Unknown LG-T130L Windows Phone shows up on Occasional Gamer

Continuing with yesterday's trend of new "Mango" phones showing up in Windows Phone apps that collect data, today we bring you the LG-T130L.

If that name doesn't inspire awe, well sir, you have some issues! But in all seriousness, we have no idea beyond that title nor LG's other unknown handset, the LG-LS831. But combined with their other upcoming phone, the LG E906 and we can see LG seems to have a growing stable of Mango phones. It remains to be seen, however, if they will sell better this time around.

Source: Occasional Gamer; vai MonWindowsPhone



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RogueCode says:

Here are the least used devices from one of my apps:LG-C900k SchubertGW910 CETUS Eternity X310e SGH-i937 Mazaa Taylor E900 T9295T9296 USCCHTC-PC93100 LG-C900B E600 800

luimende says:

I'm sure they would've sold if they actually tried to sell them. I had zero LG options on sprint, and zero options on tmo and Verizon. I would've bought an LG optimus given the chance. Not a quantum that one is ugly.

Winterfang says:

If they have great screens and cameras like the new Android LG phones, then keep them coming =)