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A handful of weeks ago Unity opened up early beta access for apps on the Windows store, enabling developers to try out the tools available. We were all wondering just when the company would open up the beta program and cover Windows Phone 8 development. That time has arrived, folks. It has been announced on the Unity blog that version 4 of the engine now covers Windows Phone 8.

Developers are urged to crack on with testing the engine and preview Unity 4 for Windows Phone. Should developers jump aboard the Unity train completely, they'll be able to get prepared for game development across Microsoft's Windows ecosystem. So how does one participate in the beta program? You're required to register over on the Unity website. The program consists of two parts:

  • Participants can discuss issues, ask questions, give feedback to Unity engineers  and report bugs via the mailing list (note that this can result in significant email traffic)
  • Windows Phone 8 beta builds, info on how to get started and all other relevant information is hosted on the beta site

It's also worth noting that Windows Phone 8 support isn't yet at a mature level, so bugs and performance issues are to be expected. Existing games can be ported to Windows Phone 8 using the alpha / beta builds of Unity and a two month trial license key will unlock platform support in the Unity toolset. Projects developed with the trial license are watermarked and are not for commercial release. Baby steps, folks.

When can we expect to see Unity 4 released for Windows Phone 8? It's stated that the company is working hard to get version 4.2 shipped, which will be followed closely by the support for Microsoft's mobile platform. We haven't gone over everything in the blog post, so be sure to head on over to Unity to read more on the beta access.

Source: Unity 



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When will Unity developed games ne available for RT?

Drewidian says:

And more importantly, when can I buy those games once and have them work everywhere including Windows 8 PCs/Tablets? Yes I'm aware of Galactic Reign, but its not quite what I have in mind. I know they are working on unifying the stores, but I'm anxiously awaiting this day.

awesumjon says:

MORE importantly, when will games using Unreal Engine 3 be ported to WinRT? (The full engine, not the one meant for mobile development)

Reflexx says:

I love Unity.

They're huge in mobile and for browser-based 3D games.

They also make the porting process pretty easy.

Within 2 or 3 months after this is officially ready we should see a ton of games ported.

John1506 says:

Holy crap it's going down now cannot wait!!!!

220SeaChaser says:

Can't... Handle.... Too..... much...... One...... day........

Nakazul says:

Look out, he's gonna blow!!! :D

lol easy take a deep breath

Montpbm says:

Hahahah lmbo!

I just signed up for the beta. just received an email this morning from MS about GDC and when I read the Unity announcement and beta availability, was so thrilled.!! Windows phone is getting more awesome each day!!!

This does seem like the penny has dropped these are all great things for our chosen platform the marketplace is really opening up and i actually feel excited.