Unofficial Wikipedia app updated, likely includes minor improvements

Wikipedia WP8

The popular unofficial Wikipedia app by Rudy Huyn has been updated. Recently winning Microsoft's Next App Star contest, the app has been bumped with minor improvements (judged by the small increase in the build version). Now on 2.0.3, we recently looked at version 2 which saw the app better support Windows Phone 8.

Should you notice anything else new in the app, be sure to shout out in the comment. You can download Wikipedia from the Windows Phone Store. We strongly urge you do so as it's quite something. Thanks, hohanfan, for the tip!

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mikefeero says:

Rudy Huyn ftw.

ZuNuKoo says:

Only replying here since it's the top comment. I've tried emailing a suggestion/feedback through the app but it returns my email saying its not a valid address. That's something that should be fixed.

selfxd says:

I really wish he would start completing the what's new section. Esp in his tvshow app.
Either way keep it up Rudy.

topleya says:

Agreed, this should be compulsory really

tyrok says:

When will we get the globe icon back as an option for the tile?

topleya says:

Probably never. Likely a legal reason behind it.

Jamdot says:

Pretty sure inverting the colors doesn't change the legal issues either.

DenniSundaY says:

Got the update hours ago. Really weird that market place. Usually I even don't get a notification at all but sometimes I got the update sonner as you guys. Still don;t understand Microsoft but hey, updates are still awesome :P

fwaits says:

The store only checks once every 24 hours and it's time of day is specific to the user.  So like for me, mine checks at about 7PM PDT give or take a few minutes so if updates post between that time, you won't see them until the next day at 7PMish.  I think the time is set around when you first setup the phone, or when you last updated the OS.  (Mine changed after installing Portico for example)

Z3MN says:

Oh c'mon Rudy, release this app in Indonesia! :\

rudyhuyn says:

Z3MN : this is the case and the purpose of the update :D
Wikipedia is now available all around the world (except China), this update changes some behavior (better WP8 map integration, detection langs, etc..)

Z3MN says:

What about Fuse (paid)?

sunnybyday says:

Super! Now you will have fans across the globe ;) Thank You!

Andr3sfc says:

Nothing like hear from the developer himself. Let me ask you something: why the Wikipedia globe icon for the tile isn't available anymore? Will it comeback?

dkxs says:

For your info, you can access Wikipedia in China at least since last year ;)

Zeeshan360 says:

NFC Sharing comes

Btw, this advertised in that awesome Switch to Lumia ad.

Verkunder says:

My live tile is still broken. Just shows a black background where it should be the article of the day picture. Sigh.

fwaits says:

Try unpinning the tile, disabling it in background tasks (check the box to enable on next start), then clear IE history and reboot the phone. After that, launch the app and re-pin it. Make sure it shows in background tasks as allowed again and give it some time to update after that.

Verkunder says:

Thanks for the tips. No change initially but hopefully it does in 24 hours.

MethodGT says:

My live tile is still broken as well, but the view in other languages page works now. (Before it was just showing up as a black screen.)

This is only for WP 8 I guess. As the version for 7.8 is still at

ZuNuKoo says:

I'd love for this app to be able to read the wiki articles to me instead of having to read them on my phone. I'd like to be able to look at something (such as a building) and instead of looking down at my phone. I can listen and look around. There are no good wiki reader apps out there.

djSupport says:

Now that's an idea! Kind of like a talking tour guide?

ZuNuKoo says:

Exactly like that.

jcw108 says:

Little bit off-topic: I really wish Rudy would get around to do the TVShow update he announced quite some time ago, introducing the option to manually turn off automatic time adjustment for viewers outside of the US.

segadc says:

Yeah English is messed up. Article of the day has not change in 3 days as well as the black tile. Changing to another language is the only way it will work. Hopefully there is a fix soon. Tried all the suggestions and more.

freshfelicio says:

But why the fuck is the icon yellow-grey? Why not white-grey, like the real wikipedia icon?! I dont get it, it looks ugly as hell!