Twitter for Windows Phone 8.1 leaks, brings native sharing back, Photos hub integration

Update 7:45 PM ET: As predicted, the beta app has now been unpublished from the Store

After the dust has settled with the Preview of Windows Phone 8.1, early adopters are noticing quite a few changes, some of which are causing some speed bumps. For instance, Twitter. The app works quite well on 8.1, but the ability to Share to the app has disappeared and it doesn’t fully leverage the capabilities of the 8.1 operating system.

The beta build of the app is circulating in an open beta, though it's sure to be closed now that it has leaked publicly. Regardless, here’s what to expect in Twitter for Windows Phone 8.1...

Twitter Beta

Twitter for Windows Phone 8.1 (build

  • ‘Share to’ fixed, allowing 3rd party apps to access Twitter for link sharing
  • Photos Hub integration to see and access photos posted to Twitter
  • Me Tile integration, where posting a status update will launch the Twitter compose window
  • Mentions auto-scroll to latest mention with auto-refresh
  • Performance improvements

Unfortunately, the Live Tile is not transparent, yet, though there’s still time before release where that can be added. There’s no word on when the next version of Twitter for Windows Phone 8.1 will go live, but this build looks pretty polished.

You can find the link to the Store for the beta here, though we imagine that the beta will go private once this news gets out. [App is no longer available]

Via: NokiaNewsIreland

QR: Twitter beta



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Mister Gore says:

Just grabbed the download and it let me install. Dint see any other reason it wouldn't work.

Mister Gore says:

Seems to work fine, glad I was able to grab it before it went private. Hopefully they have some good updates up their sleeves.

dhaval88 says:

Now all well known apps like WhatsApp,fb,ucbrowser need to be updated for new feature

vkelkar says:

What's app sucks.... They haven't released a public update from along time.... While android and Ios has these features from along time

now i am feeling ignored with this windows phone !
e1 whatsapp not caring about wp8 users!
on +820 for 1.5 yrs now!
n wat u got till date is 100`s of weather apps!

Jas00555 says:

If it goes private, will I still be able to use it?

Use? Yes. Update? No.

astroXP says:

No? How come then those who grabbed the Whatsapp Beta when it was open still get updates today? Did that change with 8.1 ?

Nataku4ca says:

i think he meant if the app goes private then you can't get that particular update until it becomes public again

@astroXP The people who grabbed the WhatsApp Beta when it was "open" absolutely 100% did not continue to get updates. That's impossible because the next day the Store link changed. Unless the dev team had your email address, you wouldn't know that or the new, now Private, Store link.

astroXP says:

Interesting… so that means a couple of people, including you, were added by the Whatsapp developers. No surprise there but I have seen average-Joes mention they have gotten update for Whatsapp. Hmmm.

sueha says:

I never got an update after I grabbed that WhatsApp beta

PeterFnet says:

They could revoke it.

bssnik says:

How is the battery drain please answer me :)

BUUUURRRRRN!!!!! *Kelso Voice*

Seems fas.....ah fuck it

Good. The correct term is speedier.

freshfelicio says:

I wish WhatsApp would do People integration!

freshfelicio says:

Like I said, I wish they would do!

Aashish13 says:

Y are facebook delaying watsapp update.

Is that a legit question? "Y are facebook delaying watsapp update." *SLAP*


DennisvdG says:

Still same old UI...

blessthejon says:

iPhone has way better UIs for their twitter app. Windows Phone's twitter app lacks.

eddieDOTexe says:

Lacks what exactly?

The UI for Twitter is awesome on WP compared to iOS and Android. Troll face is sad now.

Compared to Android maybe, but not iOS. You have to be blind to not see.

ah ha  ha..installed :)

Daniel, do you really think that is possible that such big apps like Instagram, FB, Skype, Here and Twitter will make their so traditional color theme app transparent??

Zulfigar says:

Up to the developers of they want to, but I'm hoping as much as you are.

I think yes because of the fact that people are unpinning some tiles to make the home all transparente

badboody says:

Transparency Tiles App do that for Facebook ,Twitter ,Here and some others apps


Yeah, but it's dumb that we have to download yet another app for something that all devs should include already into their apps.

F3rzz says:

and we lost the LIVE in it. not nice.

i'm ultra thankful for Transparency Tiles App tho <3

TomRawlo says:

Downloaded, pictures are loading a lot faster now!

