Unofficial Grooveshark Client in the works gives hope for Windows Phone users

Grooveshark Windows Phone

We’ve talked about Grooveshark clients supposedly coming to Windows Phone in the past, and for reasons unknown, they have never materialized. There are “wrappers” for Grooveshark’s HTML5 website allowing users to stream music, but that’s quite far from a full app experience.

Now a fairly well known developer, SciLor, is evidently throwing his hat in the ring to give it a shot. What makes SciLor’s attempt a little more interesting is the fact he makes a popular Grooveshark app for Android called GrooveMobile, a PC downloader app for the service and he even had a Windows Mobile Grooveshark client back in the day. In other words, he has the chops and experience to actually pull this off in a non-amateur way.

Grooveshark Windows Phone

The evidence for his Windows Phone 8 client comes via his Facebook page, where it shows an image from some developer tools with “SciLor’s Grooveshark API WP8 (Project 1), and the tease “What do you think is happening at the moment ;)”.

Of course, the big hurdle for a third-party Grooveshark client coming to Windows Phone may be Microsoft. It has been murmured that due to Grooveshark’s iffy legal status (they abandoned Germany due to licensing costs), Microsoft may not be allowing even third-party clients to appear on the marketplace.

We’ll keep following this as it progress. Fingers crossed.

Regarding any hope for an official solution, the last we heard from the company on the matter was one-year ago where they were adamant about no current plans for Windows Phone 7.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, MBaumi, for the heads up



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backlashsid says:

Good news ! I use grooveshark...this will be nice to have !

gregsedwards says:

Not sure what the big deal is. Grooveshark has a nice HTML5 mobile site that works just fine on my Windows Phone.

backlashsid says:

Not on mine and not sure why ! I contacted them a few times and the reponse was "that the HTML5 site has been made with Android and iOs in mind" smh -_-

Tronberry says:

HTML5 site is sketchy at best.. it "works", but I would rather have something that was built with Windows Phone in mind.

link68759 says:

On every WP phone I've tried it on, the html5 site will not advance to the next song in a playlist automatically. How is that ok? It's just barely functional.

peterfares says:

It's usable if you want to quickly play a song you don't have stored locally but it's not very great.
For instance it doens't cache songs. So you'll be forever loading 5MB songs over (many people's) limited data connection.
It also just doesn't work as well as an app would.

Zokudu says:

I don't like grooveshark. Quality is very sketchy on their music. Much prefer Spotify and Metroradio

link68759 says:

I've been a fan of scilor's for years, having come from winmo6.

I'll be surprised if Microsoft allows his app though...

For the record, he actually did make grooveshark for WP7, but 7.5 broke it and it was homebrew only.

fwaits says:

This.  Would love to see him get a client out on WP7.x/8.

Tronberry says:

HTML5 Grooveshark website currently has a bug that hides my queue when I scroll down, so having an app for this would be a Godsend.  It would be nice if this third party app could continue to go through the song queue even when the screen is off.  Currenlty, the HTML5 version finishes the current song and stops until you turn the screen back on and unlock your phone.

Shambels says:

Yes cant wait! I'm currently using the web app one but it doesn't flow very well. Not a fan of the radio but the free playlists option is great! Keep us updated!

beebl3brox says:

I used his wondows mobile version on my HD and HD2 for quite a while, he used to keep it regularly updated so a good sign of things to come.

WPenvy says:

Sweet, I was just looking for a Grooveshark app yesterday

ListenUpGuys says:

Of course they'll allow it. There are already bad Grooveshark apps on the store, including one that works (poorly).

I know if only someone could have thought of at least leveraging the live lock screen feature in wp8 we might have a slightly usable html wrapper that just works

travisel says:

SciLor is Awesome!

This is good news.

peterfares says:

All that's left is a nice 5.5" phone and I can switch from Android permanently :)
Come on, someone make it!

Sadly you'll be waiting a while so far the Samsung ativ s is the biggest we'll get for the moment. At least its HD resolution makes up for them lagging in porting their wp7 apps

SciLor says:

Beta Testers for SciLor's GrooveMobile WP8 needed: