Unlocked Lumia 900 available at Unlocked Mobiles for £445

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Unlocked Mobiles has joined Amazon by offering the Lumia 900 Windows Phone for £445.98, a fairly attractive price. The recently launched flagship device is also available at Clove UK for £468 after a delay due to high demand present in American markets.

Sporting a 4.3" display, 1.4Ghz chip, 512MB RAM, 8MP rear shooter (with FF camera) and 16GB storage, the black Lumia 900 is available for next-day delivery with optional insurance from Unlocked Mobiles.

Will you be picking one up?

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benandarchie says:

Nice. I really want a Nokia lumia 900 because of the front-facing camera and bigger screen. But the Nokia lumia 800 is still great :)

What is a web sit I can get unlocked code for the lumia 710 I bought that I'm tryn to use on At&t?

DROID268 says:

Will this work.with tmobile 3g?

tbonenga says:

NO, I've seen them on eBay and they clearly state no 3G on Tmobile

Not until T-mobile refarms their existing 3G network which is currently in progress

tbonenga says:

Years away unless you're in a major city

WilliamC1972 says:

No. Will not work on T mobile's 3g network in the U.S.

yeahbuddy78 says:

Buy mint used on eBay for ~$280 and unlock for $30. Profit?

tbonenga says:

Unlocked from Rogers will work on att fine. No 3G for tmobile though. As of now there is no unlock codes for the att 900.

thenet says:

nokia 900 is nice phone but I am happy with my HTC arrive wp 7.5 smartphone. Just love my querty keyboard which great for business use. Just dont like virtual key board. I will update phone when wp 8 arrives in sprint

gwydionjhr says:

Does it come with the Network Profile App?  How exactly would I set up MMS messaging with this phone?

woogie_burns says:

Lumia 900 is also available at the Carphone Warehouse in selected stores from today for £449.95. It still says pre-order for delivery on 28th May on their website but you if go to order it sim free it shows in stock, also shows the monster headest and a £50 app card offer. 

dazzztom says:

In England seen a lot of lumia 800 phones in second hand shops grade a quality at £150 just not catching on Nokia need to do more fast

1101x10 says:

Doesn't offer enough over the 800 to justify the high price for me.

hancoUK1 says:

A bit too much for a WP, for me anyhow.

VikArmo says:

Got my white one on the 11th from Phones4U for £460. Only place that had it in stock as the 900 was exclusive to them. I guess that exclusivity is over now.

pierrerv says:

If I was in the UK, yes I would

Why is there an advertising of the Samsung galaxy note on the Xbox 360 dashboard???? I have yet to see them advertise windows phones on them

gonzo00612 says:

I need.a at&t nokia lumia unlock code... Any page??? Thanks

andycam82 says:

If I am being perfectly honest, I would not buy this or any other current windows phone. The divergence in specifications from the top end android handsets (and the iPhone to a lesser extent) is too high given the similar prices. In my opinion its worth waiting 6 months for WP8 and multi core support, bigger screens and SD card support....and importantly not taking the risk it won't run WP8!

issieman says:

Agreed!!! Buy a cheap unlocked Nokia 710 in the UK for £130. ( don't sign any contract)

I got a white lumia 900 from phones4u for £460. Its the only colour they had due to high demand in America. Everywhere else I tried in UK said pre-order. Works on Tesco mobile using an iPhone mini sim.

alian-alex says:

wow.. its really awsome cell i like it.. function its so cool.. !!
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