Jack Janik says:

Sweet! That's my main gripe with the current one..

marioskar says:

I installed it but it seems "disabled" for some reason. Can't run and the tile on my home screen is dimmed. Do you think they could "deactivate" it somehow? Never seen this behaviour in another app.

Yeah, can't launch it. Weird.

jhoff80 says:

I had to uninstall regular Twitter and the Beta and then reinstall the Beta when I was having this issue.

marioskar says:

That worked for me! Thanx!

Jas00555 says:

Mine did that at first, but after I reinstalled it, it worked fine. Oddly enough, clicking on my twitter live tile brings up the option to bring up both.

EnGineCZE says:

Same here. Uninstalled Twitter, reinstalled Twitter Beta and it's ok now. :)

AndrewL920 says:

How do I uninstall twitter?

Sam Sabri says:

Go to the Twitter app in the app list and long press it... then click uninstall. Not on your Start screen, but the app list.

AndrewL920 says:

I am unable to uninstall Twitter in the app list. There is not Uninstall. This is bloatware

astroXP says:

The Twitter app uses very low RAM according to Batter Saver and is just 4MB, how is it bloatware?

falcon304 says:

Apparently it's too damn hard to ask for a Twitter app that'll keep it's position when I hit the button to load more tweets. I've only ever seen rowi do that, but it started being kinda weird for me not too long after they had to drop support.

S_C_B says:


PipoDj says:

Hey, thanks for the tip. Its working on my phone and was able to post an update via the me tile (of course it opens the twitter beta app when i chose it) However, i notice something i have been truly wanting from the people hub.... it now allows you to show only those contacts with phone numbers! Oh God it's a joy!!!!!

Ben Sailors says:

Still doesn't have in line photos. Even my old iPhone 3GS can do that...

astroXP says:

Hardware has nothing to do. It's because of software and it's iPhone...

mosi76 says:

But the photos are inline in the People Hub which is pretty sweet. I was a little worried about the People Hub but with the new integration options in the API, I think the People Hub could be pretty incredible.

I was pretty excited when I opened the Photos Hub and saw Twitter as an option but it only shows your own pictures which I find pretty useless. It would be amazing if it showed all the pictures of the people that you follow and the ones posted on your timeline.

Since when did it need to sync to the People Hub? I've already got Twitter linked to my Microsoft account and syncing. Pretty sure I don't need Twitter updating the hub too, right?

EDIT: Wait... It's removed Twitter from my accounts list?!

PipoDj says:

I guess it needs to connect so you can see you twitter updates in the hub. Been very bare before i installed the app. now i see twitter feeds

mijacs says:

8.1 removed that integration in favor of API integration like this. This way will allow more services to integrate and update faster.

Faster is relative, imho. I think this needs to be an option.. Allow the API integration INTO the unified messaging and unified notifications, while also allowing you to go the other way if you like. Non-threaded msgs are annoying and disjointed. Yah the notification center is nice, but why should we be forced into the specific app? If its a matter of the infrastructure required to access and serve up to the phone, then let the app take that place and feed unified hub if the user wants. I just don't see a downside or limitation.

There's a new setting in the app, did you try it?

k0de says:

Awesome. Thanks.

Micfur says:

Installed but wont open on my phone, bummer.

marioskar says:

Had the same thing. Someone above proposed the solution. In involves uninstalling the regular Twitter and then installing the Beta.

Maybe, but I was running both to compare. Had no issues. Something else is going on, though I'm not sure what.

hyacinthe718 says:

So I need to have twitter installed so that I can share now? I'm not sure yet but I'm pretty sure I liked how the hub worked before better. Especially with the me hub having everything I wanted to see in one place. And being able to comment on my posts it reply without launching an app.

sgraphics says:

Why should the tile be transparent? I think its nice that there is variety to the tiles, otherwise the start screen would be boring.

Gorki247 says:

Agree with this. I would hate it if every developer jumped on the bandwagon and starts making their tiles transparent. I'm ok if they make it optional, but don't force it on us. I doubt these big companies will just forget about their branding though. Besides, there are always third party apps that can fill this gap.

It's a simple toggle switch for an option, nothing the Twitter team couldn't deliver.

pLUSpISTOL says:

+925 on the toggle switch, please!

GP07 says:

Well it installed but it doesn't run at all.

Great to see the new WP8.1 integration but the app itself isn't improved at all. In fact, with the header bar now as a constant it's actually a worse in-app experience...

