Update 3 now available for the Samsung ATIV S Neo on Sprint

Samsung ATIV S Neo Sprint Update 3

Remember Sprint? They don’t carry too many Windows Phone devices, but they have a few and one just picked up a nice update. If you’re rocking a Samsung ATIV S Neo on Sprint you now have Update 3 ready to download. The update is rolling out as we type.

You’re probably on software version 2216.13.07.6 if you don’t already have Update 3 on your ATIV S Neo. Once you update you’ll be on 2216.14.01.2. Here’s all that’s new with this version:

  • Fix for SIM contact notification in the people app
  • Special software build to address a customer issue with the camera
  • Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (GDR3)

We’re happy to see two fixes specific to the ATIV S Neo with this update. Those of you rocking it let us know if those errors above have been fixed for you. And do enjoy Update 3. It brings a few cool new features like driving mode, orientation lock, Bluetooth fixes, and an app switcher where you can close apps by hitting the X in the top right. Check our full coverage of Update 3 to see all that’s changed.

Want to get Update 3? Just head to settings, hit phone update, and then tap check for updates. Your ATIV S Neo will then call up to Sprint and see if the update is ready for it. If you’re not seeing it right away you might want to wait a day or two.

Source: Sprint

Thanks for the update vistascan32!



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PureView says:

Why is 29 cut off in that email live tile?

Cryio says:

Should be fixed now anyway.

Brandon619 says:

Where is my fricking Black Update with GDR3 Update for L925 grhhh. I want my custom text notification sounds lol.

You know, the other night I actually had a dream that we finally got the black update...

kjordan_29 says:

Or on the 928 with Verizon...  Why can't updates be standard for all devices and carriers, like the rest of the world...

What part of the world is that?

The good 'ol US of A!

CCAZPastor says:

Isn't it great to be the first to get the phone and the last to get the update

Ultimateone says:

You could have it with GDR3 with the preview...

Flagz says:

Good, its ashamed they aren't more dedicated seeing as they're my first choice for windows phones right behind HTC.

You chose poorly.

b23h says:

It's hard for me to stop laughing, but yea his first and second choices did seem to bottom out a tad there.

I'd love to see an Windows Phone version of the HTC One, that might redeem faith in HTC, but that does not seem to be happening at this point.

Cecewp8 says:

Lumia black hit 720 in China today

Three days ago I received Lumia Black update here in Dominican Republic (Lumia 820), still Nokia web page says that in my region is unavailable.

AiR DEGETA says:

They send out the update a week after I use the Developer Preview technique for my Neo. LoL

akabav25 says:

Update 3 is also available on L520 in indonesia now!!

ruddevil says:

The article is about Samsung WP. Please refrain from littering.

OscarMaDi says:

The article is about a phone receiving GDR3. Please shut up.

ruddevil says:

There is another article for Lumia 520 getting GDR3 aka Black and I am not littering it with Samsung ones. Please be discreet, I'm sure you're a grown-up.

brmiller1976 says:

"Remember Sprint? They don’t carry too many Windows Phone devices"

They carry two current WP 8 devices, just like Verizon and T-Mobile. They don't presently sell any Nokia devices, but that doesn't mean their selection is any more limited than their peers (which the quoted comment suggests).

MikeSo says:

Was going to write the same thing. WP isn't just Nokia.

tribexx says:

??? Check your math...

Verizon has 4 WP8 phones..., Nokia 928, Samsung Odyssey, Nokia 822, HTC 8x

T-mobile has 3...Nokia 925, HTC 8x, and 521

4 is greater than 2...3 is greater than 2...


MikeSo says:

I might be wrong about Verizon, but T-Mobile doesn't sell the 8X. They only have Lumia 521 and 925.

tribexx says:

Hmm, they did sell it, but then stopped...oh yeah, and t-mobile had the Nokia 810! Forgot about that...



Verizon's website isnt selling the 822 new anymore. Its "Certified Pre-Owned" for the same price as the Odyssey ($.99), the 8X is $50, and the 928 is free. The 928 is really the only realistic one to choose nowadays.
Buying them off contract is retardedly pricy. 399.99 for the 928 and the 8x, 299.99 for the Odyssey, and the 822 costs 239.99.

