TYLT wireless Qi charger and Incipio cases get heavy discounts for today only

With it being Cyber Monday, it’s not too surprising that there are tons of deals happening today. Two that we know may be of interest to Windows Phone users relate to TYLT wireless charger and Incipio cases.

First up, the TYLT Vu Wireless Qi Charger, which comes in black, blue, red or green, normally goes for $69 but can be had today for just $35, including free shipping.

The TYLT charger has three coils onboard, making it highly flexible for many Qi-enabled phones like the Lumia 920, Lumia 928 ad others with added Qi shells.  On top of that, it looks quite snazzy and modern. To grab the deal, head to their store and use the coupon 50off_ty!t during the checkout to get the 50% discount and free shipping.

The other deal is through Incipio, who make some really nice, but overpriced, cases for various Windows Phones and other devices. They’re running a sale with up to 65% savings through midnight tonight.

We recently took a look at the Feather case for the Lumia 1520 and we really liked it, only lamenting its high price. Well, you can knock that case down to just $17.99 with today’s deal. They also have that case for other Lumias, including the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925.

Either way, if you need some good accessories, make sure you check those out in addition to the Windows Phone Central store!

Source: TYLT, Incipio; via: SlickDeals; Thanks, Sean M. and John B., for the tips!



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Guakala says:

Awesome. Got a 920 last Friday and I was looking for a wireless charging plate. This is a great deal.

The 1520 case using Qi or PMA?

The Wireless Charging PMA Case from Incipio? It uses PMA.

Aww, that sucks. Any Qi cases for it right now?

Miistercoool says:

925!!!!! Awesome!!!

Miistercoool says:

Wait does the 925 case also have wireless charging? And if yes....Qi right?

Kwanton81 says:

925's case is Qi standard.

teaMJPx says:

Don't mean to question your statement but I see nowhere on the site where it says the L925 case is a wireless charging case. When I look for one I find a wireless case but its almost $30 and is PMA not Qi... I want this so please advise where I can find this info and I'll buy me some. Thanks.

Kwanton81 says:

I have the original L925 wireless charger plate + case and it says Qi standard. I have never used third-party cases so idk about the others. Incipio's L925 case is PMA for sure.

Well, I'm at least sure here in the UK the original case is Qi standard. I'm not entirely sure about other places.

Kwanton81 says:

That VU Wireless Chargers look really slick and nice. Y no U.K. seller here -_-


I would have jumped all over this deal if we had any news up here in Canada on the 1520. Sadly we still don't know which version we are getting and with what if anything at all. And the wait continues.

Darkgift says:

I sent that tip in 2 or 3 days ago :(. No love.

MrVol84 says:

I was just about to pay full price for the 1520 feather case..


I love you guys for posting this! <3

neoxphuse says:

Looks like the site's gone down due to overwhelming transactions!

timgabrhel says:

"Fall15" on Incipio.com for an extra 15% off. 

MrVol84 says:

Used this on the feather case and i ended up only paying $15 and some change.. Can't beat that for a premium case like this one.

Blake9220 says:

I'm having some serious issues with the tylt site... What a bummer!

enomam says:

Looks like their website can't handle more than one user.

It's as though everyone's session information has merged. Hope they fix it, and give those who miss out a chance to use the coupon. I'm all for 50% off, but not if it's 50% off someone elses cart !

Blake9220 says:

They will honor the discount though! Just go here: http://www.tylt.com/cyber-monday-overload/

enomam says:

Thanks for the heads up !

Just ordered two :)

i am having difficulties with their checkout process. it adds like odd numbers of charges that i did not choose. i just want one red charger! :(


well, i give up.

Blake9220 says:

I had the same problem. I sent an email to customer service, but I doubt I'll hear back from them in time to take advantage of the sale.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Same here. Wanted the black for work.

Blake9220 says:

They will honor the discount though! Just go here: http://www.tylt.com/cyber-monday-overload/

sundawg#WP says:

I'll stick with the Nokia stands. That tylt takes up too much space.

Marco Gomes1 says:

TylT site is nuts. That many traffic?!

quek9 says:

I hope someone makes a foldable Qi charging version in white.

Vega0906 says:

Folks may want to hold off on the TYLT site. They are clearly overwhelmed. Tried placing an order for one charger ($35) got all the way through the process and hit Complete Order, and the next page was a receipt for $360 and 7 items, 6 of which were never in my cart at any point. So far Ive only been able to get a generic email from Customer Service saying my order was never actually received, even though my credit card says there is actually a charge pending of the full $360.

You can go on the TYLT site, give your email and name, and they will allow you to use the code after today.

bill2455 says:

Same exasperating experience with the tylt website. A bunch of unselected random stands appeared in my cart. Efforts at editing the unwanted items out just put different ones back in. Gave up. Somebody did not expect the unslacked desire for a reasonable price on Qi tilt stands.

Thanks Blake 9220 for the link to their overload message

enomam says:

Has anyone heard from Tylt yet in regards to honoring the code post Cyber Monday ?

Bombfetish says:

I'm also still waiting, and I sent a follow up email to them that also hasn't been answered. Really wish I could give them my money!