ shows.

iamoniwaban says:

I also have over 18 shows, I have an ancient LG optimus 7. TVShow runs great,I have experienced no issues with slowdown or crashing.

One of my favorite apps on WP, works really smoothly on my Lumia 920, easily worth the dollar for full version.

Wow, this looks awesome... can't wait to give it a go! I watch a LOT of shows (junkie, lol), and sometimes I only ever know a show is back on from a hiatus because of the DVR schedule. Beyond schedules, though, what I am really interested in is the episode guides and pictures. Thanks for the info, Daniel! :)

Even after the WP8 update for the app, on the 8X, there's the top empty bar. They need to fix the resolution problem. Other than that, it's still the great app it always was and more. 

dimach says:

+1. Please fix it.

rudyhuyn says:

It's not a bug, it's a feature :D
No, sincerely, TVShow 2.0 is a currently WP7 application with some hacks to use new live tiles. The real WP8 updates will be available before the end of the world ;)

Tjalsma says:

Looks and runs beautifully on my Focus 2.  Great app!  I am going to get it on my Wife's phone as well.

BAMitUp says:

Is there any way to mark all shows as seen? At the current count of 691 episodes "unseen", it would simply take too long.

dancfuller says:

When you're in the full episode list for a given show, tap and hold on a specific episode, then you'll get an option to "mark this episode and  previous as seen."

dimach says:

You can mark a whole season as seen. Just keep tapped a season title.

Tjalsma says:

If you hold down on the check box on the last episode of a season, you can "mark this and previous as seen".  It's a little quicker.

snailium says:

Press & hold on one show, you'll see "mark as seen" from the popup menu.

DiegoMoBa says:

Is there any way to transfer the shows from prime to tv show? I used to have tv show but I transferred to prime because it was slow on my optimus 7, buy now prime seems neglected by the developer so maybe I would switch back to tv show

jcw108 says:

Can someone tell me if there is an option to update all of one's shows at once? The app does not seem to update shows automatically. The only update option appears to be the manual update available for each show (press & hold).

rudyhuyn says:

Hi everyone !!
Thanks a lot, just for information, it's still a WP7 application, not a WP8 (this is why there is a black band on 8X). WP8 very will come very soon (I finish Fuse² first and I publish TVShow for WP8).
So, how is it possible that the application uses the new tiles while this is an wp7 application ?
Thanks to my free library Mangopollo (mangopollo.codeplex.com) that enable wp7 apps to manage new tiles and tasks (hack)
@jcw108 : app launch full updates every two days

jcw108 says:

Thanks for the information. Great app, looking forward to the WP8 version.

Tjalsma says:

Thanks for the information.  Great app!

Hi Rudy!!
First, I wanna congratulate your for this stunning app!! I use this for the day that he came out.

There're are two things that I wanna see in the future: one Windows 8 version (will be awesome) and Brazilian Portuguese language for this app. I can help with the last one. :)

Jay Lesnak says:

After seeing the app here I downloaded the lite version and just loved it enough to buy the full version. 
Unfortuanely the full version wont finish downloading.  I gets about half way through the download and bombs with the following error.  "There is a problem completing your request.  Try again later."  Error Code:  c101a7d1. 
I removed the lite app rebooted the phone in case there was a conflict. No help there. 
Red Nokia 920

rudyhuyn says:

@Jay : Lite and Full version are two different apps, no way that one app conflicts with the other. I send an email to the maketplace support to get more information about your problem

Hi Rudy!
Same problem here. Wanted to buy the app yesterday, 3rd december, but encountered the same error. Today, 4th Dec. uninstalled the Lite app, then bought the app again. It gets to 50% then errors out with c101a7d1
No help from MS yet, maybe you can get an answer faster.
PS> probably it doesn't matter, but this is a Lumia 800

Tahiti Bob says:

Used it over the weekend but the live tile isn't updating properly. Some Sunday shows are over but still showing as upcoming.

Tahiti Bob says:

By the way I've spoken to the Prime TV developer, he hasn't killed the project but has been very busy. Working now on a new 7.x and wp8 update.

willied says:

Of course he would respond to you and not me. :P

Tahiti Bob says:

It's on twitter so the conversation is public if you don't believe me. I used to be in touch with him a lot with feedback for the app way back then so I guess that's why I got an answer.

dalydose says:

This is great for my favorite shows. For general TV listings, is there an app like TV Guide??

dtiapril says:

My first impression of this is that it is brilliant and will help me keep track of where I am up to with TV shows.  However, I was hoping there would be an option for UK TV Networks as the shows are always out earlier in America meaning it keeps telling me I have 4 shows to see when I actually don't!
I'll keep it anyway as a tracker, but won't be upgrading to the Pro Version without UK Networks as the live tiles will be meaningless, unless I'm missing something?

nzmike says:

It looks brillaint but considering the vast majority of shows I watch (and more importanly *want* to watch!) are British I'm disappointed this is yet another US centric app - why don't Americans realise there is a whole world out there that ISN'T American?!  Embrace the world, not your front door step!!!  The Brits still make the best TV in the world so it's a shame this app can't cast it's net a little wider.

DreadVenom says:

Does this app work in the uk? As i have tried to use it but when i load a video i get a youtube message referring to a link. How do i watch the episodes???