Unlocked bootloader for Lumia 900 allows custom ROMs but not an easy task

Of all the Nokia devices to have been graced by custom ROMs, the Lumia 900 to our knowledge remains an exception. Before one applies a custom ROM, the so-called bootloader needs to be “unlocked” (and that’s very different from SIM unlocking). We won’t get into the messy details, but that’s the gist of it and so far, the 900 has not been unlocked  for loading some sweet custom work.

ATF box

Now a report coming out of WinPhoneViet seems to show that the Lumia 900 can be unlocked as well, but it’s going to be way more advanced than what most users can do on a weekend afternoon. Evidently the process here requires an ATF Box, which is a physical third-party device used for flashing around Nokia phones, and taking the phone apart. Yes, you read that correctly. Throw in the fact that the info comes via a Vietnamese phone forum (for translation challenges) and this could be quite the DIY Project.

Physical bootloader unlocks are messy, to say the least. But this could be the first step in getting a software bootloader unlock and something more readily applicable for you “enthusiast” users out there.

Source: WinPhoneViet; Thanks, Tùng Hà, for the tip!



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Nice! hope there will be easy way. 

anierinwp says:

If only you could dual boot wp8 and android on a Nokia Lumia 920

WPfreak8 says:

nice joke! XD

It's a good idea.Lol

Jammo says:

Android? Why in hell would you want that? I hate having to switch back to android in my daily use.

anierinwp says:

Because the open source of android and the secureness of the wp8.

theefman says:

And dont forget all the malware!

Beshoy Hanna says:

I councur, at best we may see a WP8 port to the Lumia 900 (making the 1saleaday deals a real steal!!)

kwambe5 says:

^this would be great!

Greall55 says:

best regard from Viet Nam :D you rock, bro V

anierinwp says:

And I don't see that ever happening because of the secure boot loader on wp8 witch checks for malware upon full boot

adrian1338 says:

I dont see you ever using the fricking reply button. Why should something declared as "secure" ever be a problem in the IT

3DPiper says:

Where's the camera button on that "Lumia 900"?

Jnbs says:

Interesting... Is it an N9? I think the N9 has the flash on the top like the L800

Beshoy Hanna says:

they hacked the N9 to run WP7 XD

No the N9's flash is located at the same place as the L900 and L920, it also doesn't have a dedicated camera button so it is most definitely a Nokia N9 in the picture.

Which picture are you talking about?
On the first picture, this is definately Lumia 900
You can click to Winphoneviet to see original pictures that I posted 

DaveGx says:

Wow. If it took this long, there may never be an easier way. I'd live to see something for my 920, but I know it'll never happen.


Perhaps I should start taking my yellow lumia 900 out of its box again......

WinFan1 says:

yellow lumia 900???? i get the feeling your lying.


I had it chromed with a yellow hue. Nokia never released a yellow Lumia 900.

Rich White says:

By the time they crack the Lumia 920 there will be a Surface Pro phone running BlueStacks and the usual windows customization stuff from Stardock, etc

That's a dream!!

Zamir Yusof says:

i wish they can dual boot wp lumia phone with meego (or any of its latest version). 

ejright says:

I'll second that...

KongsPhone says:

Third... sort of.  Sounds like Sailfish is the future of Meego.  
Love my N9...

Dethzilla says:

Hell... i would be happy if I could get the official firmware for my wifes 900.