UK availability dates for Nokia Lumia 920 and 820

Nokia has confirmed the available dates and exclusivity arrangements for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 today.

We have already had a list of those in the UK set to stock the devices but now we know a little bit more including how long the EE exclusive will last for the UK. Let’s clear this up.

Lumia 920

Official availability of the 920 will be from the 2nd of November and available in Black, White, Red & Yellow options. It is an EE exclusive which means you can have it on either Orange or T mobile tariffs if the deals on the brand new 4g tariffs are not to your liking. EE Stores & Phones 4u will be serving them up, in fact we already reported Phones 4u were getting things ready.

We have been advised that EE have the exclusive until the end of the year and it will not be possible to buy the handsets offline (without a contract) while this is in place, apart from Phones4u where it'll be available for £459 (according to promotion material). Nokia have indicated that may extend the exclusive may be extended. Nokia advised they are concerned with “best execution” which likely means they are seeking to place the 920 into stores that can provide a premium retail experience.

Lumia 820

The Lumia 820 will follow shortly behind the 920 and get general availability on the 7th of November, colours include Black, White, Red & Yellow. The phones will be in a myriad of retail outlets including EE, Orange, T Mobile, O2, Phones 4u Carphone Warehouse and Tesco Phone Shop. We are told that in the UK all 820’s will come with a wireless charging shell as standard.

So there you have it folks, if you were in the market for a box fresh Lumia 920 or 820 you know where, when and how much and even how exclusive. Question is where will you be getting yours and in what colour? Please let us know in the comments bellow. 



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mshaw2k says:

Just ordered my 920 from EE, they are quoting 9th November. Can't wait :)

w99dey says:

I can confirm that the 920 White will be dispatched on the 9th Nov as the 1st poster specified.... They are sending my 4g sim out on the 2nd...
I got a buisiness deal, slightly cheaper..... paying £35 for the 4gig package, was £40 but they reduced it by £5 if I took 1000 mins + 1000 texts, instad of unlimited..... Thought that was quite a good deal....
EE packages include teathering also.... I believe that you get a free charge mat also, this was advertised in store, need to check this....

rockstarzzz says:

NO SIM-FREE? :O No new phone for me this year :(

jonathonpm says:

I was in phones4u today and they had the 920 as £459.95 sim free of £449.95 on pay as you go with a ten pound top up.

kuroneko0509 says:

the sim free isn't locked right?

max__b says:

its locked to EE

max__b says:

sim-free but not unlocked, all the 920's available in the UK are locked to EE network only.

calmik says:

hi rockstarzzz, I wanted to cheer you up a little ... I have verified with Phones 4U at multiple occasions, and the phone (Nokia Lumia 920 at least) WILL BE AVAILABLE SIM-FREE!!! I am ALLERGIC to contracts, I HATE them with a passion, they smell of rotten fish and eggs mixed together. contrarily to what posts online and the Nokia UK site have been stating, you'll be able to walk in a store with 460£ cash, and walk out with an UNLOCKED SIM-FREE NEW Nokia Lumia! take my word for it! just check with your local stores.
I also verified with Phones 4U, the phones were supposed to be available this passed Monday November 5th 2012, and due to unclear frequency and bandwith clarifications between the SIM card providers, the phone release will be delayed. now based on what mshaw2k and w99dey above mentioned, they were told the phones will be shipped on Nov 9th. the Phones 4U staff mentioned it might be available in store about 1 week and a half from Monday Nov 5th, so that would make it mid to end of next week, between the 15th and 17th of Nov. The staff mentioned that was their approximations, but that it COULD take longer. these are only speculative dates that I am repeating. hope that helps

calmik says:

