Unofficial Grooveshark client coming for Windows Phone [Video]

Grooveshark is a streaming service that allows you to pick any artist, song or album and simply create playlists to listen to on your computer, tablet or phone. Unlike Pandora or IHeartRadio, it does not give you new artists/songs based off of your listening preference. Instead, it's more like just streaming the music you want to hear with no experimentation.

The HTML5 site works well enough on Windows Phone for streaming in IE9 but Grooveshark have stated they have no intentions for a dedicated client for Windows Phone. That's too bad. However, the developer of MetroRadio (an unofficial Pandora app for Windows Phone) is now working on Groovyshark, an unofficial Grooveshark client for our devices.


We took the alpha build (i.e. pre-beta) for a test drive just to show you that indeed you can hook-into Grooveshark. We also got a sneak peek at the new "screensaver" function that's coming to MetroRadio too which is very reminiscent of Zune's music player on the Zune HD and Zune Desktop. That latter feature is something many have wanted Windows Phone to have built in so it's nice to see someone is working on it.

Groovyshark will hopefully be out in a few weeks to the Windows Phone Marketplace with full queue and playlist functionality built in. We'll keep you posted on  its developments right here at WPCentral.



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We need DIGITALY IMPORTED music app

schlubadub says:

Download the "TuneIn Radio" app. In the app search for "digitally imported" and you have all the DI channels :)

Hell yeah thanx I just checked this today lol

http://www.di.fm/apps they had on ther site last year sayn "In the works for wp7 and BlackBerry" well BlackBerry got one but still no wp7

amieldl says:

Awesome good enough for me...

jonasthebee says:

Artist Info has an even nicer screensaver

Can't wait for Grooveshark to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace? Then download the WP7 app here: http://www.jeremiahisaacson.com/Grooveshark.xap
To install, side load the .xap file. Instructions here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Txv6ldiNqo


Grooveshark native app pics can be seen here: http://www.jeremiahisaacson.com/