UCWeb Browser to begin closed beta testing for Windows Phone 7

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For those of you who used Windows Mobile 6.x, you'll remember a neat little Chinese browser called UCWeb. It was similar to Opera where it used servers to compress and reformat websites that were then passed to the phone. The design was pretty sharp, offering an all "black" theme that was great for reading and photos looked great on it. Plus it was free.

Surprisingly, in their help forum, the company has announced plans for a closed beta testing. They're taking applications via the forum, but since it's Chinese you may have a tough time registering and getting a spot. From the Google-translated post:

UC browser Wp7 platform closed beta began recruiting friends

"The UC long-awaited platform for closed beta browser Wp7 recruit friends, are welcome to join closed beta.

The recruitment only accept Windows Phone 7 platform Friends of Friends applications for Friends of Friends in the following format for replies, we will follow all mobile phone technology in the customer service area and the level of activity in the sector assessment, the results we will be a forum SMS notification to you.

Application requirements: Be sure the phone is unlocked, the deployment process on their own Friends of Friends"

This raises all sorts of interesting questions, like will this be allowed in the Marketplace? Will they localize the language for English (they've done it before, obviously)? When can we see it? We'll try to find out more and we'll keep an eye out for this one.

Source: bbc.uc.cn; via @Chassit



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Bruno H says:

So its Chineese...If i Try to browse to:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiananmen_Square_protests_of_1989what will show up :-)

battleangel says:

That IS an interesting question! Does MS allow competing web browsers? Or are they going down the road of moronic stubbornness that will dissuade a lot of freedom loving users?

I think they do. Aren't there a couple other browsers in the marketplace like surfcube and metro-something?

eric12341 says:

shouldn't it be Bing translate?