UniShare and MultiShare both receive updates in the social sharing war


Windows Phone 8.1 is being enjoyed by consumers who have managed to install the Developer Preview and developers are having fun with new APIs released by Microsoft. We're looking at two multi-social network sharing solutions that have recently been updated – UniShare and MultiShare.

First up is UniShare, which has simply had a name change (version, not much else to report here. The app used to be branded as "My Multi Share Target", but that was simply a development title and not entirely user-friendly. The new branding, while easily confused for an app related to universities and more, is a significant improvement.

QR: UniShare

MultiShare Windows Phone


Next up is MultiShare, which brings back the ability to share to multiple social networks, just like UniShare. Version 1.2.0 brings the following (note that some of these could have been in previous updates):

  • Now you can upload images to Facebook & Twitter (beta)
  • Now available in Italian and Dutch (more languages are coming)
  • Improved characters counter
  • New TextBox with a X to delete all the text
  • Now you can disconnect from Facebook
  • Fixed a bug with Facebook login
  • Fixed a bug when you tried to share a link
  • Minor changes

A recommended download with all the updates this app is receiving.

QR: MultiShare



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vkelkar says:

Guys anyone can help I am not able to uninstall or update multishare... Not showing up in storage sense :(

xratola says:

I use multishare. Has the best UI ;)

I have no friends do no use for me. At least I have my personality.

coldfilter says:

Personality is overrated give me looks and wealth any day of the week

Garneth says:

Some people have all three *_*

Marco Gomes1 says:

What about the weekends?!

Starbane says:

Someone should create an app called Megashare that trumps these

cannon#WP says:

My app will be OmniShare. It'll share you status through both UniShare and MultiShare at the same time.

bawboh86 says:

Send the idea to Kim Dotcom. >_>

TechAbstract says:

That name will send him to prison very fast lol

ericmackrodt says:

Just wait until the end of the week or early in the next one ;)

paulheu says:

Still feel Microsoft giving up control and integration of social media in the OS is a very, very bad idea. It will create clutter, it will break a uniform an solid approach and workflow and does only add required extra buttons, actions and more clutter.. It was all so clean and smooth.. it will get messy quickly now.



ericmackrodt says:

I kind of agree.
Remember the Somoked by Windows Phone campaign?
The whole point of the campaign was the social network integration directly to the OS.

But, as a developer, being able to integrate the apps better with the system is awesome either.

atherosxd says:

I am the only that both of the apps will crash when trying to post with facebook? Unishare will crash when adding the account. Multishare can connect but posting will make it crash.

m.assal says:

I think sharit is better becuase it works fine in both WP8 and WP8.1 and allows multiple accounts of each type.

ScubaDog says:

I've been using My Multi Share Target/Unishare for some time.  It only supports Twitter and Facebook, so I still have to separately post to LinkedIn.  It annoyingly requires me to click OK after it posts to each social network.  And it's not integrated with the Me tile.  I'm just so flipping angry about how badly Microsoft has screwed up Windows Phone now that I no longer recommend the platform to friends.