UK mobile operator EE to invest £275 million in mobile calls during 2014


UK mobile operator EE has announced today that the company will be investing £275 million in mobile calls next year. The plan is to drive new benchmarks for quality and reliability when using your mobile phone to make a call. In total, 11,000 2G sites are being upgraded on the network, while capacity will be doubled on 7,000 3G sites. Experiencing some slowdowns? Hopefully those will soon be a thing of the past.

That's the plan for 2014, anyway. This investment is part of a £1.5 billion network pool of funding. Here's what Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE had to comment on the announcement:

"While we consistently outperform on the standard UK benchmark for voice call quality and reliability, I don’t believe the benchmark is right. I think the UK mobile industry can do better, and we intend to improve the experience for our customers, taking our quality and reliability to levels to those achieved by other operators across Europe."

The company boasts how its network has already been upgraded to handle more calls with more capacity, alongside a new Home Location Register database being installed to increase call set up success. 2014 will also see trials of future call services, including 4G voice (VoLTE) and voice over Wi-Fi.



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j_jabbar says:

My contract expires in April...so hopefully should have enough time to start seeing improvements

adrian1338 says:

just hope for better competition and nicer prices

MrA2Z says:

"consistently outperform"...nice joke

Cubeddd says:

After three months of what's was seemingly a lost cause, I finally got an unlock code from EE for my 920. Maybe part of that money should go to their customer service and tech team.

Lloyd Grose says:

Got sick of the poor signal ee were providing in sw London and central London so joined o2. Looked like o2/telefonica were more willing to invest in wp8 but we'll see whether this is true or not

plasmid_uk says:

I work in the SW of London and it's pretty pants. Though it has improved in the last couple of months.

afgzee says:

is that why EE were on Watchdog several times over the high number of dropped calls and calls going to voicemail even though there was signal?

Anyway, Three will be offering 4G for free in the next few weeks and Three & EE will both be launching voLTE at around the same time, we already get HD voice on Three's 3G network so no reason to pay a premium with EE

Jealy666 says:

My time with EE has been brilliant. Coverage is ace including 4G in my town (Blackburn) and all neighbouring towns.

I haven't dealt with their customer support at all as I haven't had any issues but I have asked them several questions via Facebook messages and they have always replied.

To hear that they're improving it further is good news! I'll probably stay with them next year when my 24 month contract ends in November.

hovesteve says:

I don't Three is anything to shout about. At least not here on the south coast.

Narr says:

They should have invested this money years ago.

Eurovillager says:

I live in an old cottage with thatch roof and 9" brick walls. I can get 5 bars signal strength anywhere around the house. If I step 3' inside my house the signal disappears. Is there some rule in the uk that the rest of Europe don't follow regarding signal strength. I can't recall anywhere in France where I have lost mobile signal.

afgzee says:

it has something to do with which bands the mast near your home is operating on