Twitter updates its app for Windows Phone, bringing more polish and features

Twitter Windows Phone

Twitter today has pushed out another update for their Windows Phone app, sort of making it "feature complete" from their view. That doesn't mean new features and bug fixes won't come along, just that the latest version completes their big re-write of the app that has been welcomed by many on our platform.

The big changes with Twitter 2.2 are the following:

  • Supports translations of foreign language tweets
  • Various bug fixes

You can download Twitter here from the Windows Phone Store.

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Yeah, that translation feature is nice!

I'm first? Strange

Nejcooo says:

why it doesnt work for me? i can see translation when viewing tweet on my pc, but doesnt work on phone although i've update it

fcking bullshit no new updates for wp in build/

fwaits says:

WP gets it's own conference near the end of Summer relax...  Just like last year for WP8.

Tafsern says:

It's WINDOWS build, not WINDOWS PHONE..you crazy horse. 

AngryNil says:

No, it's Microsoft's developer conference. It is by no means exclusive to Windows.
Ballmer screwed up by pre-empting big news for Windows Phone when there was none, except for preannounced Sprint devices, which matter to about 0.1% of the world.

realwarder says:

0.001% actually

NIST says:

Lol crazy horse.

I cant understood why in the WIndows 8?RT version we have Portuguese support and not in the WP version...

Raesu says:

I can't imagine it doesn't support portuguese.  Where did you buy your phone?
Unlocked phones have over a hundred languages available (display language). My AT&T phone only has 5, but luckily the one i want (traditional chinese). Your carrier may have limited the language selection for whatever reason.
Actually i just checked my phone and it has Portuguese (Brasil).

georgeambriz says:

They need to make the discover tab on par with iOS and Android for the app to be feature complete...

ruthietootie says:

Woo hoo! Translated foreign language tweets. Cool! Always wanted this feature to be a part of twitter - either a translation option or a block option for foreign language tweets

I can't see an update for my Samsung Omnia W in India...

cannon#WP says:

This is awesome, but I'm confused as to why i can "Quote Tweet" on my phone but not on my PC...did I miss something?

Technoloay says:

True. Quote retweet is only on the phone. You can install an extension for the PC browser to allow Quote Retweet as I did. 

AskaLangly says:

Does it remove the duped images? I do not use filters.

aaa6112 says:

I noticed that if I reply to somebody's tweet, and then open my tweet that shows up in my feed, I cannot scroll up to see the original tweet that I had replied to, which is very weird. Why can't I see the conversation? Anybody else seeing this?

freerider189 says:

Still got that useless bird logo taking up a whole load of space at the top for no good reason

vish2801 says:

Yeah, that's true...Atleast they can put blue ribbon on top like android, 1/3rd part is taken up by black color, that doesn't look cute. Some aesthetic changes needed at that part.

walter1832 says:

(Obligatory comment) - It seems faster!

4ny0n3 says:

Update is not showing up for me. Is it just for WP8? Can anyone confirm this?

Dionigi13 says:

Only for WP8 again... Probably 7.8 is dead...

Blacklac says:

At least your not stuck high and dry on the initial phones release of 7.5... :crying:

lkaila says:

Darn, Twitter still doesn't work properly on 7.8, adding images usually makes it impossible to send the tweet (sorry an error occurred or sth like that). Would be nice to have even basic functionality in an app like that...but sigh, no.

DarrenSproat says:

Now, whenever I follow someone, the app crashes... Sigh.

Jnero20 says:

A dark theme and making the top bar a bit smaller would be nice for a future update.

chucky says:

I can't see the update

walter1832 says:

Open your eyes.

walter1832 says:

I'm here all week.  Try the fish. Don't forget to tip your server.

Gleek has had language translation for awhile now.

Zokudu says:

What a boring update.

nizzon says:

I wonder if this fixes the bug where Twitter is sending me toasts from facebook-notifications.

ogamawab says:

I see no update...

NIST says:

I see no update. Is this for all WP or just WP8?

freesoul1995 says:

Is there anyone who could identify all the apps (other than the system ones) visible in the first photograph?

chucky says:

Where's the update???

iamakii says:

How do I see new follower requests? Is it feature complete already?

RobinPaul says:

Is it me or the the app become faster when opening it?

ResonantEcho says:

I haven't updated, but I hope they've added the ability to long touch and save a photo.  I'm not sure why this has been left out of the official Twitter and Facebook applications.

luimende says:

You can now save pic to phone, you can't however move the tweet when seeing the larger pic. Sometimes there is stuff at the bottom we want to see.

ResonantEcho says:

Yeah! Just gave it a try. Now time to get this feature in Facebook app.

The push notifications can't work cos they said I had too many apps with push notifications. I turned off notification for other apps and still can't work...

Rob van Uden says:

Is there any possibilty to disable the translation feature?
I don't want to see the Dutch tweets translated to English so badly, since Dutch is my mother tongue... (but I set English as my phone language)

diplomat696 says:

I think we missed the fact that the translation was a launch exclusive on windows phone for twitter not on IOS or android as it is using Bing translation.


Somu612 says:

Is it worth updating? Cuz now the app works fawlessly with no troubles. *touchwood*