Hopefully this is just a stop gap until a new, more modern, (with iOS and Android feature parity) universal app for W8.1/WP8.1 is released in the near future...

Also, it's taken almost ten minutes to "update people hub". Hmmm.

Wheezle says:

Should mention it integrates with People hub and replaces the stock Twitter sync. Meaning images posted to twitter will load in the app instead of IE, which I think is a real improvement.

mosi76 says:

Huge Improvement. This is the one thing that I hated about the previous integration. When it opened up in IE, you had to zoom in and it was not a very good expereince. This is MUCH better

guillams says:

Wow, I like it!

Studio384 says:

Mmm, just installed it, but the tile got dark and the app doesn't start.

marioskar says:

The solution has been posted a few times above.

elangab says:

This app sucks. Just like FB, now we need to open the app to reply, instead of directly doing so from within the people hub.... I really hate the new way WP works with social networks.... (unless I'm missing something...)

Binson#WP says:

I dislike having to go to an app as well. But, unfortunately, it had to go in order to accommodate more apps and faster updates. At least it's still somewhat more centralized than the other platforms...

mosi76 says:

Agree but it would be nice to respond directly in the People Hub

Sean D. says:

Yeah... I really don't believe this at all anymore.

No I disagree that it has to be this way for faster updates etc. The API could still function the same way. Obviously the apps are feeding the notification center. It didn't bother me too much that the integration was basic - that's all it had to be. It could still be rich integration as well - just give the option to open in app just like notification center does now.

joeonsunset says:

Hate is a mild word for how I feel about it. The rapid, seamless sharing was what Microsoft promoted hugely about Windows Phone, and was a pleasure to use. Tap boom, that photo flew up off the screen and you were done, with people tagged just as quickly. This is nothing more than what Android or iOS do. Big freakin deal, and thanks for nothing.

elangab says:

Yeah, wasn't that the whole point of the field test they did with Ben the PC guy? About how fast WP is ?

Wow, I forgot these challenges with Ben the pc guy... Couldn't work right now, Wp8.1 should lost all battlez

astroXP says:

Let's see what he comes up with now…

I'm trying to figure out a way to rollback to 8.0 but sadly there isn't. The lack of social integration just makes it another iphone but worse. I'm disappointed in 8.1.

If you don't like the new ppl hub integration then just turn it off in the app settings. You can then add / sync the twitter account via OS settings.

Binson#WP says:

Oddly, I was able to download and install, but the app just won't open. I've restarted my phone as well to no avail.

I guess the hub concept is not that dead. In fact, it is much better since any third party apps can essentail access the hub. I mean people and picture integration is seamingly accessble. I guess I will just hope that the hub is actuallh prettier.

I think I do like where this is going .


Could you imagine if Instagram or Whats App could be integrated to the people hub ? :-O

mosi76 says:

It easily could be with the new API's

elangab says:

The hub concept is not dead, it just smells funny.

Indeed. Although I like the functionaly of the new hub. I still prefer the design and layout of the old Hub. Yes, it would be great if whatsapp and other apps could be integrated in the people hub.

Ronnet says:

You have to consider not everyone likes transparant tiles. The WPC staff talks as if every dev out there is going for transparancy asap. Choice is best but I van understand hoe devs want to keep the identity of the service clear by defaulting the app's signature style in the tile.

Well, location never did work for me: HTC 8X The Netherlands T-Mobile WP8.

Jacob Logas says:

Can't post to both twitter and facebook at the same time anymore? I love a lot of things about Windows Phone 8.1 but several things seem like steps backward

mango.lover says:

Hopefully they also Cortanify it and we can finally send tweets via voice natively.

mosi76 says:

You can say "Twitter Beta New Tweet" and Cortana will open the app and then listen for your spoken tweet. It's not exactly seamless but it works

You could say "twitter beta new tweet hello hashtag win" all in one go. This was in the //build keynote.

microhaxo#WP says:

But will this show updates to the me tile when someone mentions you?

I don't think so. You have the app for thay, maybe they have upgraded their own live tile (Twitter beta one)

hysonmb says:

I just saw this and nabbed it. They might as well make it pubic considering the size of the Windows Phone crowd that reads this site!

Still open right now.