hi rockstarzzz, I wanted to cheer you up a little ... I have verified with Phones 4U at multiple occasions, and the phone (Nokia Lumia 920 at least) WILL BE AVAILABLE SIM-FREE!!! I am ALLERGIC to contracts, I HATE them with a passion, they smell of rotten fish and eggs mixed together. contrarily to what posts online and the Nokia UK site have been stating, you'll be able to walk in a store with 460£ cash, and walk out with an UNLOCKED SIM-FREE NEW Nokia Lumia! take my word for it! just check with your local stores.
I also verified with Phones 4U, the phones were supposed to be available this passed Monday November 5th 2012, and due to unclear frequency and bandwith clarifications between the SIM card providers, the phone release will be delayed. now based on what mshaw2k and w99dey above mentioned, they were told the phones will be shipped on Nov 9th. the Phones 4U staff mentioned it might be available in store about 1 week and a half from Monday Nov 5th, so that would make it mid to end of next week, between the 15th and 17th of Nov. The staff mentioned that was their approximations, but that it COULD take longer. these are only speculative dates that I am repeating. hope that helps

colin24_7 says:

I'll wait till its available on Vodafone

ChrisUCL says:

Will white be available sum free at phones4u

Nickkk101 says:

All 4 colours available on EE AND Orange? As yet they (EE) show only white and black iirc. Could be tempted to a yellow on Orange as my upgrade is due...

cgk says:

There is nothing available on Orange  - not according to EE's own twitter feed - you have to buy it on EE itself not the sister orange or T-mobile brands. 

jonathonpm says:

In phones4u they have it listed as available on t-mobile and orange.

vThylacine says:

was the previous article wrong, where you said:

"Purchasing the Lumia 920 SIM-free from Phones4u will set one back by £459."

Rich Edmonds says:

No, my article is correct. Updated this one.

camstreet1 says:

Thanks for the update Rich.  Any word on what the t-mobile / orange price plans will be?

afgzee says:

Hey, if you check the Tesco Phone Shop, on Orange they have it for £20.50 per month with either 200 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 100MB Data and the free wireless charger 24 months contract. OR 100 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 500MB Data, free wireless charger.
Both are on a 24 month contract and the phone is free on both contracts, its also available on O2 and Vodafone through the tesco phone shop

LeiChat says:

Tempted to boycott the Lumias.
I don't like being forced to use a specific network.

willied says:

Yeah, that'll show 'em. 

afgzee says:

Why boycott the 820? Its available on EE, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and Vodafone, you're hardly being forced. The only major network it isn't on as they have not announced anything (yet) is Three.

futurix says:

Good bye Nokia! I'm not switching my network to a worse one just for a phone - going with HTC 8X now.

111san says:

How is being the only network with 4g LTE equate to being a worse network? more expensive maybe but maybe none of the other networks wanted to carry this for their customers....nokia is just looking for a decent deal

Narr says:

Certainly for me Orange is worse as I can hardly pick up a signal; I'm still looking at the 920 but don't like Nokia only keeping it to one provider.

camstreet1 says:

That doesn't explain the lack of sim-free options (the thought of handing money over to phones4u makes me ill).  Until we know what the t-mobile/orange pricing is, it's hard to know if they've made a big mistake. 

conair346 says:

You obviously haven't been at the hands of Orange, T-Mo or its evolution into EE. Its more expensive and service for its mobile and fixed line/broadband plans rate very poorly in almost every survey. I'm sure Freeserve customers are relishing the 4th name change to their provider.
Plus the 2/3G networks are heavily congested so the chance of making use of those unlimited voice calls is slim.

yarkiebrown says:

Awful networks, won't be looking to get a Nokia till next year now.
One x is looking more and more tempting, just missing those Nokia apps

rockstarzzz says:

ONE X? REALLY? I hope it NEVER gets Nokia Apps!!

I think you mean the 8X? Remember, the One X is the Android phone....?

futurix says:

Who cares about 4G when they cannot even have a decent 3G coverage in my area. Heck, I work in central London and even there signals of Orange and T-Mobile are not very good.
I'll take good 3G over non-existent 4G any time!

Stadifer says:

Still no love from AT&T... 

dalydose says:

AT&T is certain to be last.  Why ruin a 100% track record.

pookiewood says:

As a Sprint Customer that would be willing to follow the 920 anywhere at this point it's a shame Verizon isn't getting this until 3 months from now. i have a feeling Verizon would've crammed this down our throats by now.

VagrantWade says:

Why? I don't see Verizon selling any WP8 devices right now.

pookiewood says:

That was my point. ;)  I was saying Too Bad Verizon isn't getting it the same time at AT&T becuase I bet we'd have some kind of date released.