Besides that whenever the Icon arrives... It will be the first thing I'm buying when my contract is up in a few months. Whats sad is thats how long it could take to launch.

dorelse says:

Exactly...and while I know the Sprint Ativ S Neo just got the update, their other phone the Sprint HTC 8XT was the First in the World to get the GDR2 & GDR3 update.  

Folks bash their update support, but both their WP8 phones have been quietly supported by Sprint quite nicely.

You should check again brmiller, because Sprint's selection is actually more limited than their "peers".

im a bit confused by the developer preview, i have the older version number as mentioned in the article, yet i have all the features of the update 3. does this mean the dev preview runs as a second layer to the firmware?

q21701 says:

The number in the article is a firmware update. You and I should both get the firmware update even though we are currently running GDR3.

ok, thanks for responding. so the features are not necessarily tied into the firmware version? that's where I get confused as people always link the new features to the new firmware. obviously this isn't the case.

q21701 says:

Just finished the update. Camera seems better and it added group messaging.

heresy_fnord says:

GROUP.MESSAGING.  I have been wondering if this would happen.

pinkymoshy says:

Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah Samsung is suks Nokia the best

aitt says:

Sigh if you're gonna sound like an ass at least type right.

neo158 says:

So, Samsung sucks because Sprint released GDR3 for the ATIV S Neo. I'm confused!!?!

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

kc77 says:

Sprint now officially has better support than Verizon. What an absolute disgrace.

Its official? Really? Alert the press!

kc77 says:

It's official in my eyes. Haha.

CCAZPastor says:

And....... T-Mobile 925??? Chirp, chirp, chirp...

I have a feeling us Verizon users are going to be stuck waiting until the Lumia Icon(929) is released to get GDR3/Black. Whenever that happens....

tribexx says:

That is my thoughts as well...


The 929 will be released at most 1 or 2 months before 12 more phones are announced on AT&T... :-(

el-ojo says:

Just like a week ago, I got GDR2...not holding my breath for this. Unlocked Ativ S.

rashsys says:

Last Saturday I've got GDR3 for my unlocked ATIV S in Russia. I'm happy: the phone works much better now, no more reboots and freezes.

pwgs says:

Has anyone actually received this yet? Its not available yet for me.

bascheew says:

Not available for me either.

DeMo007 says:

Nope, I'm still waiting too.  Got the "Your phone is up to date..." message when I manually checked for updates.  Hopefully it'll roll out soon.  I've been patiently wating on this one.

q21701 says:

Same here. I'm in southern new jersey.

CoreyJ says:

Me either unfortunately... I see little glitches here and there that I hope are resolved with the updated firmware.

pwgs says:

Update now downloading... in Southeast Massachusettes.

heresy_fnord says:

I've got it in Nashville, TN.


Firmware is at 2216.14.01.2

I already did the preview for developers on my phone so I was already on GDR3.

bhast2 says:

Come Verizon my 928 needs some loving

Thats a good sign that owners of the lte variant SGH-T899M as its basicly the same phone minus the charging led

q21701 says:

I'm already on GDR3 using the Developer Preview tool. I just checked for the firmware update (which is the number mentioned in the article). No update for me as of yet (south jersey). After getting GDR3 a while back, I did a hard reset on my Sprint ATIV S Neo, and I lost the ability to roam (the setting is grayed out). Hopefully the firmware update will fix that.

Sean D. says:

Wow... friggin' incredible. :-/

I've noticed a lot of the apps getting small updates, especially the Samsung and WP ones. this happened just prior to the last update too. bit of a clue to the new releases methinks. really looking forward to the big one that's due:) although worried about just what's going to be left aside.