AndrewL920 says:

How do I uninstall Twitter? I am unable to uninstall Twitter in the app list. There is no Uninstall when I press hold the app. This is bloatware

Has this fixed the notification bug on the live tile? It only ever showed 1.

Nope. Live tile still sticks at 1. Pathetic. Not that its really needed now with the notification centre.

where is Me tile ?

Go to People, tap on you then pin.

indieimprint says:

So I guess this officially means no more deep integration and we actually have to go through an extra app/tap to post updates/etc? kind of lame :/

Um, I don't think that's correct at all. Let's see

  1. It ties into the Photos Hub for direct sharing of images into other apps
  2. It ties into People Hub with the new Connect feature
  3. It ties into Me Tile for direct posting
  4. It will be optimized for Notification Center
  5. It has official Share status, not open to third party apps

Sounds pretty deep to me. Difference is, it's an app, not built into the OS. That's fine, means dynamic updates and more features.

indieimprint says:

I said extra app/tap, which still stands in 8.1 unfortunately. there is no direct posting and it goes against the whole smoked by windows phone campaign, (which was a great selling point). now it's no faster than the other platforms at doing the same

elangab says:

With 8.0 when I wanted to "like" or comment on facebook\reply to tweet etc. I could do it from within the feed. I can't find a way to do so on 8.1... Am I missing something ? For me, its a step backwards.

msualum says:

+920 opening the app to view is fine with me and it happens very quick. Acts very seamless.

cannon#WP says:

I typically agree with you Maletesta but I can't ride with you on this one. Having it built into the OS made it fast and easy to use. Relying on an app, an app they have no control over when it gets updated & usually gets updated months later than other OS's, is not a good strategy to me. It also completely breaks the OS UX and kills the consistency with Windows 8 where I can still post to FB and Twitter from the people app without going to another app.

Sean D. says:

I agree 100% here. I thought and was hoping it would remain because you can still do everything from the people hub on W8.1. Losing the integration bugs me... brings WP down to where other OS's are IMO.

How is there an extra tap? Hit Post an update and twitter opens at new tweet. Same as the old hub. It's quicker than firing up twitter itself because you then have to hit new tweet.

Duduosf says:

I can't see the difference between this and the current one... I'll keep the beta just for the updates.

You won't get any updates since it's removed from the store now. Unless the devs have your email and can let you in on the private updates.

I think he means notifications. But this is better than the original in that it integrates with the Me hub.

Duduosf says:

Oh yeah... Forgot about that little detail.

colinkiama says:

Use transparency tiles for twitter and it will launch twitter beta :D

swizzlerz says:

Looks the same. Is it faster?

Download link still working. +521

vtective says:

I hope if they do offer a transparent tile, that's its optional. I like the color tiles that break the photo background up a bit.

Nimdock says:



This will hold me over until the official one is updated.

Binson#WP says:

I really like that it brings in line images to the people hub!

Joeul_Ramos says:

Reinstalled it once more and now its working. Seems faster than the other one..

Yancy Evans says:

Yup, Transparency Tiles opens Twitter Beta

gahbmwm5 says:

Missed the MS Store (beta link-closed-not available)..

However, have Transparency Tiles app--->Is the Twitter Beta app (ver:>Transparency Tiles app lauched this..Oh well..lol


Twitter for Windows Phone 8.1 (build>Beta

VinomX says:

Bugs that still haven't been fixed:

* If I reply to a tweet and it contains text and a picture, only the picture shows up.

* When editing anything in the profile, the box where the text is changed disappears beneath the keyboard when I start typing.

* If I delete a Tweet, it doesn't disappear from my feed after I refresh it.

* When I'm viewing a picture, the bottom part of it is covered up by the text even if I try to move it up.

* Loading pictures takes so god damn long. And I can assure you that it's not something wrong with my Wi-Fi or LTE.

* Only one notification shows up.

Arya Satya says:

Wait, i have already updated to 8.1 but it said i can't download it :(. I guess i'm too late

desitunez says:

Once i uninstalled  the beta APP , seems to be  it has killed my twitter integration from Hub  .. :|

elangab says:

It switched to the 'improved' one. You can restore it by removing the app.

juskteez says:

Can't install

desitunez says:

Its gone , like i was able to install 5 mins ago lol

dortyboy says:

Damn I'm missed it

silverdoe says:

Still miss the multiple post to both Facebook and twitter in Me hub. An option to do it without leaving the hub would be welcomed!