Reeves says:

Verizon hasn't announced any concrete dates for its devices either.
US carriers are treating Windows Phone 8 like a red-headed stepchild, so to speak.

psteve2005 says:

Phones4u have confirmed no SIM free in the UK. They are selling the handset off-conttract but ALL locked to EE.
Carrier exclusivity, even short term, is a very bad decision by Nokia IMO, regardless of the deal with EE. I have been a Nokia fan for years, and followed them to the platofrm, otherwise I'd never have tried it. Now, I've been waiting to buy a 920 SIM free since they announced it to work on Vodafone. After this news I am willing to switch to an HTC 8x instead. How many others will do the same? Bad news........................

DawidK says:

sur you could unlock it for 20-30 quid

karnka says:

So, as I have a rolling tmo contract I could buy it and pop my sim in but I'd be paying sim free prices for it...

Might have to be an Ativ S then.

Narr says:

I spoke to someone earlier at Phones4U and they said they weren't sure if it would be sold sim free; I guess that confirms it :(

hwangeruk says:

Me. If 8X comes to VodaFone first, Nokia can keep their 920. Exclusivity at this stage is pointless.

chfhyh says:

i said this once, i will say it again..  wtf, att!?

sepatown says:

I second that.

conair346 says:

Sadly lads, as the title suggestes UK. As in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Last I checked AT&T don't operate here so they wouldn't be detailed in a region specific post.

shaunydub says:

I emailed www.digital-phone.co.uk where a few people mentioned the Lumia 920 and asked if they are still getting stock and if price is the same and they replied....
Thanks for your enquiry, we are still due our stock of Nokia lumia 920 on the 5/11 to be Sim free. And have not been told any difference on our price to this.

mndl632 says:

massively dissapointed in that decision from nokia, i've got no intention of going to EE/T-mobile/Orange, as none of them could beat the tariff i get with o2 at the moment, been waiting for the 920 for a while now, looks like i might have to get the 8X if nokia decide to extend their exclusivity

camstreet1 says:

What's your tariff?

j_the_geek says:

I stuck with O2 when I upgraded to my iPhone5 because EE (or Orange) couldn't beat O2's tarrif. I pay £26 a month for unlimted calls and texts with 1gb data. The equivalent texts, calls and data on EE now is £41 a month.

theloz86 says:

I've found the 920 SIM-free on the Digital Phone Company: http://www.digital-phone.co.uk/product/nokia-lumia-920-yellow.aspx. Am I to take it this is locked to EE? I was looking forward to buying one on launch day but this may change things.

kuroneko0509 says:

Just received e-mail from them mentioning that they couldn't manage to stock it on 5th November.

CommonBlob says:

Nokia, you lost a sale with no sim free.

CommonBlob says:

As a developer, I need a w8 phone so looks like unless digital phone are right, I'll be getting the htc

keizka says:

Bad proposition, since it won't have gyro in it. Suggest you take a look at Ativ S.

CommonBlob says:

Really!? Ahhh!

keizka says:

Yep, really. That's why I have hard time believing MS approving 8X as hero phone.

hwangeruk says:

Why is a Gyro that important? I don't even like augmented reality apps.

cgk says:

<blockquote>It is an EE exclusive which means you can have it on either Orange or T mobile tariffs if the deals on the brand new 4g tariffs are not to your liking.</blockquote>
This is wrong - well at least according to EE's own account on twitter:
"T-Mobile is not EE. EE runs along side T-Mobile and Orange. You can only get a Lumia 920 with EE."

rich-leeds says:

Nice to see after only one day the great 'EE' re-brand is bamboozling everyone.  How can they say T-Mobile is not EE, and yet is says 'EE' on your phone when your on the T-Mobile / Orange network!  They need to really sort out their identity...

TrentTech says:

It took me most the day tweeting at them to get them to say more than "it's exclusive to EE" and give that semi-explanation that they're apparently completely separate brands

I think that a lot of the confusion stems from Everything Everywhere being the parent company, which is often abbreviated to "EE" and the 4G network being just EE. I'm not sure even the EE customer relations people know whether the 920 is exclusive to "EE" or "Everything Everywhere" because of this branding debacle.

