Unibeam updated, receives a slight makeover and bug fixes


Unibeam is a simple flashlight app for Windows Phone 8 that has an eye-appealing interface.  Unibeam was recently updated to version 1.3, which adds a few new features, gives the app a slight makeover and fixes a few bugs.

The new features include a SOS mode that utilizes the Morse code format in time of emergency and a battery status on the Live Tile.  The makeover removes the Joker theme, revamps the Ironman theme and improves voice command support and performance.

Unibeam's Ironman Makeover and Live Tile Battery Status

As far as bug fixes are concerned, Unibeam has a tendency to shut down Xbox Music when launched.  Version 1.3 should address this issue and should not interrupt music playback when launched.

It is our understanding that new themes are in the works and if everything falls into place, should be included in the next update.  Unibeam is one of the nicer looking flashlight apps for Windows Phone 8, it is a free app and can be snatched up here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Unibeam



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irsyadhhs says:

Too many flashlight app. Hmmm

So its basically an Ironman torch now!

wonder1070 says:

Cuts off Pandora though.... Jst tried it

kingll says:

Just updated it, now it's not working ☹

alv3st3r says:

Uninstall and then reinstall it again.

Why not use flashlight xt,no ads and clean simple interface, no bs.

Nakazul says:

I like how quick the app launces. Faster is better. I also like the graphics.
What i don't like is the new live tile. I want the option to turn it off and have it be static like before. The battery icon can only go to 99 and I'm not sure, but it may be draining my battery noticeably. Turning off the background tasks kills the app so it won't start.
Nice to see it being heavily worked on and I will wait for the next update and keep it as main app. But I want better.
I'm on L 1020.