Cyan updates

Canada gets Lumia Cyan for Lumia 520 and 620

More 1020 on Cyan

Lumia 1020 Cyan updates expand

Cortana in More Regions

Activate Cortana alpha version in India, Canada, and Australia

General News

Cortana will be fluent in Canadian in time for Windows Phone 8.1

General News

Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use

From the Forums

Are you on T-Mobile US and want a Nokia Lumia 1520? You have options


Nokia Lumia 920 reportedly gets jailbroken, but there are more questions than answers

Microsoft News

Microsoft set to invade Canada on October 26th with a new retail store

Windows Phone News

Lumia 1020 up for preorder direct from Nokia in India, goes on sale in Singapore

Windows Phone News

PSA - Canada Lumia 520 owners now getting Amber update

Windows Phone News

Nokia Lumia 625 heading to TELUS on October 3rd; will be priced at $300

Windows Phone News

Nokia Lumia 1020 launching in Canada on October 3rd with Rogers and TELUS

Windows Phone News

Deal alert: Unlocked HTC 8X with 16GB for just $179

Windows Phone News

Canada’s Lumia 520 about to get Amber’d on Telus, Rogers and more

Windows Phone News

Rogers puts Nokia Lumia 1020 up for pre-order, offers free camera grip too

Windows Phone News

Coming Soon: Nokia Lumia 1020 teased on the TELUS website

Windows Phone News

HTC 8X, 8S on Bell Mobility and Rogers started receiving GDR2 too; get Data Sense

Windows Phone News

Lumia 1020 not to be exclusive to Rogers in Canada, also heading to TELUS with Lumia 625

Windows Phone News

Rogers introducing the Nokia Lumia 1020 to Canada this October

Windows Phone News

AT&T SIM unlocking Nokia Lumia 1020; gets blazing fast LTE on T-Mobile too

< >

Unlocked international version of HTC Titan available in Canada

HTC Titan

If you're up north and you just need the HTC Titan, unbranded and unlocked, then you can head to where you can order it for $739.99  CAD. This is the same one we took a look at a few weeks ago (see video) and features the following bands: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz ; HSPA/WCDMA: 850/900/2100 MHz .

We should also note it's not shipping for a few days and all sales are final, which never sits well with us. We're sure the deal is legit and who knows when a carrier in Canada will be getting 2nd gen phones, so this may be your best bet until we hear more from Bell and the like.

Source: NCIX; Thanks, Nataku4ca, for the heads up!



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mythos13 says:

Somebody stop me...please.

At $140 premium over what we'd pay at a local carrier...... Gotta think about this one.

That is nuts. Way too much for a phone. Even the $500 price tag is too high. 
You can get a damn computer for that price lol. 

alifarhatt says:

Just received mine off ebay for USD $660 delivered. Not too much to pay if context of $24 month contractual obligations.

viper_crazy says:

I was in at a TELUS store and I outright asked the rep if TELUS is getting any of the new Windows Phones and he said "We haven't heard any news on the Nokia handsets." "Nokia?!" I said. Then he said that any news will be on the TELUS web site.....

lorettaboy says:

As somebody already mentioned above, you can get these on ebay for about $650CDN including shipping. In the past I have made the trip across the border and purchased directly from at&t. Either way its a shame we Canadians can't try before we buy :(

johns12 says:

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