The excellent Twitter app Twabbit goes free for a limited time with latest update

Twabbit for Windows Phone 8

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Windows Phone has plenty of solid Twitter clients, enough so that everyone should be able to find what matches their personal preference. Twabbit is one of our top favorite apps as it’s fast, looks great and comes chock full of features.

Normally, Twabbit runs from the $0.99 to $1.49 range, but with the latest update that rolled out on June 26th, the app has gone free for a limited time.

Twabbit for Windows Phone 8

Version 1.5 of the app brings the following additions to an already rich feature set:

  • New Application bar icons
  • Performance improvement
  • Better inline image support (lower memory usage)

Other features on board include streaming, muting filters, gestures, custom themes, wallpapers, image filters and lockscreen notifications. Plus that speed thing (it really is zippy).

Now remember: once you download and install it for free, that “license” is good basically forever. That means you’ll want to give this app a fair shot—there’s plenty to like, trust us. And if you do like the app, remember to give the developer some feedback, as they thrive on positive reviews.

Pick up Twabbit for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Free, for a limited time. Thanks, Solomon B., for the tip!

QR: Twabbit



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Trying it now, I've tried many Twitter apps and usually end up on the official one. So I'm eager to see what this offers.

Kadcidxa says:

We don't need anymore Twitter apps. We need RSS apps that support Feedly.

Twabbit has been around for ages. Has nothing to do with "needing more".

genuinefrand says:

Nextgen reader has feedly support

Kadcidxa says:

No support for 7.x yet.

titoyees says:

I did download and install on WP 7.8

Kadcidxa says:

I was talking about Nextgen.

sicnus says:

7.5 here installed fine. I needed something to replace the Cowlick app that I had to uninstall in order to update and then wanted me to buy... Thanks for this article.

Kallisticker says:

Twabbit since it early days on WP7 is more capable (just check the customazation and options) than the official client, (and most other 3rd party apps, at least for my purposes) which latest update only brought an autotranslation feature that cannot be turned off. Honestly, Twabbit is one of the best programmed software for Windows Phone.

Thanks to this article, I am starting to use Twabbit now. Love all of its features!

Laura Knotek says:

I hadn't tried twabbit, mainly because I'd already spent ~$20 on Twitter apps and wasn't about to buy any more; however, twabbit is nice. It's better than Cowlick or Gleek.

Wael Hasno says:

The official Twitter app is more than suffice for my needs. The only Twitter app I would consider purchasing would be Tweetro for Windows Phone.

Jaco Ra says:

You talking about the MetroTube developer's twitter app for Windows 8?

Wael Hasno says:

Yeap, LazyWorm Apps. I asked them and there are no plans for it in the immediate future. They're working on Weave for Windows 8 too.

Jaco Ra says:

Yea I just couldn't remember he name lol, but I emailed them about it too and got the same answer. I would love to use that app on WP8 it looks so nice on Win8

I gotta admit that twabbit is actually a decent app. Might start using it!

Nejcooo says:

happy with offical one

cruisezero says:

Ok good folks @wp, Twabbit or Mehdoh??

FrankEpr says:

I haven't tried twabbit yet but Mehdoh is amazing!

blackhawk556 says:

Does this app automatically create a second tweet if you go over the 140 character limit? MeTweets has many of the features that I need but touch calibration has a bug.

eolorvida says:

Mehdoh works for me...

StinkyMojo says:

Twabbit is indeed faster but Mehdoh still is my pick.

dbam987 says:

On first open this app looks solid. Will play around with it over the next few days and rate it in the store. I like how it goes to the WP texting app for messaging.

jabtano says:

I'm trying it now for the first time. It's pretty nice.. Really though WP has some great twitter clients Mehdoh for one and my favorite Gleek..This isn't bad at all.

LaNiQuE says:

I've been using the official app more then the ones I paid for lately I just need them to make a dark theme option but im defiantly going to try this out cause nothing has replaced carbon for me yet :/

ali80 says:

For me twabbit is my fav client for twitter. I like the official but the features on twabbit us essential for me like change the theme and save links to Pocket (read it later).

Had not found anything better than the official Twitter app but Twabbit rocks! Awesome use of the Twitter API which in turn exposes some good features. :-)

CamiKitti says:


CamiKitti says:


schlubadub says:

What's with all this shouting? :P

Gleek is my fav, but Twabbit is a solid nice looking and performing twitter client.

psreloaded says:

Not free here.. Is the promotion over?

Jarocookies says:

I would like to understand why Twabbit isn't free here. Is it only free in the US? I'm in Holland by the way.

dalydose says:

Nope, I'm in the US and it's not free either. :/

gioany says:

Does not say free

hohohohanfan says:

It was free for me 7 hours ago but it shows as paid now. Pity I didn't download it then, I was planning to download it later

Its no longer free, its back to $1.49

ZuNuKoo says:

That was "very" limited I just check WPCentral 8-9hrs after this was posted and it was no longer free. At least make it available for 24 hrs. (unless they did, and WPCentral didn't report on it until later)

Nilay Shah1 says:

Yes, it was free for 24 hours. Started yesterday 9AM Indian time and ended today 10AM Indian time. So yes more than 24hrs it was free. Thanks
Not 11AM but 10AM today

mastsethi says:

I am not seeing it for free. It's price at Rs 80(USD 1.5)

mastsethi says:

I am not seeing it for free. It's priced at Rs 80(USD 1.5)

mastsethi says:

Missed it by 5 mins. Damn!

dalydose says:

Missed the free and there's no trial. I have so many Twitter apps, so I guess they saved me from myself. No trial??

Nilay Shah1 says:

Thanks to twitter tocken limits.