Waiting for Samsung to release ativ s in India

kromatico says:

I'm in Houston just checked and its available for download :D

befootball says:

Im in Michigan and its available as well.  Downloading now!

ltjordan24 says:

Damn! Even Sprint is releasing the GDR3 update before Verizon. This is truly a lowpoint as far as carriers go.

kc77 says:

I said the same thing.

rojar19 says:

Ha, my sprint HTC 8XT got that update last year.

ronteral2k says:

So i just did the update that was available and its turns out its not the GDR3 update. It seems like they just reissued the GDR2 update with a few things that were missing like Group MMS. The firmware updated to 2216.14.01.2 but the OS version Didn't change, It's still 8.0.10328.78 (Which is GDR2 according to Windowsphone.com)

I can confirm this.  Same results; no GDR3.

pwgs says:

Same OS version as before update. Only thing that changed was firmware..no GDR3

quasread says:

Same here... this article needs an update. Like "Reached out to Sprint and ask where's the GDR3 part..?"

heresy_fnord says:

Sprints official page specifically says it updates to GDR3.  Check the "Source: Sprint" link in the article at the bottom of the article.

quasread says:

Seriously man that was not worth your time to type that... It didn't help a thing...

heresy_fnord says:

You only wasted your time reading it.  Reaching out to Sprint won't turn anything up either.  Thanks for trying though...

Yenzer says:

My friend is also reporting that she only received a firmware update and no GDR3. 

Any additonal info, Sam?


os: 80.10521.155 fw: 2216.14.01.2


just installed the update. all gdr3 features intact. may be to do with having the preview beforehand, I'd disabled dev status so its a legit update (Puerto Rico sprint)

ronteral2k says:

So i just read the sprint page and it says "Software updates may be released in stages and can take several days for delivery" So this may mean that were going to get the GDR3 update in parts instead of one full update... maybe...???

jlelv says:

I just installed this update on my phone (Ativ S Neo) 20 minutes ago, the updated version matches 2216.14.01.2 but I don't have any GDR3 features at all, everything is exactly as it was before the update. There is no X to close apps, no custom text notifications no screen orientation lock, just nothing. I'm not sure what went wrong, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything at all.


CoreyJ says:

I know I shouldn't have been hoping for something miraculous...but if you didn't tell me I updated I wouldn't have known.

On a side note: are the graphics distorted on all WP versions of temple run 2?

Adv3ntAxl says:

I don't have all of the special updates like "Driving Mode". I received an update this morning and I don't see anything special. Did I do something wrong?

bascheew says:

Still not available to me in North Carolina.

DeMo007 says:


Since yesterday (02/072014) Sprint has removed the

"Updates Microsoft software to GDR3"

bullet from the software enhancement/fixes list.  I wonder if there was some disconnect between Sprint and Samnsung on GDR3 being included in this recent update.

cking22001 says:

Yup, got update and nope, NOT WP8 Update 3! Sucks!

thetenor says:

Talked to Sprint/Microsoft/Samsung.  Microsoft - The firmware and OS updates should be installed as a bundle; Sprint - I don't know why we only got the firmware update and not the OS update, maybe Samsung is still testing it on the ATIV S Neo to make sure it's stable; Samsung - When we have an official release, it will appear on the Samsung website.  It doesn't appear.  We don't release the software in the US, only in international markets.  In the US, the service provider releases the updates, i.e. the OS update.

Tom Oliveri says:

This artice appears to be wrong.  Sprint released a FIRMWARE update only- not Windows Phone 8 Update3.  I understand it will never be released as they "found issues" with the update on their network. 

joelinpa says:

I just wanted to confirm what you have stated here. Got a new phone for my wife yesterday and went through all the update processes, but Update 3 was not included. So as of March 5 it is not available.

Tom Oliveri says:

According to my Sprint rep, they will never release update 3.  They say they may provide future updates, but Im not holding my breath. My company will not be using the windows phone, which is a real shame since I think the device is fantastic.

joelinpa says:

That's an interesting reply from Sprint.

I got an HTC 8XT from Sprint several months ago for myself. After checking yesterday that I had all the latest updates (which I also verified on the Sprint support webpage for this phone), I discovered that indeed I had the Upgrade 3 on my phone. I had the new features such as Driving Mode, etc.

I directly compared this to my wife's Samsung ATIV Neo and saw that it did not have those same new features.

So bottom line, one phone has Upgrade 3 and the other does not.