Twin Blades returns on July 6, slightly greener but just as fun

Now that the 6 Weeks of Must Have Games has ended, we’re back to learning about the weekly Xbox Live releases a bit less far in advance. The first Xbox Live title to follow Angry Birds will be… Twin Blades from developer Press Start Studio and publisher Microsoft Game Studios.

That’s right, after disappearing from the Marketplace for several months over concerns about it gory content, Twin Blades is coming back. Users who already own the game have received an update that changes the game’s blood to green, and soon the game will be officially available for sale.

Twin Blades is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash game starring a nun who is tasked with saving the world from an army of the undead. She’s armed with a sickle and an assortment of guns, all of which can be upgraded by collecting zombie hearts. It’s a challenging and lengthy game with both a story mode and an all-action survival mode. We’ll have a full review soon.

Twin Blades will be available on Wednesday, July 6 for $2.99.



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1jaxstate1 says:

I bought this last week from the marketplace. The best game on WP7, is you ask me.

whitneyjj says:

very lame I want something fresh, it is not our fault it was removed. Good game though.

theefman says:

Hope Top Gun and Splinter Cell arent far off.

HeyCori says:

I played the demo but didn't see the appeal.

mydefposse says:

They should at least release a new game along with it. Speaking of which, I really hope we go back to having 2 new games a week soon.

Tahiti Bob says:

There you go, this is Microsoft getting back to taking the piss with WP7 games...This game was back on the marketplace last week with the green blood too so they removed it just to put it back as a new game. That's very lame, at least they should have a 2nd game released with it.

Paul Acevedo says:

That was an accident. It wasn't supposed to go on sale yet.

Zulu says:

It's a really awesome game. Call me crazy (it was one of the first i bought and had this installed even when it was pulled) but i actually prefer the green blood - much more zombie like.Also MS probably want to make it up to the developer as they had it pulled and prob lost alot of sales, their going to rerelease it to get better exposure instead of just reallowing it.