Simmsville says:

If you ring up Orange/T-Mobile and ask for a Lumia, they should tell you that they can do it on Orange/T-Mobile AS WELL as EE.
EE's prices are listed on their site, but when I spoke to an Orange sales rep, they told me I could have the 920 for £41 a month, no upfront fee but just on the Orange network.

BK-one says:

Come on at&t in the US. tell us something... I already have my 900s on ebay and that auction for both ends in 3 days.

for anyone that might want the 900. One white and one is Cyan and both are unlocked. So T-Mobile customers and outside the US customer can insert a micro-SIM card and use it.. item # 280993712359 for the White one . Cyan one item # is 281007357681
good luck..

robg1279 says:

Hi all

I have just been in to a phones4u store where they have a lovely big display of windows phone 8 devices. The display for Nokia lumia 920 shows sim free for £359 or so and free wireless charging kit. There was no indication of it being tied to EE (I am binning my iPhone and in contract with Vodafone so need sim free). A sales assistant I spoke to on the phone before I got to the shop also answered NO when I asked if the sim free was tied to an operator.

I think I may ask again online - seems to be a fair amount of confusion!!

Just let me buy the damn phone!!

BellaRed says:

£459 sweetie not £359  :)

robg1279 says:

Well their signage says 359

camstreet1 says:

Have you got a photo of that Rob? Sounds a little too good to be true... Perhaps it's for the Lumia 820?

pookiewood says:

Now thw UK has dates!  WOO Hoo!  Glad for ya'll!  AT&T  WTF?!?!?!!?!?

jenjen4u says:

... ummm do any of you know if i get sim free phone from phones4u can i use a UK Virgin Mobile sim on it? coz i know that they use EE's signal so does this mean i can use simcard with them?... ive actually already preordered from digital-phones. but i really dont know what to do... should i just try EE? im already due upgrade on orange but i really hate orange with a passion i dont know if transferring to EE will change? huff decisions decisions.

FawasM says:

I hope to get mine from wpcentral contests. :D

BellaRed says:

I wonder if it against Ofcom rules to sell a sim free phone locked? unlocked is the whole point of buying sim free.

rich-leeds says:

+1 I can't see it holding - surely the European sim-free stock is all the same anyway?  I reckon things will become much clearer in the next few days - I honestly cannot think that Nokia would be daft enough to deny people willing to pay full prince outright for L920s.  And anyway, a grey market would soon pop up.  I reckon EE's PR machine is confusing everyone.

mrcraggle says:

Like most I wanted the Lumia 920 but EE's prices are ridiculous. I will simply not pay their ridiculous prices. The cheapest plan is £36 per month for 24 months but then you have to pay £130 for the phone. I don't even want 4G. I live in London and coverage checker on the EE website says that in my area the 4G reception will be low and will be limited outsides but probably not inside. This is a massive fuck up on Nokia's part. Why are they doing this exclusive bullshit?

jenjen4u says:

Theres 12month options and im eyeing up £56month plus £20 for handset, adds up to £702 (i think) i was comparing this to my other option to get sim free and use virgin monthly sim only added up to £644... I suppose it isnt too bad but the thing is i had terrible experience with orange and i dont know if i want to commit to EE worried theyll just be just as bad as orange since it is the parent company or whatever they say it is

FiXxXeR520 says:

What about the US? They're killing me here lol

bibek08 says:

Im on O2 thinking about changing to Orange just to get my hands on the 920, do you think its a good idea? any one else on different network changing to EE/Orange/T-mobile just to get the 920. 

jenjen4u says:

Hey! 2years ago i left o2 for orange, probably not the best decision i made but EE might be different. I just really dislike orange mainly because i felt they lied to me and they basically was sneaky about telling me how much i would pay a month, EE on the other hand offers unlimited mins, and text and i think they will inform you if you are near to your data limit... im trying to decide now whether to join 4GEE but to be honest i dont feel the need for it, i was hoping to get sim free and join virgin mobile they use EE's 3G signal and offer pretty cheap sim only contracts even more cheap if you are already a virgin media customer

bibek08 says:

thats the thing.. i can't afford to buy sim free.. that was my first plan but just splashed £479 for surface :S, Im thinking of taking the 3g version of lumia 920 cause 4g in no where near my area. plus i want the orange wednesday XD. but yeah thanks for you input, appreciate it  

jenjen4u says:

