Unofficial 9GAG app updated with Facebook comments and more


Rudy Huyn is a popular name within the Windows Phone community, namely for the array of apps he has published to the store itself. 9GAG is one of them. The unofficial client enables fans of the humour website to check out latest posts and more while on the move. The app has today been updated to version Head on past the break for the list of changes.

9GAG App

Here's the change log for

  • 5 new channels: Cosplay, Gif, NSFW (not safe for work) and Geeky
  • Improved picture upload
  • Display 9GAG comments + Facebook comments
  • Altered back button behaviour, when you have an image zoomed, back button displays normal zoom

While we remain patient for an official app from the 9GAG team, we're content with Rudy's superb offering. You can download 9GAG from the Windows Phone Store for free.




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dKp1977 says:

Wondering if the paid version of his great 9Gag app will receive the same love soon. :)

rodneyej says:

Who's this Rudy character❔... What's he got that I don't❔

rodneyej says:

That's no big deal.. I got all his apps.. Lol❕

Yeah i can't find a link to download the paid version :( i imagine I'll get a notification in the store tmr though

Update: I installed the free version as well, and through the free version hit the pay for ad free version, brought me to the store with no option to update, says its already in my collection. So I'm sure we will get it very soon :)

gizzzmo says:

A little bit off topic, but what annoys me about Windows Phone apps is that they hardly ever receive any updates... Flickr, Spotify, Ebay, BBC Iplayer and milions more.

Btw, where's Path? :(

shamrock1988 says:

Apparently there is a updating coming early this year for ebay.

shamrock1988 says:

Also i like the idea of path but it hasn't caught on here. So if its available on ios and android and hasn't caught on its a bit worthless. For my anyway :(

MajjieD says:

BBC are so highly biased anti-Microsoft it's a joke. However, the others... good point.

shamrock1988 says:

Keep er lit Rudy

Devmer11 says:

Same with fhotoroom

schlubadub says:

Awesome... good to see the 9gag comments in there. The Facebook comments are deserted (and rightfully so)

Dazzi says:

That name sounds so wrong -- S & M comes to mind......

TimonVS says:

Will the paid version also be updated soon? As I don't see the paid version listed in the store anymore :/.

Vanezzable says:

It has never been listed, you always had to download the free one first to get the link to the paid one.. kinda annoying, but this was a way to simulate in-app purchases in Windows Phone 7.5.

eskerrik says:

I've got the ad removed version and there's no update for that. Kinda disappointing. It's like I paid to use older version.

My free version hasn't gotten the update yet either. Don't worry, it just takes time to hit everyone, everywhere.

Vanezzable says:

Rudy said on twitter that he submitted the update for the paid version 30 seconds after the free one, just waiting for the Microsoft approval.

PBLNS says:

Love it! specially de change in the behavior of the back button! 

Nimdock says:

The title is incorrect. It already had Facebook comments. 9Gag comments were added.

QilleRz says:

Great. I am waiting for this update. Thanks Rudy !

nokiauser911 says:

9gaggers Re-Group!

I thought rudy huyn was a women