United Airlines and Delta updated for Windows Phone

United Airlines for Windows Phone

It’s late here in San Francisco. Build 2013 starts in a couple of hours and thousands of people from around the globe are here attending. A number of those will be flying United Airlines and Delta when they leave in a few days. For those folks, both apps for Windows Phone have received updates. Let’s see what’s new.


A quick glance at the latest updated for United doesn’t reveal any significant changes. With no change log either we’re inclined to think this was a performance/bug update. If you’ve had problems in the past with this app and they’ve been remedied sound off below. Grab it here for Windows Phone 8 or use the QR code below.  

QR: United

Fly Delta

Unlike United, Delta has included what’s new with their latest update. Version will bring two things for users. First off, they’ve updated the login to now accept the password. Always a good thing. Second, several bug fixes mixed in with some performance enhancements. Get the app right here in the Store or use the QR code below.

QR: Fly Delta

So no major UI overhaul or functionality additions to either app. But seeing big name apps like these get updates is typically a sign of a somewhat healthy platform. And we'll take that. 

Thanks for the tips Jim M and Aaron N!



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chucky says:

No JetBlue app?

Sarang68 says:

Can you tell me what's the time in San Francisco now please,Sam?

Right now, it is 1:14 AM, June 26.

Sarang68 says:

So he says that build starts in a couple of hours? Isn't it at 9.00 a.m. PDT so still 8 hours or am i wrong?

mR sAxO says:

Its at 9 a.m. actually, but other than that you're correct.

Sarang68 says:

Oops. Stand corrected. Thanks

edsal says:

It seem to load faster (untied app).

I wish Amtrak would come to Windows Phone! I have their app on my HTC One and Nexus 7, it's an awesome app!

jlynnm350z says:

How about some more halo wallpapers Sam. Getting pumped for assault, can't wait!

narv says:

Ok Southwest... you're next, right?! >.<

JohnStrk says:

Awesome news!  Just in time for my upcoming vacation.  Downloaded the Fly Delta app and it seems to work great so far.

tribexx says:

If I can get:
SouthWest Airlines

For the United App, the Mileage Balance at the top of the main menu now occasionally updates (it alternates between the current and an outdated balance).  Otherwise, the new feature is the app sometimes crashes when clicking on a reservation... 

antsmarchin says:

No Jetblue app anytime soon... I contacted them a few days ago asking about a possible Win Phone 8 app and a rep's response:

Thank you for contacting JetBlue Airways regarding a Windows Phone app. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.
We don't anticipate adding an App to the Windows 8 phone. We understand this would likely be very convenient for you. We will be sure to share your suggestion. Make sure to check jetblue.com for any updates.
Thank you for choosing JetBlue. We look forward to having you onboard.


Raesu says:

Hell JetBlue only made an app last year on ios and it sucks.

Hiran Perera says:

So i fly a lot and live in Canada, so I fly air canada mainly, and realized there is no Air Canada app. In searching for an app i found this: https://www.change.org/petitions/air-canada-create-an-air-canada-app-for...
even if you don't fly air canada, please sign the petition, because we need to promote more big companies making apps for wp!!