I know i know im spending so much on these gadgets i just splashed on a surface too, have you received yours yet?? i havnt =( ordered on the 17th. by the way i also had an online chat with phones4u and the guy didnt have much information he said check back on friday... and also ive visited orange.co.uk and keep checking "coming soon" there is no sign of lumia 920 on their site... so it may well be true only be available through EE and Phones4u

bibek08 says:

Yeah got my surface yesterday, ordered mine on the 16th. the wait is worth it.. its awesome. :), hope you get yours tomorrow (y). yeah went to "EE" store today, they had the picture of the 920 on the wall but the staff had no idea when it was coming out.. which is a shame tho, they advertised the phone but have no idea about it..  i can bet i know more about that phone then they do..lool 

jenjen4u says:

Hey i just went on t-mobile online chat and he said they HOPE to have lumia 920 by the end of next month so im assuming the same situation for orange. although i doubt it will be available coz atm sounds like EE is trying to take a hold on these new lumias!

bibek08 says:

Im all confused now, I bet those orange and t-mobile staff have no idea about anything.. different story everytime.. will wait till friday for more info 

sudakoma says:

Im in the same position, my contract with O2 was up at the end of July but ive been holding out upgrading waiting for Lumia 920. After finding out about the EE exclusive (terrible move Nokia!) I have been scouring the net trying to find information. This thread, despite what the author says, has 'not' cleared anything up as different people are getting told different things, depending on who they speak to.
I phoned EE this morning to enquire about their plans and even though I'm in Glasgow, the 4G coverage doesn't quite reach my area but the sales rep I spoke to told me that the only way to get hold of a 920 was with EE, no mention of Orange/T-Mobile 3G plans to get one instead. I really dont want to move to EE, no point paying for a 4G that i cant get just to get my hands on a 920 but I will bite the bullet if I have to.
This evening i went into my local Phones4u store to enquire about a sim-free handset. Despite having a dummy white 920 on display the staff had no idea of pricing, and I couldn't pre-order. They just said come back at the end of the week when we should know more!
I'm just gonna hold on a couple more days and see if things become any clearer regarding the 920. Not very happy right now as I have been looking forward to the launch for a few months :-(

jenjen4u says:

I feel your pain ive been waiting for this phone for ages, phones4u online chat was pretty clueless, i  thought people working for the company would know relevant info especially that its suppose to be out by the weekend

VagrantWade says:

I would put money on Nov 11th for AT&T.

corsica says:

would it be possible at all for a German to order from phones4you? 459GBP is considerably cheaper than what has been touted as the phone's price in euros....

dreamerbala says:

"Phones4u" and "Premium Retail experience" in the same line !!!

robert brand says:

I believe they mean EE when they say that. RB

lazerblu says:

Disappointed & confused....
Can anyone confirm whether the 920 sold by Phones4U will be available unlocked?

I have been with Orange for 8 years never really had any probelems so am happy to switch over to EE in addition I live in a 4g area. I have phoned orange today and they have no idea when the 920 will be out. I am eyeing up the 12 month contracts for an extra £120 you an be out of contract in 12 months and then free to reduce your contact, buy a new phone or switch to another 4g network which will be everyone by then. Plus in 12 months 4g contacts might be more competitive as there will be COMPETITION. I really do think the 12 month contacts while not cheap are a real alternative to sim free. Plus you can always unlock your phone at the end of the 12 months. 4g Giffgaff with a 12 month old lumina 920 is an exiting prospect. 

jenjen4u says:

i agree i think 12month is the best option to choose with EE its the closest to a simfree L920 and £10month sim only rolling contract (basing this on 12months too)

TheSteel says:

I just got off the phone to Orange, who I have been with for the last 9 years, as I am due an upgrade. I asked about the 920 and they said they should have had it in on Monday but now expect it by the end of the week. Weird thing is, she also said I'll be able to get it from them, for FREE, on a 12month contract using my existing tariff, plus get a 10% line rental discount due to the build up of loyalty bonuses I have... works out to be approx. £35 a month! Something isn't right there me thinks...

c8m6p says:

High contast mode is so sexy.

