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unity 4

Unity Technologies have announced on their official blog that version 4.2 of the popular game engine is now available. Three new platforms are officially supported with this version, including Windows Phone 8 and Windows. We've previously looked at the beta program opening up to Microsoft's new platforms, but this marks as a huge step in the right direction for developers to create more advanced content for consumers.

The new version of Unity enables developers who already use the engine and tools on other platforms to migrate across to Windows Phone 8 and Windows with ease. Some titles have already made it to the store (Temple Run being a perfect example along with Drift Mania Championship 2), but what's more is that Microsoft has also nailed a partnership deal with Unity for the Xbox One. We'll eventually see Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox One all supporting the popular game engine.

With Unity 4.2, those who are using the free version can publish to any mobile platform they wish without paying out, while Unity Pro users can take advantage of the Windows Store Pro deployment option, which includes both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store apps. Speaking of free and pro versions, the company has added numerous Pro-only features to the free version of Unity, including real-time shadows, text-based serialisation of materials and NavMesh baking. 

Here's a quick overview of the new features in 4.2:

  • GPU Skinning (requires Unity Pro)
  • Completely automatic, no custom shaders needed.
  • Works on DirectX 11 (via stream-out), OpenGL ES 3.0 (via transform feedback) and Xbox 360 (via memexport). Other platforms will continue to use CPU skinning.
  • Optimized and updated Image Effects
  • Stencil buffer access (requires Unity Pro). Shaders can define stencil buffer operations, for optimizations or special effects.
  • Static & dynamic batching for shadow casters & shadow collector pass. Note: many shadow casters can be batched even if they use different materials! They will be batched as long as the actual shadow caster shader & material properties affecting them are the same.
  • Shuriken Collision Event Callback Scripting Interface: Efficient callbacks on GameObjects and Particle Systems are issued when Shuriken particle collisions occur. Per particle callback data includes collision positions, incident velocities, surface normals and Collider references. Use this feature to can cause damage to GameObjects and apply forces to rigidbodies.

The editor is also touched on in the blog post, as well as mobile support, audio and other platforms (Linux, Mac , etc). It's a large announcement, particularly for those who will be interested in utilising the free license. We haven't covered everything so be sure to head on over to Unity's blog post to check out everything that's new in 4.2.

Source: Unity; Thanks, Ewert, for the tip!



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Woembah says:

I read it as if they dropped Windows Phone support, i almost cried :P

Sarang68 says:

Perhaps a better word than (drops) could have been used. Maybe something like full version

wpn00b says:

Haha, I went back and read the title and totally see how you saw it that way. Unfortunately, we have seen it enough around here that it wouldn't be surprising :(

Jazmac says:

Holy crap I read it like that too. lol. I'm a little too paranoid about apps dropping from WP these days. Its affecting my perceptions.

sasukeluffy says:

Temple Run Oz please :)

kokola95 says:

Temple Run 2 is coming !!!

sarim_xyz says:

So, what does it mean? New games? Which ones?

Reflexx says:

Unity is the biggest mobile game engine.

One reason for its popularity is that you could make a game and publish to different platforms. Unity takes care of making the code work on that platform.

Some games can be directly ported with no changes. Many only require very minor changes.

So this should mean a large influx of games coming over the next few months.

At first we'll mainly see ports.

Fndlumia says:

Holy shit batman! A school bus just smashed into my bedroom and I didn't even wake up!

So now make all 1gb ram only games for 512mb ram phones

VidJuhEffex says:

Or if you are really into gaming, get a phone which suits your needs...

Anidh Singh says:

Good...... Even more good games r coming..

jlynnm350z says:

Great!! Now make some damn games. I'm afraid after playing Halo everything else is well. . . Just going to suck. Knowing that games could be that good and aren't. Halo set the bar very high, probably unreachable unless a little CO. Wants to spend, I don't know I'm guessing here, 3 thousand on developing a game. I'm sure Halo was not cheap. Im rambling so bye.

Nakazul says:

Great, more games that will make my L920 last even shorter.