KjBleau says:

Phew! I thought I was the only one missing that! I always used my phone for updates since the W8 people tile doesn't have unified posting either

MDak280 says:

Oh man, still the same UI. I was hoping they'd change it for 8.1. Maybe I should be a bit more optimistic, though.

PPCFreak says:

Looks like its been pulled as I have L928 with 8.1DP and can't install it. Oh well.

reissy says:

Still no list management. Cmon twitter. You call this a official app

mosi76 says:

This desperately needs to be added

reissy says:

I know. I cannot believe its not baked in the official app.

Sharing to Facebook has been removed as well and although i have Facebook Beta installed this doesnt work either.

indieimprint says:

There is an official non-beta that does tie in, but it does not have the deep integration that it used to

F3rzz says:

You need to have the nonbeta facebook app ;)


Also, is it me,  or now the facebook app really is faster? it certainly seems like it.

Another thing i noticed, when i click "see more" on a long post, it opens it InApp, unlike before where it would awfully take you to IE.

The other thing happened just an hour or so ago, a Toast Notification came quicker than the Desktop Internet Browser notification. That was quite unthinkable before.

lhoylhoy says:

Not available in Philippines...

I can not install it

leumas85 says:

Twitters shit anyways I don't see the point of it

While we wait for Twitter to come out of beta, here's a very simple app that'll let you share to Twitter: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=ce0fe27f-7bd2-4d47-bb5f-d626f15e101d. Sorry it isn't pretty. Just trying to fill a need :)

Montpbm says:

Fffffffff! I missed it before it went private! Dang!

You know who's missing a MAJOR revamp? Twitter for W8 ;)

rorrr says:

ok. about this transparency tile sh*t.

it should be optional.

I'm currently using it to to have black tiles by setting a solid color as the background iamge, but I don't want every tile to be black. the pops of color are important.

I really hope devs realize that there is major value in an app promoting its own color branding. people have pointed out that Xbox Music and other MS apps like OneDrive don't support transparency. well, that's because they've never supported theme colors. now that people are raving about transparency, it could benefit devs to make their apps support themes & transparency, but I hope apps will allow users to disable transparency and themes


brmbjn says:

i cant get twitter beta ??? how to get it ???

oscargodson says:

Really hope they get rid of the MASSIVE header navigation in the new one. Wastes so much space

Not available for 822"???????

jdandison says:

Finally, no more t.co shortlinks!

cannon#WP says:

"...posting a status will open the Twitter app..."

NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!!! Do NOT want. They already took easy FB posting from me, don't take easy Twitter posting from me too.

acermark says:

Good to see that Twitter is finally working on an update after five months but the UI is soooooo dated!!! 

iOS, Android and the website itself have long replaced the @ with a bell with black nowhere to be seen.

Hopefully the full release will have the refreshed UI, surely it can't be too difficult!!!


Jaco Ra says:

For real! The UI is very dated or needs to catch up. Poor Windows Phone support needs to fade away in a couple years.

KjBleau says:

Am I the only one missing simultaneous FB and Twitr updates via the me tile??

S_C_B says:

I never cared to use that feature.

MrKrishna says:

you're not the only one - I'm missing it badly. I thought one of the killer features of WP was the social integration in to the OS.

I also hate that all FB notifications show up (invites etc) instead of just wall posts...miss the old Me - Notification Center

Sean D. says:

No you're not. I used it all the time.

Neo Nuke says:

Boy am I had I got this. New ways of interacting: Touch the text to see the tweet and decide from twitter app how to interact, touch the picture to see the picture directly in the Twitter app, or touch the reply button to go directly to responding to the twitter handles in the tweet

can anyone tell me how to get this app because it says its not available for my country which suck im USA.

I don't want all the app become transparant..

joecatskill says:

Not available anymore

They should add a message hub like those on IOS and Android

Lilleverden says:

Iconic notification tile please, today's tile look ugly

It's the little things that I miss. Like being able to share items to facebook and have them actually parse links correctly. Or having to reinstall the original fb app. Glad there is time in beta for everything to catch up.

dkhere says:

Tried to install in my Lumia 720, it's saying this app is not available for my device!!!

Rick_Air says:

This is kind of related, so Dan please don't delete me. Anybody noticed on the Me Tile the Twitter image is higher quality than Facebook one? Well my Facebook one switches between high quality and low. Didn't bag the Twitter beta so don't know if it would have suffered too.