DavidC1980 says:

£459 just made this a bit more interesting. So for the top WP8 handsets we have HTC at £399, Samsung at £432 and Nokia at £459. I had worried that the Nokia was going to be over a crazy £500 mark but at just £30 more than the Samsung I'm a bit tempted.
All three are looking like really good choices. I definitely need to see them in person before choosing.

damn, I like that black on the white background.

shinygerbil says:

OK, all I'm interested in is...will anywhere in the UK be offering the 920 in RED?? EE are only showing the black and white on their shop...Phones4u still have no info either!

I thought that Phones4U were going to be selling red & yellow as sim-free?

So someone at Nokia thought it would be a great idea to make it exclusive to what is essentially a brand new provider with high 4g costs....*claps*
But atleast it isn't over £500 off contract

StaticPlaya says:

That someone was Stephen Elop he said it was a bad move selling on multiple networks in an Engadget interview. He was so wrong.

DavidC1980 says:

EE (4g), Orange and T-Mobile (3G), not just EE.

conair346 says:

The whole network is the same. Same masts, same frequency and same shops. To the majority and within its the same. No amount of PR can separate the brands now and Elop screwed up by selecting the biggest by customer numbers and highest customer dissatisfaction rated network.
I think more than EE are having an identity crisis.

PurpleOmen says:

I think Nokia has just disappointed a hell of a lot more customers! First all that cr#p on at&t now they have just slapped us all in the face here in the UK. I think Nokia have so much potential especially with Microsoft and windows phone but they seriously need to re think their selling stratagies, they will go bust if they're not careful.....

StaticPlaya says:

I hope the exclusivity deal is only for one month like the nexus 4 on O2. I've been waiting for a new phone for ages still using a HD7.

Gmotagi says:

Guys fear not. Clove have it listed as early November, no prices yet though but it will be competitive there and unlocked. http://www.clove.co.uk/nokia-lumia-920

sudakoma says:

I can confirm what Gmotagi has said as I am just off the phone to one of the guys at Clove and he said it will be available sim free some time next week and 'definately' not be locked to EE's network. They also list my preferred colour, grey (my first choice colour would have been Cyan to match my surface that's just been delivered this morning - awesome piece of work Microsoft, my iPad will be going on Ebay later) but it looks like happy days are ahead!

kuroneko0509 says:

can we put order now or need to wait for a while at Clove?

sudakoma says:

They are not taking orders yet as they don't have pricing information up but you can leave your email address and they say they will email once they are available to order.

wrighty694 says:

oh dear, the Lumia 920 pages appear to have disappeard from the Digital Phone Co website.... http://www.digital-phone.co.uk/manufacturer/nokia.aspx ..... I have to say, this exclusivity with EE isn't looking that wise atm, given their 'premium' pricing vision, and the open-endedness of the exclusivity is, in my very humble opinion, a very poor idea indeed....

kuroneko0509 says:

I think they removed it for a while because they couldn't confirm whether they'll manage to get stock by 5th November. Got this e-mail from them.

We have been advised today that unfortunately we will not be receiving stock of the Nokia Lumia 920 as expected on the 5th November and are therefore unable to fulfil your order on this date. We are in discussions and hope to give you an update early next week.
Please be aware that we may not be able to respond to enquiries regarding this until Tuesday 6th November. The website number willnot be able to deal with enquiry’s about Pre Orders of the Nokia Lumia 920.
Sorry for any inconvenience
We will contact you early next week with an update and to see how you would like to proceed with your order.


fancyabrew says:

got my 920 today from an EE shop.  I was on Orange and due an upgrade, so I change my plan from Dolphin to Panther and went from 250mb to 1gb of data for an extra £1.50'ish a month (I was paying £34.50p a month) and got the phone for FREE and a free wireless charger so very happy!  I was expecting to have to pay something up front fo the phone, so far very happy with it